Chapter 8 – Through Fire and…Space
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["Through Fire and...Space"]

{Time: 10:10 AM}
{Location: Rexus Prime}

Rj: How did you find us anyway? How did you come here? Didn't the guards see you?

David Morgan: You know about the cloaking ability?

Rj: Yes..?

Reyna: Oh my god, Rj, you're actually more stupid than I thought... David, did you come all by yourself? Where are the reinforcements? You are the Chief Admiral for Christ's sake!

David Morgan: No worries. I've got help on the way. It's been too long since I was in action, Rey. Sitting in a ship all day doing nothing, isn't that much of a fun...

Reyna: You told me there would be a guy!

David Morgan: I am the guy! But I guess I didn't specify it, did I?

Rj: I hate to break your conversation mates, but can you please step on it? I can see Victus approaching fast! The bloody bastard will catch us any moment!

Reyna: We have to hurry.

David Morgan: Oh I will hurry. But I'll need some help up there. Rj, take the burst laser guns on the back. Show them what "hell" looks like. And Reyna, activate the engines and shut the power when I tell you.

Reyna: Got it.

Rj: Rexians coming in hot!

Victus: You imbeciles! You'll pay for stealing my weapons!

"Victus fires his guns. The ship shakes"

Reyna: Bloody --- What was that?

Rj: Dammit! Hey, that bastard is throwing heavy shots at us, guys!

Reyna: Rj, can you aim for Victus?

Rj: Yea. But he maneuvers a lot! One hell of a dodger, that son of a bitch.

Reyna: Any clear sight at all?

"Rj finally has a clear sight"

Rj: Yeah! Got you now, motherfucker!

"He fires a laser round at a fighter that was just in front of Victus. The smoke blinds him and some metal parts damage his fighter. But Victus keeps on going"

Rj: WHAT? Bloody moron is not giving up any time soon, is he now?

Reyna: David. Are we there yet?

David Morgan: Just one more minute until we reach the orbit. Hold on!

Rj: Yeah. Tell that to the 54 fighters that are chasing us!

Reyna: Wait...How do you know there are exactly 54 fighters on our tail?

Rj: Well I saw like 4 in front...and about 50 more or less, behind.

Reyna: Wh---what? Ah never mind. Right now we must focus on "not getting destroyed". So keep on shooting!

David Morgan: Reyna! We are almost reaching the orbit. Be ready to do what I told you!

Reyna: But why shutting the power?

David Morgan: We will travel to light speed that's why. And our power is running low, so we can't risk it.

Reyna: But travelling to light speed with a turned off power is already risky as it is!

David Morgan: Yes. But it's "less" risky the way I see it!

Reyna: "Less"? what do you mean "less"?!

David Morgan: I mean we just reached orbit! DO IT!

Reyna: Wait! I must reach---

"Before Reyna activates the engines, Tesla-class ships activate their jammers on sight"

Reyna: Oh dear.

Rj: Oh, no.

David Morgan: Reyna what in the---?

Reyna: Ah, I know! I was just---and then---Ah!

Rj: Reyna, are you damned crazy? You're going to get us all killed!

Reyna: I'm sorry! I just---

David Morgan: No need to worry guys. We still have a way out of this.

Rj: Oh yeah? How?

David Morgan: The Tesla jammed our speed. Not our guns.

Rj: Aha! Wait...So like what? We unleash upon them? You see that there are 3 frigates and 2 cruisers over there, ready to fire at us at any move we make?

David Morgan: I know. But like I said, reinforcements are on their way.

"Suddenly several EUF elite fighters and a couple of small cruisers, that have sneaked by the Rexian defences, come out of supercruise and assault the Rexian ships. This move buys the team the time they need to focus fire on the Tesla-class frigate that is blocking their jump to hyperspace"

David Morgan: Target locked! Missiles away!

"The missiles hit the Tesla's jammer guns and the three are free again"

David Morgan: Reyna, hit it girl!

"Reyna activates the power engines. They jump to hyperspace and leave the area. Friendly forces also leave immediately after. The team returns back to Earth"

Rj: Ah, Earth's fresh air again! Mmm, feels...lovely!

Reyna: Hey David. Thanks a lot. For everything. If it wasn't for you...

David Morgan: Ah, no worries guys. I'm just happy to be back in action again. Today you saved the world from mass destruction and possibly a greater EUF defeat. I can't thank you enough.

Reyna: You don't need to. We did that because we cared.

David Morgan: Well. This will all go to the Prime Minister of the United Front. Your deeds shall not remain unknown. The public shall know of your actions.

Rj: Are we really going to get a speech for that? Nice!

Reyna: I believe we are, brother!

Rj: High-five!

David Morgan: Tell you what. Go get some rest and sleep. Meet me outside of the HQ in Washington DC, in six hours.

Reyna: Oh the day just became so wonderful!

Rj: You don't say Rey! You don't say!

"Six hours later the twins arrive outside of EUF's HQ. The whole place is crowded. Police are present as well as the media. They can already see Admiral Morgan as well as the Prime Minister of the United Front, Duke Wellington, waiting for them"

David Morgan: Ah, guys there you are. Quick, come behind the stand.

Reyna: Is all of this for us?

David Morgan: Today is the day your actions are going to be known to the world! As the day you saved Earth!

Rj: I were there too.

David: No worries. I also have my part in this one.

"Morgan winks and proceeds off the stage"

Rj: Oh, you son of---

Reyna: Rejar!

Rj: He-he. Joking. I'm joking.

"The Prime Minister congratulated the twins and gave them medals of honour, duty as well as bravery and the title of "Heroes of Earth". The crowd was applauding and cheering for them. Their names were made known to a lot of people on Earth. But also on Rexus Prime. Victus wants to take his revenge on the United Front. His war campaign is approaching. The beast of war has awaken for the third time in the galaxy. But this time, it's going to be far more worse"