Chapter 1184
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The next morning, I put on my clothing and sat down. Faeyna was already up and dressed, holding a cup of tea which she poured for me.

“Master…” She nodded formally.

I could feel a warmness and closeness with those words, despite that nothing on the surface had seemingly changed between us. Faeyna would continue to be my made in the future, and that was all there was to it.

“Do you want to ask me something?” I asked.

“Ah… y-yes…”

I smiled up at her as she was surprised by my question. Now that I was her Slave Master again, I could feel her feelings and at least could tell when she had something on her mind. As for when she became my slave, I used it on her sometime during the night when I was dirtying her up.

Name: Faeyna

Class: Management

Job: Head Maid (LVL 72)

Unlocked Jobs: Cook (LVL 19), Maid (LVL 50), Manager (LVL 15), Governess (LVL 18), Basic Magician (LVL 20)

Race: Elf

“I would like to go with Master and level more.”

Faeyna hadn’t changed much from when I had last seen her. Her Head Maid job had gained many levels after the ordeal around her death, but otherwise, her progress was rather normal. Her progress would be considered crazy when comparing the amount of time that had passed and the amount she has put into leveling. I only took her out to Widow’s Dungeon for a brief time to level her, so her progress was mostly due to her relationship as my slave.

Compared to the power leveling that Lydia, Miki, and the rest of the girls participated in, she couldn’t compare. However, she had the lore of a hero mixed with her soul. That hadn’t been lost when she died, merely rearranged. On top of that, it seemed like her brother had sacrificed his soul, allowing it to mix with the dungeon’s strength. When she absorbed it, it became her strength as well. He merged his soul with his sister. Total siscon move.

One might think that since she was the maid hero, her jobs would be amazing. However, you only gained what you put effort into, and on top of her brother holding back her hero legacy in hopes she wouldn’t meet a grisly fate, she had personally avoided becoming a hero, dedicating herself to the path of a maid. That said, it wasn’t like it didn’t matter. She had a lot of jobs and reached Head Maid even though she wasn’t much older than me. I had originally thought she was ancient with hundreds of years under her belt as an elf, but it turned out she was rather young.

Thus, she had been able to level extremely quickly despite everything working against her. Now that she understood her path, it looked like she wanted to become strong like all of the other girls. I didn’t blame her. Putting out my hand, I gently patted her head. She lowered it and closed her eyes, accepting my pats without reserve.

“I will help you gain strength. In time, you will be no weaker in combat than Lydia or the rest.”

Faeyna’s eyes opened. “Huh? That’s not what I want.”

I blinked. “It isn’t?”

“Master is still a better cook than me! How can I continue when your food is better? Not to mention all of these ingredients from another world! Based on Aberis’s subpar culinary culture, how can I even compete!” As she said this, she became impassioned and tearful.

Oh, it was that. It seems like Faeyna’s path had always been as straight as an arrow. I just didn’t see it. Unfortunately, it was too late to become the Cooking Hero, if one existed.