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Another smut chapter.  But I think this was quite necessary to show the rapid development of Nell and Misha's tumultuous relationship. 

I've also revised Chapters 3 and 4. Anyone following this series, please check them.

It was around 10 p.m. when the rain started to slow down at last.

"I'd better start now," I said to Misha. She had been lying still with her head in my lap while my fingers gently combed through her raven black hair.

Hearing my words, she sat up promptly.

"Has the rain stopped?"

"Not completely, but I guess it's alright to start now."

She looked into my eyes, then heaved a sigh.

"I guess it can't be helped, then."

I pulled her in my arms and pressed her head against my chest.

"Don't say it that way. I'm not going away forever."

She pulled herself away and stared at me with her large, dark eyes.

"I hope you won't start hating me from now on".

I was surprised by her sarcastic tone.

"Why should I start hating you, Misha?"

"For throwing myself at you all on a sudden?"

My ears burned. I couldn't take her words.

"Did you throw yourself at me? Wasn't it me, too who wanted you madly?"

I paused and looked into her eyes.

"Trust me, love, I can't live without you anymore."

She looked away.

"What, if you suddenly find out that I'm not what you have believed me to be all this time?

"It won't change anything."

She didn't say anything more. I took my leave and stepped out of her apartment.

There was no one in the corridors. The staircase was deserted, too. The rain had reduced to fine drizzle by now. But the water had not receded even a little bit. The recent heavy rain had only worsened the situation.

I took out my cell phone from inside my windcheater and only then I realized that it had been switched off somehow. I cursed myself and switched in on. Just as I thought, there were two missed calls from Bill.

I called him back.

"Nell! Where are you?"

His voice was full of worry.

"I'm on my way home. Where are you?"

"I reached home an hour ago. Sorry, I was kinda worried about you."

"It's alright, Bill. My phone was switched off, somehow."

"Should I come and pick you?"

I couldn't help but grin.

"Bill, the streets here are already under knee deep water. There's no way you can drive in this water."

Bill didn't answer. I realized I had just added to his worry. With a sigh I set about to assure him about my safety.

"I'll be walking back home. It won't take more than an hour, I suppose."

"Be careful," he said and disconnected the phone.

I started wading through the murky water again, this time alone.

I reached home before 12. There was no waterlogging in the area where we lived. Only small puddles here and there reminded that the place was lashed with heavy downpours not so long ago. I was tired and hungry. Trudging through knee deep water all this time had made my legs sore. As soon as I entered Bill's warm, cosy drawing room, my heart was at ease.

"Hey Bill! How was your day?"

"Quite average? How about you?"

"Excellent! But I'm more like a drowned rat now. Is there anything for me to eat?"

"Yes, of course. Your dinner is kept in the refrigerator. You go and clean. I'll put it in the microwave oven".

I left my dripping, smelling boots in the corridor outside Bill's apartment, rolled the dirty trousers so that they wouldn't stain the carpets and went into the bathroom adjacent to my room. Once inside, I took off the remaining clothes and stood in front of the huge mirror. I switched on the spot lights above the mirror and light flooded my naked body.

I stared at my own reflection in the mirror. I had never looked at my own body in this way, but today everything seemed to be different.

I had been feeling a burning sensation below my left collarbone. Now as I looked into the mirror, I discovered that there was a scratch mark on my pale skin which had swelled red. I couldn't help but smile. It was obviously the mark of a woman's nail.

I thought about how Misha had held on to me in those final moments when she had reached the peak of her ecstasy. A smile spread over my face and I closed my eyes.

I stood below the shower and allowed cool water to wash over my body. As soon as water sprayed all over my body, I felt more burning sensation in my chest and back. There were numerous smaller scratches which now reacted to cool water. I stood below the shower with my eyes closed and let the scintillating pain wash over me. It gave an odd sensation of joy. For the first time in my life I had taken and was taken over. My manhood rejoiced in the glory of it. It was as if my life came full circle at last.

When I came into the dinning hall I saw my dinner warm and ready on the table. Bill was watching TV at the other end of the hall. He didn't look my way.

'Thank you, Bill', I muttered and sat down at the table. I was too tired to relish anything now. So I just gobbled my food, gulped a glass of water to ensure that they reached my stomach and cleaned up the table.

Then I said goodnight to Bill and slipped into my room. But my brain was too feverish to shut down immediately. For a long time I kept tossing in my bed in half-sleep.


The sky remained overcast on the next day, but the heavy rainfalls relented a bit.

I had been out of the house since morning. There was going to be a mountain biking tour in the autumn and I had to prepare for it. With only two months in hand I could say that I was hard pressed for time.

It was already evening when I could relax at last. I went for some snacks and mocktails at a nearby bar-cum-restaurant. This place was owned by Ricky, who was a friend of mine. It was a common gathering place for my biker friends.

When I arrived there I couldn't find Ricky. His manager greeted me with a smile and said that he was out on an errand. So I sat at a table alone, sipping watermelon juice and biting on French fries. I was never a fan of hard liquor, even though I could drink heavily without going soft in the legs.

As I sat by the floor-to-ceiling glass window and gazed at the blurry images of the passers by, suddenly Misha's image floated before my eyes. It was as I had seen her last night. Her trembling lips, delicate throat, the deep groove below the throat where the collarbones met, her honey coloured skin rising and falling in her soft breasts and taut belly…

Suddenly, I felt a strange pang of hunger. Hunger hitherto unknown to me through all these years. I couldn't hold myself anymore. I had to see her, right then.

But how could I go and find her? That area was still waterlogged and she had promised not to venture out of home till the water receded. So there was no chance of meeting outside. On the other hand, I couldn't go to her apartment because of her nosy neighbours.

I dialled her number. She answered promptly.

"Tell me, do you need anything? Stationary or green grocery? I can bring it for you."

"Can you, really? That would be a huge help!"

"Send me a message with the list. I'll get it for you."

I hurried through my snack and returned home. I didn't want to take my motorbike there as I didn't have any means to know how much water was still there in the streets. So I left the motorbike in the garage, took out a backpack and went to buy the grocery as per her list. It was a tiny list and didn't take much time. So, in an hour I was on the way to her home.

The streets were still waterlogged, but it did not look very intimidating today. I rolled my trousers up and ventured into the water. My shoes today were meant for the rainy season, so that was not a problem either.

I arrived in front of the building and called her. She answered on the first ring.

"Will you come down? I'm waiting in front of the staircase."

"Why don't you come up? The elevator is still out of order, so you'll have to take the stairs".

I couldn't believe my ears. She was asking me to go to her apartment? What, if her neighbours said anything?

"Should I really go?"

"Just come up." She sounded impatient.

I made up my mind. Instead of standing there and attracting attention, I should better go up. So I climbed the stairs and arrived in front of her door. As soon as I pressed the doorbell, she opened the door.

"Come inside."

She let me in and closed the door. I put off my shoes and rolled my trousers down. For a few seconds we stood there, face to face, our eyes locked in an unblinking gaze.

Then I leaned and picked her up in my arms. She hugged my neck and nestled against my chest. I carried her to the bedroom and lay her down on the pale pink sheets. She pulled me with her and we lay together there, nestling against each other, our hearts beating together.

Minute after minute passed. Still, we lay together, my head burrowed in her warm chest which rose and fell softly. Then she pushed me gently. I rolled over and lay on my back while she sat up and opened the buttons of my shirt one by one.

I just lay there, gazing dreamily at her. Her soft lips and her moist tongue rolled over my chest and travelled downward.

My manhood wanted to burst forth as she touched the place with her lips. Then she unzipped my trousers and pulled them down along with the briefs, revealing the hard and straight organ hidden beneath them.

My fingers knotted in her hair as she lowered her face and took me in her mouth. I could feel the  moist warmth of her tongue wrapping around my rod as she swallowed it more and more, unless it reached the back of her throat.

She started coughing violently as I pulled myself out immediately.

"Don't...don't do this!" I panted hard.

She leaned on me and nibbled on my earlobe. Her wet tongue sucked at my soft ear, sending jolts through my back. Before I could do anything, she let it go and smiled.

"You know Nell, you're so cute! I almost took you for a girl when I first saw you."

I just pulled her hard towards me, but she struggled herself free.

She tugged at the belt of her housecoat and it fell off, revealing her supple body. Then she planted her knees on both sides of my waist, allowing my manhood to penetrate into her open cave. I was washed with wave after wave of pleasure as she heaved herself up and down on my body. My pleasure wanted to burst forth, but I held it back.

She didn't seem to be happy. Relenting for a moment, she leaned upon me.

"Don't hold back, Nell, please!" She whispered.

'So this is how you want me now?' I thought.

I held her firmly and thrust myself deeper and deeper into her. Our bodies rose and fell in a harmonious rhythm as she moaned deeper and deeper. My whole existence seemed to be concentrated on a single point at the tip of my manhood while my muscles worked rhythmically. I felt as if the world inside my head went spinning violently as I was slowly lifted off my feet and floated motionless in air.

My pleasure burst forth inside her, spraying her with warm fluid.

The wind went down suddenly, only a few wisps of air still remained.

Slowly, we calmed down and lay motionless in each other's arms. Her eyes were closed, as if she lay in some sweet dream.

"Take me whatever way you life is yours". I whispered in her ears.

She didn't say anything in reply, only pulled my head upon her breasts.