F*ck the Heroes Cap1
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Pre-use in a dungeon.

Damn if that shit hero symbol wasn't on my arm none of this would have happened .

- Damn ... Damn ... DAMN !!!!!!!

Hate cries echo the m throughout prison, a dark and cold place, a place to forget their own existence.    


A rusty iron sound travels in the air .. .

Footsteps can be heard walking ....

With a torch lit, a girl with silver hair appears in front of the cell.

- Hello sir hero .. .

Before she finishes speaking, the man inside the cell interrupts her.



Inside the cell the shadow made by the torches makes it impossible for the visitor to see.  


-When I manage to get free from here I will tear off every piece of your shit skin.

- I would love to see you do this to her ...
- Umh ?? Hahahaha ... You are not her, but you have the same face, who are you?   


The man reveals himself from the shadow, his face and thin body are evident, his skin full of infected wounds is also very evident.


-You don't know me yet. My name is Valkyrie Valtram , I am the oldest twin of the royal family.

-I don't want the royal family to fuck .

Valkyrie- Umh ... Do you want to stay there until your death?

His power serves to maintain the magical barrier of the kingdom, which is why my father kept him trapped here. When you die, the mark passes to another and so on.

Aren't you tired of staying down here already?

-This war with demons is not mine and I do not want to participate in it. I didn't even want to be a hero if I die is profit for me.

Valkyrie- Wouldn't it be like avenging your dead family? !!

-What did you say?


The man's excession changes to oppressive rage.


Valkyrie- I did a little research on your story using my magic. You do not want revenge against the hero the sword.

- That fucking scrotum, if I could, I would skin every inch of his body.

Valkyrie- So join me and you can do whatever you want .


The woman emits an incredibly powerful aura of magic rivaling the man's anger.


- Hahahahaha you really don't and she hahahahaha .


With his hands and feet chained, what is left and answer to the woman.


-I join you. It looks like you already know me but let me introduce myself. My name and Johnny the fucking hero of the magic barrier , I'll be working for you now.


The woman puts her hands on the bars casting a disintegrating magic then disintegrates his chains.


Valkyrie- Your body is poisoned, your vacation would never end, this is a joke from my sister. She tortures her victim and poisons him to see the person die little by little.

Johnny- That bitch.


Valkyrie puts her right hand on Johnny's chest and casts a healing spell .


Valkyrie- Now you will be fine. From now on count on me.


The two leave the prison and go to a long corridor in the northern part of the castle.


Johnny smells food in the air, then his belly growls fiercely.


Valkyrie- One more thing has a meeting for the heroes present in the kingdom .

Johnny- I want to fuck all the Heroes !!!    I'm hungry.


Johnny leaves following the smell of food in the air.