Chapter 10
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Pov jack

(Gintoki) "That's right! Go Jack-san and choose Sara once her damn "

(Kazuma) "Not heard to him Jack-san, Sophia is better than Sara ... If you choose Sara I ... I ... I have a goddess with me and I'll send it to curse you"

(Gintoki) "I-I-I'm going to take all your sweets and I will not let you read Jump if you do not choose Sara"

I look at the messages of idiots who are now talking to me.

(Jack) "Gintoki, are you, my mother, for a chance? ... Will you take all the candy? Is this a threat? Is it for me to be scared? ... And Kazuma Why are you so scary? ... I did not even know any of them yet, please do not send me your goddess cursing me "

(Hiro) "I think Gin-san's threat is more frightening than Kazuma"

(Hinata) "I also think"

(Gintoki) "I also think + 1"

(Kazuma) "... I also think + 2"

(Luffy) "It would be worse not to eat meat but do not eat sweet is too bad! So I also think +3, and what's Jump is something to eat? "

(Hiro) "Luffy were you watching in the conversation too?"

(Luffy) "I was laughing at the Gintoki and Kazuma fight, Shishishishi ... this blue screen is so funny"

(Gintoki) "Listen to my dear disciple Luffy, Jump is the passion of all the young and adults she brings dreams in the form of manga"

(Kazuma) "Amen Gin-sensei"

(Hiro) "Amen Gin-Sensei +1"

(Luffy) "manga? ... the adventures of others"

(Gintoki) "Err ... Yes?"

(Luffy) "So boring!"

(Gintoki) "Hey!"

(Hiro) "Hey!"

(Kazuma) "Hey!"

I see the conversations continuing in the chat ... these people have the mind and attention of a 5-year-old by chance? "

(Jack) "Are you children for a chance? You are more afraid than to be without sweet than to be cursed by a goddess! Until you, Hiro, and I thought you were less idiot! Or does not he know this goddess? "

(Hiro) " he knows this God and ... ah! You will understand after reading the sleeve on it! "

(Hinata) "It's true after you read the manga you'll understand Jack-san"

(Luffy) "Understand what?"

(Gintoki) "Read the manga!"

(Luffy) "No! It's boring"

(Gintoki) "Manga is not boring! If I'm sorry for all the young people who like manga"

(Luffy) "No"

(Gintoki) "I'll take your sweets!"

(Luffy) "... All right, sorry"

(Gintoki) "Good boy!"

My God, this threat works! I looked without believing between Luffy and Gintoki conversation.

(Jack) "Coff Coff ... All right, but I have two more things to talk about before going to read ... First you can stop calling me Jack-san, every time I read this I see myself hunting talismans And fighting against black hand ... "

(Hiro) "Okay I'll have only Jack now"

(Hinata) "Me too"

(Gintoki) "Me too +1"

(Kazuma) "Me too +2"

(Luffy) "And I'll call you Jack the idiot from now on"

(Jack) "Go fucking Luffy"

(Luffy) "Why did you work with Hiro?"

(Jack) "... the Second question ... Am I alone or have an air sinister coming from these two princesses of this story?"