Chapter 12
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Pov jack

After finishing reading I need to put my thoughts in order, first, these people are idiots and strange, I do not know about Hiro or Luffy, I need to fool him to let us read his manga.

 The common point between these three people is that they are strange, will this chat only invite strange people? ... I do not think that's it, I'm not strange, I'm the definition of a normal person, if there was a normal person competition I would be the champion ... Coff Coff ... okay I'm a bit strange more compared to a samurai with diabetes, an idiot adventurer who steals panties and a stalker ninja, I'm common, right?

It may be that it is like my story, and the author invented some things, it is not possible that some people are so stupid ... and this goddess ... How could a God be useless?

On chat

(Jack) "... Can not it be all the same as the manga right? ... It's not like a child being a stalker"

(Kazuma) "Mine is the same for now"

(Gintoki) "Mine is the same as"

(Hinata) "... I do not follow Naruto anymore, you saw that when he returns to the village I do not follow him anymore"

(Hiro) "[...]"

(Gintoki) "[...]"

(Kazuma) "[...]"

(Jack) "... You just did not become a better ninja? Like, you may be there following Naruto but we can not notice you, because you are a ninja! "

(Hinata) "[...]"

(Jack) "... and Kazuma, is your world made of useless and strange people? ... And the way you died ... I do not know if I cry for it or hill laughing ... Pfft"

(Kazuma) "[...]"

(Gintoki) "hahaha That's even this world is from strange people until the Kazuma is a bit strange, and the way he died ... pfft"

(Hiro) "I did not want to say anything about it but ... Pfft"

(Hinata) "Kazuma-san I do not know tractors, but for me, they seemed scary, it was sad the way you died I do not know why doctors and their family laughed at their death"

 (Jack) "hahaha"

(Gintoki) "hahaha"

(Hiro) "hahaha"

In the world of Konosuba

Kazuma was on the stables, he felt chest pain when he read Hinata's innocent words, and the three guys do not help, and they laugh out of his face reminds me why he chose the goddess and feel like spitting blood.

On chat

(Hinata) "Stop giving laughter, until I'm Ninja and I saw scary things, I found the scary tractor, and Kazuma was just a normal person before the accident happen"

(Jack) "hahahahaha"

(Gintoki) "hahahaha"

(Hiro) "hahahahaha"

(Kazuma) "Stop Hinata, please I ask you, just stop or I'll end up dying again"

(Hinata) "Huh?"

(Luffy) "What is a tractor?"

(Jack) "It's a scary thing that can kill you, just with the noise, hahaha"

(Hiro) "Hahaha just stop or I'll suffocate laughing ... Luffy A tractor is like a ship walking on the ground"

(Luffy) "Are you idiot Kazuma? Did you die of a ship? "

Konosuba world

Kazuma who was already in the pain of Hinata's attacks feels a sudden will to cry and stop looking at the chat, and start talking to aqua, because she is an idiot and does not remember her black past, even if she has only passed a few days.

On chat

(Jack) "Hey Luffy let's see your manga, we will not tell you about your adventure"

(Luffy) "No!"

In Jack's World

Jack feels a little disappointed because he does not know Luffy very well, it would be easier to talk to him if he knew a little more, then he remembers the conversations in the chat and that Luffy likes a lot of flesh and thinks about the plan.

On chat

(Jack) "Did you know Luffy that my world is famous for your meats? If you give to send things to others when you see all the functions of the chat, I will send meat to you, if you let us read your manga even if only the beginning "

(Luffy) "All right! But you can not tell about my adventure! And you have to send me enough beef "

(Jack) "What is this inexplicable feeling that it seems that I was mistaken a child, I'm wrong now"

(Hiro) "I also felt it, it seems that you deceived the child with sweets for her to follow you"

(Gintoki) "Sweets where?"

(Jack) "Hey Gintoki do not follow strange people if they offer you sweets"

(Gintoki) "It's good mother"

(Jack) "[...]"

(Hiro) "Now can I send Luffy's manga?"

(Kazuma) "Hey hey you're not ignoring Gintoki's manga after talking about mine you have to talk about his too"

(Gintoki) "[...]"

(Hiro) "[...]"

(Hinata) "[...]"

(Jack) "I see that someone is resentful ... Coff Coff ... His manga is very cool about samurai, and on aliens who invade land and everything and lots of strange people and crazy girls"

(Gintoki) "You did not read right?"

(Jack) "I ... Sorry it was too big and I wanted to laugh Kazuma I would read later along with Luffy's manga if he let us read"

(Kazuma) "Hey!"

(Hiro) "How far did you read?"

(Jack) "Until a little, after the girl Ninja appears ... man, I thank you that neither of my possible stalker is ninja, it's scary to have a ninja stalker following you imagine if she goes and stares when you sleep or She follows you when you go to take a shower, you will not know, because she is a ninja ... Face Ninja Stalker is scary "

(Hiro) "[...]"

(Kazuma) "[...]"

(Gintoki) "[...]"

(Hinata) "... I'll cry"

(Jack) "Oh! No! ... Hinata you are not scary ... taking your byakugan activated that thing is scary ... you are beautiful and shy, I would not mind having a stalker like you ... you are not like stalker Gin-san that is a scary crazy masochist "

(Hinata) "[...]"

(Kazuma) "That was not raising a flag?"

(Hiro) "I think so!"

(Jack) "No chances, she's beautiful and everything, but she's already Naruto stalker"

(Hinata) "[...]"

(Gintoki) "And that's why my dear friends I'm going to introduce Ninja Stalker for him if you have the chance, Jack has a way with the stalker and I'm going to get rid of mine"

(Hinata) "[...]"

(Jack) "And that's why my dear friends who have a chance to travel in the dimensions, that I will never go to the world of Gin-san"

(Gintoki) "Ah! Come! I'll buy candy for you "

(Hiro) "This was scary ... It seemed like an old man trying to fool a child"

(Kazuma) "Truth!"

(Jack) "Truth! +1"

(Luffy) "Truth! +2"

(Hinata) "Truth! +3"

(Gintoki) "[...]"

(Hiro) "... Coff Coff ... I'll send Luffy's manga now remember not to argue about it"