Chapter 11
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POV 3rd person

(Hiro) "What do you mean by sinister air? For me, it's a normal sleeve and the princesses are cool, you who are kind of idiot in the manga "

(Jack) "You are still seeing as a manga, so you can not realize ... this is my life now ... imagine that there is a girl with a childhood like Sara's, this girl would have a lot of psychological problems I am right?"

(Hiro) "Yes"

(Jack) "Then appear a guy who saves her, and in the process delivers her life, and only for you know I did not know her before ... Continuing, the girl confuses (?) This as the love she thinks she did not have "

(Hiro) "Wait a minute, in the sleeve clearly she had no love from her parents! They did not play with her did not take her to school did not do this kind of thing that parents do did not do this kind of thing that parents do, they just fight between them in front of it "

(Jack) "Dude, what kind of generic love is this? ... they clearly were together because of it, they thought it would be harder for her to stay without the two parents present, of course, they missed, but they are human beings and it's of human nature to err. "

(Hiro) "I understand your point, but still think you're wrong"

(Jack) "This is not very important even, we can discuss the nature of love another hour ... So by chance, he goes to another world that will face destruction, and this same world is the world that the guy she thinks Do you love it, do you understand? "

(Hiro) "Yes, so far I see no problem"

(Jack) "Okay, so she has three wishes to help her save the world, that's where she starts to get strange, she spends two with a man she wants to find, this is not strange She's moving to a world that will be destroyed, and this most worried about finding the guy who saved her "

(Hiro) "This is normal in the manga, we always find stories like this"

(Jack) "But this is not a manga is my reality now! If you were for another world and had to save him, your requests would not help you do this? "

Hiro's World

In his Hiro house he reflected on what was being spoken, and realized that he was not talking to fictional characters but rather with real people, he begins to think about how they were treating them and that maybe this chat has a goal, not only Have fun.

On chat

(Hiro) "Now that you say that way, I understand your point of view"

(Hinata) "I also understand, about what you are talking about, but even so the story of Princess Sara is beautiful"

(Luffy) "My order would be to have meats to eat for the rest of my life!"

(Gintoki) "My order would be to be able to eat candy forever!"

(Kazuma) "My request would be to be super strong and destroy my enemies with just a punch"

(Gintoki) "Have not you had a Kazuma desire? And chose to take the goddess together in his adventure "

(Jack) "See! It is this kind of desire that intelligent people would choose, if they choose God / Goddess it would be easier for adventure, and not choose desires to pursue others "

Konosuba world

Kazuma was as offended by Jack's words, which tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

On chat

(Kazuma) "I know I'm not very smart, but you need to play it in my face? ... Are you trying to get a fight with me? What did I do for you to start mocking me? "

(Jack) "Huh?"

(Hiro) "Will you understand after reading the manga ... and the elf princess?"

(Jack) "Do you think it's normal for a person to chase the other throughout the continent? Even if she fell in love with this person, I do not see this being normal.

(Hinata) "I think it's quite normal"

(Jack) "Huh?"

(Hiro) "Let's not talk about it, this is a special topic that we agree to not address"

(Gintoki) "I agree!"

(Kazuma) "I agree!"

(Jack) "Huh?"

(Hiro) "Nothing to comment, if you have nothing else to add I suggest you read the manga, Konosuba is Kazuma, Naruto is from Hinata, and Gintama is from Gintoki"

(Jack) "Just one more thing, is it just for me? Or is it strange to have manga of our life in your world? "

(Hiro) "I do not know about this, for me you were fictional characters, so I get an obscure artifact in the dungeon, and then connect with you ... I think the authors have dreams of your world and adapt these dreams for sleeves and novels "

(Jack) "So you mean dreams, are pictures of other worlds?"

(Gintoki) "Yesterday I dreamed that it was rotten of rich, is it to say that I am rotten of rich in another version of mine?"

(Hiro) "Can it be? I do not know I'm just guessed, but it may be possible, and there are countless other dimensions there, there can be one in which you are rich "

(Kazuma) "No, I do not think this exists"


Gintoki who was in his store Yorozuya and was taking hot chocolate looks at messages and shouts to heaven.

Gintoki "Hey God change me to the other dimension I'm rich!"

Otose that was downstairs shouting for him.

Otose "Shut the idiot mouth! You are crazy? Even in other dimensions, you should be poor! Besides being asking God, you will find a job to pay the rent "

Gintoki "Shut the old witch mouth! Yes, there is! Somewhere in which I am rich! "

Otose then kicks the door of your store and beats the Gintoki and plays it on the street.

Otose "If you want to be rich will work!"

On chat

(Hiro) "I also do not think it's possible, but we can hope to Gin-san"

(Jack) "I do not understand very well, I think I'm going to read the manga now"