Chapter 1192
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I grabbed the lore from his hand and then absorbed it. It absorbed a lot like the lore from before, but that was a blessing. This seemed to stem from miasma. In fact, if I didn’t have a god soul, this kind of thing would probably be bad. It stood to reason that if dungeon blessings were a piece of lore that attached to your mana soul, then perhaps you could similarly merge yourself with karmic curses too. I didn’t know how to make use of such information now.

At the very least, this wasn’t a curse. My head filled with all kinds of information. It was much more organized and logical than the usual flood that I received and didn’t provide nearly as much discomfort. Part of the reason is that the lore was streamlined and censored, only giving me information that this dungeon was willing to pass with. That didn’t include the story that created this dungeon in the first place. I had scanned it and sighed.

“This doesn’t have what I need.”

I had thought that it wouldn’t contain information about Miki, but I had to give it a try. However, this was reassuring as well. If Miki had died and was absorbed, then there should be knowledgeable about her in this core. At the very least, there should be some kind of spiritualist-like mod.

“That’s all I have!” The little boy snapped angrily.

“No, two months ago, there was a girl that entered this dungeon. Where did she go?”

“Huh?” He blinked. “You mean that girl who stunk of death? Ick!”

“This is an undead dungeon?”

“I only did that to keep away people like you!” He glared at me. “Most don’t like the undead. It’s dark, wet, and smelly. They’re ugly, dumb, and hard to control! It’s been enough to keep the other two dungeons nearby from eating me. You must be that new one that sprang up in place of that city Dungeon. They were ghosts too, so you must have wanted to add zombies. But I heard that place was a no… wait! Was that girl sent by you?”

I was trying to keep up with everything this guy was telling me, but the only thing that mattered to me was Miki.

“What happened to Miki? What happened to the girl?” I demanded.

“So, she was one of yours. I didn’t think much of you having a dumb house fairy as a familiar, but to also work with mana creatures…” His expression turned ugly. “The council has warned us to stay away from you. You’re not a true dungeon master. You’re just a human!”

“I came here to find Miki.” I tried one last time as I started to lose my patience. “Tell me where she went or what happened to her, and we’ll leave in peace.”

“Heh.” The kid grinned. “I killed her. She died screaming.”

“No!” Celeste cried out.

I pulled out Alysia. “Since you won’t tell me, I’ll just take the lore from your dungeon. You better prey what you just said was a lie.”

The boy became startled at my look, stumbling back, but then he stuck his tongue out at me. “You’ll never know! I’m closing up this dungeon! Without defeating the 10th-floor boss, you can’t continue, and I’ve hidden the boss. That door is reinforced! You won’t be able to break through it like the others! This is the farthest floor you’ll get down!”

“Tell me what I want to know!” I slashed at him, but he disappeared before my blade struck, likely transporting himself to somewhere else in the dungeon.

Now, I was pissed.