Chapter 51: More Skills
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Chapter 51: More Skills


Derek calmly pulled up his kill and leveling notifications.

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Warrior

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Archer

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Warrior

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Archer

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Mage

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Warrior

1,466,108 Experience Gained

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

135,548/187,000 Experience to Next Level

Woah… Derek didn’t know what to think about all that. The scary thing was that he had to go back in for a round two, and who knows if the dungeon will even end after two waves. One thing that he could confirm was that he was needing way more experience to level as a legendary class than as an epic class. Derek pulled up his new status.



Derek Hunt








Legend of the Void (Legendary)


Human (Modified)










51 (Armor + 0)


100 (Weapon + 0)















Stat Points Remaining



Channel Void

Level 8

Channel the Void through your body, into attacks or defenses.

Cure Toxin

Level 4

Removes poisons and toxins.


Level 12

Increase ability to dismantle deceased organic life forms.

Greater Meditation

Level 2

Enter meditative state to increase recovery.

Heavy Weapons Mastery

Level 18

Increase damage with heavy weapons.


Level 15

Appraise objects or entities.

Magic Resistance

Level 8

Increase natural magic resistance by 1.5% per level.


Level 1

Your next attack hits twice.


Level 9

Restores 45% HP over 30 seconds.

Sweeping Slash

Level 18

Project a slash in front of you.

Void Call

Level 2

Call out to the Void.

Void Sense

Level 2

Sense the void.

Void Shift

Level 3

Become one with and move within the void.

Skill Points Remaining


Skill Upgrade Points Remaining



Greater Giant Slayer, Jack of All, Lesser Dungeon Explorer, Lesser Slayer of the Unknown, Meat Shield, Lesser Explorer, Offensive Powerhouse


Derek was very happy that the fighting had actually leveled up his Channel Void two whole levels and Identify had even been bumped up one. Looks like I don’t have to worry about getting enough stat points to bring Intelligence and Wisdom up to 500 anymore.

He checked his new skills.

Absolute Nullify

Your void power has increased to the point where very few have ever seen. Using your strength of the void, you are able to nullify any and all magic spells for as long as you have the mana. Absolute Nullify creates a wall in front of the user that absorbs all spells into the void where they will eventually cease to exist.

As the skill level increases, mana cost decreases and spell size increases.

Uses 800 mana/s

Cost: 11 Skill Points

Derek read the skill over and over. It was, of course, a great skill for him, but something in the back of his mind kept annoying him. Why the fuck do I need Magic Resistance when I have this? But, as he thought about it, he realized that having both would actually be good. I guess it’s good if I get sneak attacked or run out of mana. Just thinking about the time it’s going to take to level everything up gives me a headache though.

Derek confirmed that he wanted to learn the skill.

Absolute Nullify Learned Successfully

Skill Points Remaining: 23

Derek moved on to his other new skill.

Void Storage

Create a space within the void to store your items.

Mana Cost: N/A

Cost: 6 Skill Points

Note: This is a unique skill that does not level up. The size of the storage is based on the user's Intelligence and overall level.

Hmm… Well, it never hurts to have more storage, and I can see the benefit in a non-item based storage system. Derek learned the new skill.

Void Storage Learned Successfully

Skill Points Remaining: 17

Derek was not disappointed in his upgraded class or skills. Absolute Nullify was one of the strongest defensive skills that he had ever seen. Void Shift was also an amazing skill that could be used both offensively and defensively, but it would take Derek a long while before he was comfortable using it.

With the way all of these skills are, I’m going to have to start speccing into more of a mage build than my tank build. Derek shook his head.

Okay, next thing is to get the Award for Intelligence and Wisdom. He had thought about waiting to use his stat points for the Award, but with the dungeon and his reliance on magic to complete it, he thought it best to use some of his stat points and hope for a powerful spell. Derek spent 330 of his stat points and increased his two remaining stats to 500.

The instant his Wisdom hit 500, Derek’s mind cleared. He had thought that he kept a pretty clear head before, but now, it was in an entirely different realm. When his Intelligence increased to 500, his ability to process information hit a new milestone. Before, he felt like using Void Shift would take a great toll on his mind having to process all of the ripples with Void Sense, then move accordingly, but now, Derek felt like it was something he could do in his sleep.

Derek also channeled the void into his fist to see if there was a difference. It was near instant. Before, he had to start the skill up, then move the void accumulated inside his body to his fist or weapon. Now, with his Intelligence and Wisdom, he was able to directly channel the void into his fist, and the glow from the void was much deeper and bigger. I should have done this a long time ago.

With all that finished, he viewed his new Award notification.

You have succeeded in increasing both your Intelligence and Wisdom to 500 points.

New Award Earned

He dismissed the notification and checked the next one.

Magical Glass Cannon

Throwing caution to the wind, you have ignored other stats to focus on your magical output. You have become a magical weapon of mass destruction. You will be awarded with the following:

One Active Magic Skill (Please Choose)

One Passive Magic Skill (Please Choose)

Note: This is a one-time Award and cannot be upgraded.

Derek focused on the active spell choice.

Current Available Skill Points: 17

Note: One skill point is required to unlock any of the skills below. If you do not have any skill points, you may choose to unlock a skill at a later date

Available Active Magic Skills

Acidic Spike

Chain Lightning

Shadow Orb

Fiery Tempest

Life Siphon

Derek looked at the five available skills to choose from. He was not overly excited by the skills, but he could not complain much. At least it isn’t Fireball and Water Gun. He mused.

Acidic Spike was an earth type toxic spell. It pulled a piece of earth from the ground, shaped it like a spike, and launched it into a foe. Oh, and the spike just happened to have acid on it, so it would corrode anything it came into contact with.

Chain Lightning, which had always been one of Derek’s favorite spells from the video games he played, was a lightning skill cast over an area. It was not as damaging as a lightning bolt type spell, but once it hit an enemy, it could jump from enemy to enemy, eventually covering everyone. That is, of course, at a higher level, as there was a limit on how many targets the spell could affect at once.

Shadow Orb was weird. It was literally just a dark orb launched at a target dealing dark damage. Derek was sure that the ability would have its uses, maybe against light type enemies, but he could not see the current need for it.

Fiery Tempest was a mix of the fire and wind elements. It sounded almost like a fire tornado, but instead of constant rotation, it spread out in all directions from the user. Derek shuttered as he thought about how much damage would be caused if he used the spell in a forest.

Finally, Life Siphon was a skill like Life Leech, only magical instead of physical. Casting the spell would shoot a beam at a target and siphon HP from it and direct it back to the spell user.

After viewing all the skills, Derek did not find it challenging to make a decision. Shadow Orb did not seem too useful, Life Siphon was cool and all, but not what Derek needed. Fiery Tempest was way too destructive to be useful, and he already had enough single target damage, which got rid of Acidic Spike. That only left Chain Lightning. Derek chose the skill and confirmed his choice.

Chain Lightning Learned Successfully

Skill Points Remaining: 16

Derek smiled, then moved on to his next skill.

Current Available Skill Points: 16

Note: One skill point is required to unlock any of the skills below. If you do not have any skill points, you may choose to unlock a skill at a later date

Available Passive Magic Skills

Discerning Eyes

Depth Diver

Enhanced Perception

Magic Sense

Physical Resistance

An odd expression fell over Derek’s face as he viewed his choices. He had not thought that Physical Resistance would be on the list again. I wonder if Magic Resistance would be there if I hadn’t chosen it before.

Discerning Eyes was an ability that allowed the user to read texts and ancient languages. It was definitely an explorer’s dream ability. Derek, however, had no need for it as the system language was more than enough for him.

Depth Diver let the user hold their breath longer and move more freely in the water. It was a good skill to have if you were in an ocean environment.

Derek laughed at the Enhanced Perception ability. It was the same ability he had learned just before his old system was cut off. It brought up some bad memories. Of course, it would still be a great skill to have.

Magic Sense was a skill that let the user pinpoint magic. It would help keep the user from being magically ambushed, and could also be used in investigations.

Of course, Physical Resistance was still the overpowered skill that he wished he had been able to choose earlier on. He had great defense and regeneration already, but with the Physical Resistance skill, it would go up another notch, and he could focus less on his Endurance and Vitality without feeling bad about it.

In the end, Derek narrowed the choices down to Enhanced Perception and Physical Resistance. The only reason that he wanted Enhanced Perception was so it would auto level because it was a skill he already had. However, Physical Resistance was just too good to pass up, so he selected it and confirmed his decision.

Physical Resistance Learned Successfully

Skill Points Remaining: 15

With that, Derek smiled and stood up. It was time to finish the dungeon.