Chapter 1189
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I had Celeste clean herself up. I looked just as bad, but on a girl, the ghost slimes were pretty bad. If I had to guess, the ghost slimes were non-combative. They simply immobilized you like quicksand. When your body died, they would then feast on your soul. A normal slime was caustic to the flesh, so it made sense that a ghost slime would devour souls. At least, that was my hypothesis.

However, this was only the first level and the first challenge. A dungeon that focused on challenges might be Celeste’s biggest weakness. She was fast, but once she got slimed, all of her ability would be nothing. I’m sure there was some kind of trick to the challenge, but I didn’t care to figure it out. So, she had not been able to make any progress or get any deeper. Also, the Slave Communication didn’t cut through into the dungeon. Instead, Celeste had left a spell at the dungeon entrance to automatically beckon me when I connected. That wasn’t even something I was aware she could do, but if anyone could, it would be someone like Celeste with such high level wind magic. That she could figure out how to do that, but not pass this dungeon’s easiest trap… well that was expected of Celeste.

“Alysia, let’s destroy this.”

I lifted my blade and it began to glow. Will Celeste realized what I was going to do, a dangerous glint appeared in her eye.

“Let me help.” She waved out her hand and went began to blow in a circle around Alysia.

I raised the sword in the air and then did a massive attack. Innumerable wind blades exploded off of the sword and then worked their way across, chopping and incinerating the ghost slimes. A wave of spiritual destruction also resonated with the blade, further causing them to disintegrate. With time to prepare and with Celeste’s help, we managed to vaporize the majority of the slimes.

“Stick with me!”

I jumped forward, walking down the pit and slashing my sword. The last of the slimes were destroyed between me and Celeste. After days of trauma, she nearly gleefully destroyed monster after monster. When we reached the end of the pit, I used all of my leg strength and jumped up. I then created a Step and jumped again. With a swing of the blade, I destroyed the trap door from the other side. Celeste sent a wind blade up, and as a slime tried to fall on our heads, it was chopped apart.

In two leaps, with Celeste flying behind me, the pair of us emerged at the other end of the hallway. As I glanced back down the hallway, I could see that the lights were moving in a particular pattern. It probably had to do with how the trap worked and was bypassed. I didn’t care though, and I didn’t have time to waste on some dungeon master’s idea of a good trap. I would fight my way to the bottom of this dungeon and find out what happened to Miki. If she died, I would make this dungeon cough up her soul or else.

Thus, we broke through this trap by going under it and continued to the next floor. It was a room with four chalices on four pedestals.

“I wonder which chalice we need to drink… or do we drink them?” Celeste asked.

“I solved it,” I stated.

I walked up to the door leading to the next floor. It was closed, but it was just a door.  Dungeons only seemed invincible by depending on tricks. For example, you could have a physical door supported by spiritual energy. No matter how powerful your blade was, if it could only physically attack, it would be blocked no matter how strong it was. I had Alysia, who could cut through every type of substance, so I didn’t hold back. I immediately ignored the puzzle and attacked the door. It exploded open in a single violent strike.

“Ah? Master figured it out!” Celeste exclaimed excitedly.

I didn’t, I just broke through it. Celeste was happy to be making such quick progress after being stumped for two days. Her opinion of me seemed to be increasing, but I was just cheating at this point. Whatever, it was fast.

Of course, I didn’t know that deep at the bottom of this dungeon was a dungeon master who was watching us, a vein popping out on their forehead.