Chapter 14
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After activating the transmission, the screen that was in the corner of my vision passed two meters behind me ... How will they try to help me if I can not see what they are talking about?

Returning to the orcs, they are pointing the arches for me, the arrows are so big to seem smaller spears, or would they be darts? ... Whatever, but seriously so that so much violence? A normal arrow can already kill, they do not need these arrows that I think they can cross concrete.

The Orc leader comes forward from the group, but still positioned in front of the tunnel that is the river, he raises his hand signaling to lower the arches.

Orc Leader "Hahaha Humans are so competent, did you know that you had a bet on when you would die working on this mine? So contradicting all bets you can find a way out, or rather, make a way out, making me win a lot of coins. Not that I bet you would run away, I am the owner of the bets, and no one bet on it hahaha "

I look in the direction of it, or rather in the direction of the river, trying to find a way out ... but nothing ... I need to earn some time maybe something that can help me.

Jack "Can I bet too? I bet my life that I'm going to die in a few minutes with a lot of arrows stuck in me, my life should be worth some coins right? If I win I want to donate the prize for the goblin's orphanages, as they are also green and ugly as you, then what is this difference in height? They should not eat right, for they only grow their noses and ears "

The orc leader then begins to laugh and speak in the language of the orcs, which looks like a song by Death Metal with the vocalist choking, like you know they are saying something, but it is very difficult to understand, the orc leader for and So look at me.

Lider Orc "So if I win this bet Will you give your life to me? And it will be a slave why you chose ... well I never had one of these, it happens that my last human slave has just died, so I accept your bet "

Human slave "But Lord I -"

So I see something that will make me have nightmares for years, or maybe the rest of my life. The orc leader raises the ax and hit the slave's head dividing her from the top of the skull to the chin, and then when he pulls the ax blood and parts of the brain fly everywhere ... I have the impression that a piece came In my mouth ... I feel like vomiting and a gigantic fear I thought I would not have because I already died once and I also see corpses always for the tunnels ... but seeing a person dying in front of him is something else ... Look at the corpse has two faces and lying on the floor stirring their members, which fear.

I can not divert the gaze from the slave until he stops moving is kind of a kind of morbid curiosity ... dude if I had shit ready in the stomach would have left ... Of course I showed no fear on my face, I trained Much the poker face in my time here, because if you show fear for the guards only make them feel like making what you are afraid, which is usually a beating.

Lider Orc "Oh! I was expecting a half-kind cry coming from you, normal humans usually scream when my ax comes from a skull ... What do you think? Cool right? It looks like water magic being thrown up "

Jack "Sure! It's a good way to cut your hair, it makes a half-cut ... divided "

I feel a little bad about this joke, but it's a good way to soften the fear.

Leader orc "hahaha enough to talk, come and kiss my foot and follow me out of that shit of mine"

The orc leader then puts the foot on a stone and waits for me to go to him, I'm sure the damn is going to kick me in the mouth ... but I want it right? It's so simple to kiss his foot and I can get out of this hell, maybe he can treat me well for the rest of my life ... or until he finds a more interesting human than me and I leave my skull with the ax ... I already had decided that it was today that I could get my freedom, but why can not I stop looking at his foot? Wait! Chance!

I look at where the chat screen is, and I give a smile that can only be described as a maniac, then I look back at the Orc leader and I walk slowly toward him with my head turned toward the ground, if people Seeing walking on the street so they would think that my mother had died, my wife abandoned me, that I lost my job looks like a very sad scene, this if you do not see the little smile on the corner of my lips.

I get a little distance from him, I start lowering my head towards his foot and ... I give a tackle on the other leg that is all his weight, making him do a somersault in the air over me ... I have a small Glimpse At that moment, I see myself in a crowd applauding while I hold a Best NFL player trophy ... But this little glimpse passes quickly because I realize the guards around me Stretching the ropes of the bow, I look back in time to see the orc leader fall on top of the ax and breaking it ... man I think he liked this ax ... well fuck him.

I run towards the hole in the wall, and I feel arrows to spend whistling for me ... A damn man can hit my shoulder pushing me forward, this shit came with so much force that broke the arrow rod ... I can get to the hole and Leap on it to fall on the river, looking from outside I must have looked like those cats by jumping the rings, before falling on the river I listen to a shout of Death Metal coming from the Orc leader.