Chapter 55: It’s Time
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Chapter 55: It's Time


The next morning, Derek woke up and went back to the courtyard. He thought that he had risen early, but Brandi was already at it with her Leatherworking. He walked up behind her and waited for her to reach a stopping point.

“So, found anything else out about your class?” He asked.

She jumped, as she had been focusing all of her mind on her craft. Turning around, she replied. “I did, actually. I hit level 11 earlier. Instead of getting four points into everything like before, I got three. I don’t know why or if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

“Hmm… Well, if you were to get four points into everything at every level, your rare class would be getting more points than an epic class, and even competing with a legendary one. It makes sense that there are restrictions. In two levels you have gotten, what, 42 points? An epic class only gets 20 per level, rare is 15.” He said, remembering his previous epic class and Rayna’s rare one.

He continued. “Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if you only got two points per level next time. It makes sense that the class is distributing the points evenly though. Strength and Endurance would be ideal stats for things like Weaponsmithing, Wisdom and Intelligence would be for Enchanting or making runes, Dexterity is definitely for the more precision crafts. I’m not sure about Vitality, but it would suck to not be able to withstand an Alchemy explosion, so it’s good to have it too. Just make sure to watch your stats over the next few levels and see if you can find the pattern.”

Brandi nodded her head. Then she looked at Derek with an intense gaze. “You said that it would almost be competing with a legendary class. How do you know what a legendary class is like?” She looked with hopeful eyes.

Derek smiled. “Well, you can’t tell anyone anyway, but I would prefer for you to keep it to yourself.” He leaned in close. Brandi drew near. He whispered. “I used to have an epic class.” Then he backed up and let Brandi piece it together.

“Used to? Then you don’t anymore?” She paused. “Growth class? Is it a growth class? Like mine?” She asked.

Derek just winked at her. “You go back and keep doing what you’re doing. You should be leveling everything you can. I know it will be hard with all your skill, and the fact that you don’t have any equipment for some of the crafts, but focus on what you do have.”

She assented and turned back around to continue her work.

Derek smiled and walked back to the bench and sat down. Soon, he slipped into deep thought. What should I do next? He looked around. I think my time in this village is pretty much done. The dungeon is completed and Rayna is strong enough to deal with any leftover beast hordes still in the outer edge of the forest.

I guess I could go and get level 100, but I didn’t see many enemies at level 100 or higher outside of the dungeon. There are supposed to be some strong creatures even deeper in the forest, but strong to these people is like level 50. I’d rather not spend a lot of time traveling just to go on a wild goose chase. Derek sighed and looked over his stats.

Well, at my current level, my stats including my free points are that of someone with a rare class being at like level 240. He closed his eyes and did some more calculations. Hell, someone with an epic class would need to be at least level 180 to even get close to my stats. Though, with my current distribution, and not focusing on any one skill, they could still beat me in their special areas.

Derek thought about it for a minute, then put 200 points into his Strength, Endurance, and Vitality. He did not feel the big boost that he got when hitting 500, but going up 200 points at once was still a leap and he would need to get used to it again. Magic is fun and all, but Endurance and Vitality got me to where I am, and kept me alive. It’s also nice to have extra Strength.

Happy with his distribution, he thought about his plans. I need to go see if that dumb bunny is still anywhere around here. Though, I’ve always wanted a mount, so I could go look for something cool instead. He shook his head. No, I’ll stick with the bunny if I can find it easily. If not, I’ll take the other route.

He continued looking over his status sheet, then stopped when he got to the Awards. So that is what they were all talking about. He had dismissed his new Award for being part of the first team to complete a new dungeon. The others had brought it up, but he did not bother with it before, as it was not something that he could currently use.

Lesser Dungeon Traveler

You are the first to complete a newly formed dungeon. Your skill and courage to explore the unknown is astounding. You have received the following:

+10% Experience Gained in Dungeons

+10% Increase in Dungeon Reward Rarity

Continue to explore new dungeons to increase the Award’s tier.

I mean, it’s not a bad Award, especially for me. I’ll be able to complete level 100+ dungeons solo and fast, but the problem is finding them. Derek looked around again. I guess the plan is to find the bunny, then go to the city. I’ll see if I can find a map of other dungeons, or get directions to a different city that has them. He frowned as he thought about it. I did want to make sure no one caused trouble to the village because of that noble, though. I’ll stay a bit longer just to see, but after that, I’m out.

With his plans set, Derek waited at the village for some time. During that time, Brandi got to level 14 and found out that she gets four, three, then two stat points into every stat before it rolls back over to four. All in all, it turned out to be 18 points per level, which was in between a rare and epic class’s distribution.

He also told Thomas that he would be leaving sometime soon and made sure the boy still wanted to go with him. Of course, he did. He made sure to drill it into the kid that anymore blatantly dumb mistakes would get him a one-way ticket back to the village. Thomas seemed to be very embarrassed about his past mistakes and promised that he would be smart.


A few days later, at around noon, Derek was chatting with Bart at the bar. Bart was right about one thing, there really was not anything fine about his ale. Derek slammed the mug down and sighed. “I guess there’s no point in even trying to get a buzz.” At least on Earth, he could purchase alcohol from the system that was strong enough for him. I guess I’ll have to wait for Brandi to be able to make some good shit.

Bart sighed apologetically. “It’s strong enough for the villagers, but I guess it ain’t nothing special for ya.”

“It’s not your fault. It was good to drink something different, anyway. Even if it tastes like piss from a boot.” Derek replied.

About that time, the front door swung open and Thomas ran in. “Derek. There’s someone here. He has a GIANT sword strapped to his back and a gold Adventurer’s badge.”

“Oh, I wonder if he is here for the Adventurer’s Guild or for the nobles.” Derek dropped a few coins from his storage ring onto the bar, then stood up. Fortunately, the storage rings from the dungeon were basic black bands, and looked exactly like the one the noble he killed was wearing. It was easier for Derek to explain than his bracelet, as he had asked around and everyone had only ever heard of people using rings. Of course, he only kept some basic things like money and hides in it. There were a couple weapons too, but nothing that anyone would question if he ever had to show anyone the contents.

Derek exited the inn and leaned up against the wall beside the door with his arms crossed, waiting to get a good look at the new stranger. If he was heading to Rayna’s residence, he would have to pass in front of him.

Sure enough, the man with light brown hair tied in a ponytail soon made his appearance. He was wearing a shiny silver set of armor, and his greatsword was giant indeed. To Derek’s surprise, he was not acting like everything was beneath him. He was looking around, taking the sight of the village in, like any normal traveler would. Hmm… Maybe he’s a representative from the Adventurer’s Guild.

Soon, the man’s vision landed on Derek, who was wearing his usual blue jeans, black shirt, and combat boots. The man furrowed his brows, then his eyes shot wide open in surprise. Derek smirked. The man paused for a second, but soon continued forward past the inn and toward Rayna’s residence.


Rayna was sitting at her meeting table waiting for the man. Richard had informed her of the man at the same time that Thomas informed Derek. Needless to say, she was a bundle of nerves, but she was doing a good job hiding it.

The last few days had been great for her. She finally looked at her class upgrade and, though there was no epic class to choose from, she was able to change her class from the rare Tempest Sword to a rare growth type class called Zephyr’s Gale. She was especially happy that she was able to keep all of her old skills. She had spent most of her time in the dungeon casting Wind Blades, it seemed that the Great System must have taken note, and her new class was more of a wind swordsman that focused on range. It suited her perfectly.

Soon, there was a knock on her door. Richard jumped up and went to answer. She had been waiting for this day. Derek had told her that if all else failed, shift all the blame onto him, but she would hate herself if she had to do that, even if he could handle it.

Richard came back, behind him was the warrior. Rayna stood and spoke. “Oh, I wasn’t expecting company. How can I help you, mister…” She waited for the man to cut in.

“Bronson.” The man said.

“Mr. Bronson. Please have a seat.” She motioned to an empty chair and took a seat herself.

The man touched his greatsword. “I’m afraid I’ll have to stand.” He replied.