Chapter 13
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A few days passed, and I'm closer to the river, but the sound has already started spreading through the tunnels, I do not know if these orcs besides being sadistic are deaf too, but for me this is great, I am getting closer to My escape.

I put several obstacles in the tunnel that takes where I'm digging, but I think it will not make a lot of difference the height of the orcs and your weight will not have trouble going on from a few stones, but is it something right? A few seconds I earn can already save my life.

Little by little, every centimeter the more the sound gets louder it means that I'm extremely close to the river, I even stopped talking in the chat to concentrate on digging, but every moment that passes can be my last I do not know if I'm being paranoid every minute I'm looking back to see if the guards are coming.

I think the sound is so high that it has arrived where the guards are, and I hope the stones are late for at least a little orcs.

Jack "I got it! I'm seeing the river "

A small hole opened and now I can say that the river is gigantic ... shit the sound was higher I do not have time to enjoy the river I need to widen this hole so I can pass ... my arm can already pass. .. now I think you can pass my head ... a little more only a little more and I can crawl for him, shit I'm listening to many steps in the tunnel ... ready now I can pass.

When I'm in the middle of the hole so close to the river that if I stretch my hands I can already touch the water, I feel someone grabs my leg and begins to pull me from the hole, I try to hold on to the stones, but whoever is pulling me is very Strong and the stones I held in making me fly to the other side of the tunnel, making me hit my back with strength on the wall.

I fight to breathe and look up, and then I see the leader of mine and twenty guards ... shit already was! they surrounded me and the leader of the mine that is in front of the tunnel that goes to the river and the damn is more frightening than the twenty guards together, and the damn is laughing at me, it has even a human together in this shit, the first time that I saw a human in this world and he is along with the orcs hahaha ... sigh ... I think I'll leave my last words in the chat.

On chat

(Gintoki) "hahaha you saw the wizard of the explosion just hit a hit to kill the frogs that the Kazuma and the useless goddess were suffering to kill only one ... and the goddess leg out of the mouth of the frog hahaha"

(Jack) "Hey guys"

(Gintoki) "You lost from seeing Jack the Kazuma learned to make live broadcast and showed it to us when he finds the mage of only one explosion"

(Jack) "I thought after reading his manga he would stay away from those strange people"

(Kazuma) "And stay only with the useless goddess? At least they serve something besides being doing debts "

(Hiro) "So Jack managed to escape?"

(Jack) "Hahaha, Kazuma idiot ... Coff Coff ... So I came to say goodbye ... The shit got ugly to my side, now I'm surrounded by a group of twenty armed orcs with arches and the fucking leader mine that is about three meters and a half of pure fat and muscles and an ax that is greater than me, and a human that I do not know why it is here "

(Hiro) "[...]"

(Gintoki) "[...]"

(Kazuma) "[...]"

(Hinata) "[...]"

(Luffy) "[...]"

(Jack) "It was very good to meet you, these last days were the most fun of my two lives ... I only ask that if any of you find that Lord Lee, please, punch in his face"

(Gintoki) "Hey does not play like this Jack this is not fun ... we can take a lot of fun from Kazuma do not give up now"

(Kazuma) "True I do not care if you're messing with me, just do not die"

(Luffy) "Let's, Jack Do not miss it! Sure their face and you can escape "

(Hinata) "Do as Naruto-Kun keep trying until I can ... Please do not die"

(Hiro) "Shit! Let's chat let us help him, come on! ... shit hold up a little more jack, when the other member enters the chat we can find a way to get away from, just survive "

(Jack) "Personally, I wanted freedom, I'll get it at times, it's not only freedom I'd like, but it's still freedom, so you do not have to be sad about me ... they are pointing the bows for me ... So I think it's a personal goodbye if I do not answer any more means I died "

(Kazuma) "Wait! Connect the live broadcast maybe we can find a way for you to escape, just need to be able to activate live broadcast "

(Jack) "... Alright just take the children from the room you will see a bloody death hahaha"

(Hiro) "How can you make jokes at these times?"

(Jack) "... because the joke is the last one that dies hahaha ... I do not know maybe I'm crazy? But guys are you more worried than me, and I'm going to die "

(Gintoki) "Of course we are worried about our friend"

(Hiro) "[Truth]"

(Kazuma) "[Truth + 1]"

 (Luffy) "[Truth +2]"

(Hinata) "Shut your mouth! And activate soon this live broadcast drug "

(Jack) "[...]"

 (Hiro) "[...]"

(Gintoki) "[...]"

(Kazuma) "[...]"

 (Luffy) "[...]"

(Jack) "Where is kind Hinata? What did you do with her your monsters? She would not say that a few days ago ... Coff Coff ... okay prepare if "