I see the light
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We all looked at each other in panic, except for Leona who seemed to be fine. We heard the person behind the voice step closer to where we were, and they kept on talking. “I know there is someone here, and again; I do not mean harm, I just wish for you to leave.” “so please come out and don’t make this any more difficult then it has to be.”  We all seemed to agree that this person was meaning what they said, and we also agreed that Damon would hold them in a position where they could not move. After that was done, we came walking into the room where we heard the voice from. The person behind the voice was clearly a healer, but we all immediately noticed that they were wearing a mask with a picture of a dog on it. This was chiyu. Chiyu did not seem to be bothered by not being able to move, and for some reason did not resist. They calmly said: “so you are the ones intercepting my letters.”

We had no idea how chiyu knew this, hence why we asked. “I don’t have parents. I was trying to lure the person intercepting my letters into this hospital so I could talk to them, you are not the fastest in moving though.” “so, what do you want from me, and why are you intercepting my letters.” “to put it simply, I need you to heal my little brother.” Leona said “and why would I do that when there is thousands of patients waiting for me to heal them here?” “because… I asked nicely?” “I am sorry, but these people seem more important then just your little brother. So unless you have a good reason to be spying on me and keeping me locked in here, leave” “sigh, fine ill tell you why we went after you specifically. My brother was diagnosed on a young age with a chronic disease that would slowly kill him over time, and I tried to go to all healers I could find, or reach. None of them could help. Then I heard word about an amazing healer in the bender city, and I managed to find your letters. I figured that if I were to confront you I would need information that you would only send to your family members. So please, help my brother get better.” Leona said.  

It looked as if Chiyu was considering it seriously, and he seemed to agree that it would be possible to “go heal someone that could not move or be moved without them dying” for some kind of home visit idea. “alright. Where is he?” “I hope he is still in Arthondium, but I never know with the kid. I have put a tracker on him in case he were to go to the surface, and it beeps if he would have, which he hasn’t.” “Arthondium? What is that?” “you are telling me you don’t know what Arthondium is?” “no, never heard of it.” Chiyu said.

And just like that, we were on our way. We managed to not only get chiyu to help us, but on the way there chiyu was saying how he did not mind this friendly atmosphere, and how it was much better then working in the hospital all day. While on the way there, we made the mistake of not going deep enough with our little transportation room, and the surface was being moved as a result of us going under it. We were spotted by what I can only assume was an alien guard, and we were attacked. Our room was turned to dust in no time, and just like that us ourselves were forced onto the surface. Before we knew it, we were being attacked by what I could only assume were hundreds of aliens. (worst part was they were all ugly af) and we had to fight for our lives. However I was more concerned on protecting chiyu, because he was not doing any fighting. I knew healers weren’t usually good at fighting but this was kind of pathetic if I’m being honest. The aliens started bending all kinds of bending I did not recognize, and I was panicking. What do I do? I thought to myself. I collected all of my might in a single attack, of which I did not know what it was. When suddenly I began shining a bright white light from my very core. It was extremely powerful, or so I thought. I was beginning to get very tired from producing this light, so it must be at least doing something right? Before I knew it, I had overshot my attack, and I knew I was going to faint from exhaustion. I yelled at Leona saying this exact thing, and I asked if I could be shot up there, as at least it would distract them so they could get away and save Leona’s little brother. Leona answered saying we wouldn’t be able to without me dying, and Damon said he could do it. I got launched up into the air, and… everything went dark. When I woke up I saw I was underground again, and that chiyu was healing Leona’s brother. I asked what happened and they said that whatever the light was, the aliens get destroyed instantly by it. “that seems useful for later.” Everyone seemed to agree. I asked chiyu how the healing was coming along, and chiyu answered: “its not working, I have never seen this disease before; or at least not at this level. I’m afraid I cant help”