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In class, I had sat glaring at the social studies book.

I could not focus, for the life of me. 

For some reason the image of a foreign boy who towered over me looked down at me, while trapping me in a corner, my eyes wide in shocked fear.

He looked like a monster, his entire being seemed normal but he looked too different, his weird coloured eyes to focus, his pale flesh as if glowing in the dark instead of blending. 

Yet, to me; this monster looked attractive, his gaze... I could not understand this, but it felt awfully familiar somehow. 

I'm not even asleep, but his image is constantly haunting me.

What is this called? Daymare? 

I only met him today, but he's already taking over my mind.

I could not understand this, I just wanted a simple life, get those kids, make money and bail. 

Finally, when the bell rang for the ending of school, I rose snatched up my bag packed up my stuff passed over my book to the teacher said my goodbye and left. 

"Hey, Kruel slow down why are you running?"

Sharice said trying to catch up to me, I slowed down walking leisurely by her side, looked at her and smiled. 

"your mom is picking you up, yeh?"

"Mmm, yeh she is today she wants to take me for a meal in C parish,"

"Ah, OK. Well, I'll leave then I want to catch the three-thirty bus,"

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow then,"

I nodded, then sped up. 

Since it is now two-fifty, I needed to practically run down the hill to get the bus. 

Walking wise it would take twenty minutes if I ran at half speed, I would be at the bottom of the hill in thirteen. 

I sighed, getting ready to run, but then I was grabbed and tossed into the back of a vehicle. 

Bouncing a bit, I felt a bit breathless and annoyed, like what the hell am I being kidnapped in broad daylight and directly in front of the school? 

Someone saw something, right? 

While I was inwardly firing off questions and about to sink into paranoia a deep voice spoke that sent off warning bells in my head. 


"Yes, young master,"

I froze, young master? 

On my island, we don't say young master, maybe Mr... Whatever the boy or man's name was or simply sir but not young master! 

Aren't those reserved for the elite Europeans and East Asians? 

Since my eyes were closed, I decided to keep them closed trying my hardest not to panic. 

If I panic, she would use that weakness to usurp me and there was no way I'd give her a chance after fighting so long to be in charge of this body while contemplating if I should devour her and be sane after or just continue to leave her. 

"Will you continue to try escaping reality?"

I shivered, this accent was not like the islanders. 

It was familiar; I wished for the earth to swallow me up immediately so I can escape... Whatever this is. 


I flinched, feeling a familiarity somehow, even though I didn't remember the voice. 

"It has been so long.. unable to hold you,"

Did he know me personally? But this body, I'd never been with a... Man. his voice Was heard once more, his words;

"My empress, have you forgotten your emperor?"

I jolted when the first memory surfaced.


(previous life)


I knelt listening to the emperor who sat high on the dragon throne loudly declaring that I will be imprisoned in the Northern Palace.

I closed my eyes feeling as if my heart was shattered, the emperor who had promised to love me never abandoning me his empress had retracted his promise because I was an evil woman poisoning the people and slaughtering the innocent.

So many crimes brought forth at that time with "evidence" I can never dispute so I kept my head bowed, the body still emotions hidden kneeling to my lord emperor without saying a word.

"Empress, are these crimes true?"

I didn't answer. What was the point? Even if I tried to refute such evidence, more would surface condemning me to death. 

"My lord emperor, this woman can not-"

"How dare you speak up in my presence! Punish this servant to one hundred beatings with the weighted rod,"

"Your majesty... Your majesty... This slave was wrong.."

There was a slight disturbance as the male was dragged out, but soon it was silent once again.

Time passed I kept silent, I waited for my death to approach ending my life but the emperor just ordered for me to be taken to the northern Palace three meals to be served and one slave to be by my side.

Beloved emperor, your empress is weary, so weary of this life. Why could you not... When I fully returned to myself, I was been led then locked into the Palace. 

All this time I did not react my face was blank, my mind not even registering what happened.

"Empress, the Lord emperor was pressured... I'm sure it wouldn't last long,"

I looked at the servant who had been with me since my birth. My eyes grew clouded and like that the tears began to flow spilling to fall down my cheeks leaving a trail behind. 

The entire night I cried, voicing my grievances of a broken heart echoing throughout the Palace. 

I waited for over a year but he had never appeared, even when I was carrying his child;

"Empress, we are running low on tonics,"

Even after I had given birth. 

I nodded to the maid, holding the small boy, a mirror image of his father. Yet when he visited, all he did was took me the entire night leaving before the suns rose. 

It has been a while now since I had been here this was a new life and I was a mother even though now I was pregnant again; I sighed, thinking of the pain when I did give birth. 

At least I had borne a son before. 

There was no one to assist me, only the maid who had helped me with the first instructing her to steal what we needed and to not die I while I gave birth, all of that exercise until I was too weak to get off the bed was worth it. 

In the end, I gave birth not one or simply two but three children, two boys and a girl. 

Instructing the maid to find three women to nurse them because I could not with the little I had. 

It has been over a year since the emperor visited, now a rare occasion I allowed the children to sleep on the massive bed-


My eyes narrowed when next they opened to see the man in front of me. 

That life, how I wished to forget it.

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