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Volume 1. Fallen Angel of the new semester

Life 1. The human and the devil

Part 1

Rias stepped out of the magical circle, body and mind tired from the long discussion she had with her family regarding her engagement, truly, this is one of the things that brings headache.

Sighing, Rias took a sit on the chairman chair that was prepared for her, she massaged her temple as she began recalling the weekend she spent on the underworld, a weekend full of argument, compromise and yelling resulted in exhaustion on her.

"Shall I prepare the bath Buchou?" Her queen, Himejima Akeno said as she slowly walked and smiled at Rias, smiling, Rias nodded at her queen's offering and saw her walk away.

"What about us Buchou?" Another voice asked, this time, the one who asked are his knight, Kiba Yuuto, looking at him, Rias simply smiled

"Do go home Yuuto, Koneko, there are no more tasks urgent enough to be done currently," Rias says with a reassuring smile, seeing it, Koneko and Yuuto nodded their head and began preparing their belongings before going home.

As the clubroom began to become quieter, Rias sighed as she leaned back to her chair, she spent the weekend coming home to her main house in the underworld, all for the sake of protesting her engagement.

Rias knew she's out of option on the diplomacy side, she had tried everything she could, she had tried appealing to the elder of Gremory but that ended with her being told she is not mature enough, she had tried seeking help from other families, but her parents and Riser himself blocked that option.

Now, there is only one option left, the Rating games, If Rias managed to win it, she's sure to be able to be free from the shackles that are his pig of a so-called fiancee Riser, but Rias knew, his little heart told him that she cannot defeat Riser, not yet.

"Perhaps...I can seek to find another peerage member" Rias thought as she began closing her eyes, she loved all of her peerage members, and wouldn't trade it for the world, but quantity is a quality unto itself after, and she lacks it.

"Yes….Maybe a new potential has appeared, it is the new academic year after all" Rias thought as she opened her eyes and saw the bare ceiling.

Issei Hyoudo walked dejectedly, he yawned as he walked and hit his foot on the trashcan, flinching at it, he looked at the trashcan as if it has done him a great offence, sighing as he realized what he just did, he continued walking, his gaze looked distant.

"Yo buddy" Issei was startled, unlike himself, by the sudden arms that were slung over his shoulder, looking behind him, it was his best friend since his first year, the baldie Matsuda.

"Why the long face Issei...Do you not realize how lucky we are?" Another Issei best friend, the glasses-wearing Motohama said as he adjusted his glasses

"It's not that you's just been a long night after all" Issei grunted as he slumped even further, Matsuda and Motohama who saw this looked at each other before grinning.

Matsuda and Motohama are two of Issei best friend, they found brotherhood in each other through the simple fact that they are a pervert, Matsuda was a former bald jockey that loved loli and is a self-proclaimed lolicon, while Motohama is an ace of the photography club and have the mysterious power that Issei deemed divine, and that is the power to measure the three size of a girl with but a simple glance.

"Why are you so down man... Have you not realize how lucky we are to be a Kuoh student" Matsuda said as he pointed at one of the female students who scurries away at his pointing

"Why are you speaking as if to prove a point," Issei remarked and was ignored by Matsuda who became fiery on how their school has the best uniform as it accentuates the sexiness of the female student.

Issei nodded sagely at his explanation, true, Issei can't deny but admired Kuoh uniform, he wants to shake hands and thanks whoever designed the uniform, he or she is truly a wise one.

The Kuoh high school has a different uniform for the male and female students, the girl uniform consists of a sleeved button-down shirt with vertical running down, a ribbon is also worn on the collar while a shoulder cape (seriously? Who even make these anymore is Issei reaction to it) adorned their shoulders, the corset that they wore hugged their figure nicely while their short skirt which is not family-friendly is of a magenta colour with white accent.

The boys uniform meanwhile, consist of a black blazer that is worn over a white long-sleeved button-down shirt with dark vertical lining, black pants and also the same ribbon

"It is in our nature as men to appreciate what Kuoh has given to us" Issei spoke with a fiery determination while Matsuda had tears running down his cheek while Motohama simply nodded as he adjusted his glasses.

"WE WILL HAVE OUR HAREM" The three of them spoke passionately in unison as they declared their dreams to the heaven's above.


"Die you pervert"


The three of them instantly slumped as their dreams instantly shattered by the cruel reality, yes, the reality is, the three of them are hated by the female population of Kuoh students, for good reasons.

"But it seems reality has shattered our dreams once more," Issei said as a tear run down his cheek

"Yes, my brother...We truly are one who is unfavored by the gods" Matsuda said as he sobbed

Motohoma who sees the two actions cleared his throat and thus attracting their focus, "Don't worry my friends...Shall this wise one help you then?" Motohama said, as lights glinted over his eyes, Issei looked at him curiously.

"Through the power of contact...I have found it," Motohama said as he showed Issei a picture using his phone. His curiosity was now at its peak, looking at it, his eyes widened, his heart began thumping "Th-This is" he gasped.

"That is correct my friend...Let's have a fun evening together shall we" Motohama smirked as he lord over Issei who watched him with mesmerization on his eyes

"What did I do in my previous life to deserve you guys," Issei said with a fake sob which made Motohama and Matsuda grinned

"Nothing Issei...Now let's go to class, or we'll be late" Matsuda said as they began walking to their class together while still talking amongst themselves.

"And checkmate," Rias said as she put down her rook to a spot in the chessboard, effectively ending the game.

"Ara ara...Already done? That was the hard one though" Akeno said as she put her palm into her cheeks and tilted her head

"Then next time, make it harder," Rias said as she stood up from her seat and began stripping herself of her clothes, letting her bountiful breast bounce free of her bra as she stepped into the shower.

As she was in the shower, she let the warm water over her, her mind began conjuring up plans to get out of her engagement,

She sighed as her thoughts came back to the simple fact, that she needed a new peerage member, she sighed, maybe she asks Sona if there is a potential recruit, one who is strong and capable enough to help her break free of the engagement

One Hyoudou Issei sneezed,

"Is someone talking about me? If so, I hope it's a big breasted beauty and maybe she is talking about me to her friends and is thinking of-" Issei began to deluded himself involving several older women and her but his delusion was cut off by his approaching friends

"Ise," Matsuda said as he put a hand on Issei's shoulder, his face supporting a grin like none other.

"Wh-What is it," Issei said, confused and excited, it is not every day that Matsuda supported a grin like that, and most of the time, it involves perverted things.

"Ge-Get this, Motohama found a peephole in the Kendo changing rooms...Can you imagine it Issei, their body, drenched in sweat, heart exhausted as they swiped their sweat off their bodies with towel, showing their bodies to us HEHEHEHE?" Matsuda began to trail off into a perverted grin and rambling.

Issei was shocked, unintentionally, a grin began to appear on his face as he looked at Matsuda back and saw Motohama smiled proudly, no doubt proud of his founding, To their offer, Issei only had one thing to say.

I have found heaven on earth

That was the thought of one Hyoudou Issei as he peeped through the hole on the side of the large building used as the kendo clubroom, everywhere he looked, he can see many different types of bodies, from sexy to petite, their nude body firmly imprinted on Issei mind,

"Oi Issei, it's time to change," Matsuda said as he glared at Issei, trying to pull him off the peephole

"Fuck off Matsuda! It's my turn on the peephole! I was the one who found it" Motohama hush with venom on his words

"Quiet down you fucker, any louder and we might get caught" Issei hushed both of them up, Motohama and Matsuda began to gaze at Issei who returned to peep, ignoring the two of them, the both of them looked at each other, a silent understanding forming between them.

"LOOK! Rias Gremory is nude" Matsuda and Motohama screamed while pointing to the side, Issei who heard of this, instantly snapped his head, his thoughts full of perverted things.

Big mistake.

Instantly, Matsuda and Motohama did a combination attack, Motohama stabbed Issei eyes, while Matsuda kicked Issei dry bones with a front kick.

"Fuuuu" Issei screamed as he fell while grasping his eyes and leg, "OY Fuckers, why did you…." Issei shout but was stopped when what is in front of him is not Matsuda and Motohama, but rather, a group of girls wearing their training uniform and with shinai on their hands and murder on their eyes, their faces looked like the face of an Ashura, ready to destroy anything and everything.

"What a brave guy you are Hyoudou...To actually do this"

"This is what I hate about a pervert like you"

"When I'm done with you, I make you wish you're never born"

" I'm gonna stick this Shinai where the sun doesn't shine"

"Now now girl, let's not be too hasty here," Issei said as he began to crawl backwards, fear in his eyes, his words slurred as the result of him being scared

The girl ignored him and just threw a simple smile, Issei felt dread at it. All of them began preparing their shinai, Issei just sobbed pathetically, accepting his fate.

[ For one who always prepares for anything, you sure were careless there partner ] The disembodied voice of Ddraig said towards Issei as he was standing on the passing bridge, his back turned towards the sun.

"Cut me some slack will you…that was the first Oppai that I saw that wasn't mangled, brutalized, or was attached to some eldritch horror, or even worse, on a girl who isn't out to kill me" Issei complained as he sighed, he looked up, the sky ever so began darkening.

Because of him getting caught, and subsequently get roughed up by the Kendo club, Issei was forced to clean the classroom alongside this, he needed to go to the infirmary to report his injuries, it didn't hurt that bad nor did it leave any injury, but he needed to do it nonetheless

For a while, the two of them says nothing, simply enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, the sounds of cars passing below them became therapeutic as time went on,

[A new presence is approaching, three am] Ddraig's sudden voice surprised Issei for a moment, he turned his head towards Ddraig direction and met face to face with a girl.

She was a cute girl, her long hair was let to flow freely into her hips, her violet eyes looked at Issei with surprise and her body were curvaceous, to say the least, she wore a school uniform that was foreign to Issei.

"Ano...You're Hyoudou Issei-san right?' The girl said with a shy expression, Issei on his part, was nervous, he smiled awkwardly

"Ah-Ah yes that is me," He said, voice trying not to crack while his smile became more awkward by the second

"Ano-Issei-Kun...Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked as she turned her head to the side, face blushing shyly, Issei on his part, began to lose control, his smile became harder to control.

"No-no I don't have a girlfriend," Issei said as he tried not to stutter too much. In his words, the girl's face turned into a happy one.

"Tha..that's great...Th-Then, WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME" The girl shouted the last part as if steeling herself to not lose her resolve.

Issei's smile is now in full swing, "O-OF COURSE! But...Who're you anyway" Issei replied ecstatically

"Ah-I'm Yumma, Yumma Amano"

Issei and Yumma talked for a while before exchanging contact numbers, as she left, Issei looked at her back until she was out of sight before he jumped happily

"WOO HOO! I got a girlfriend! Fuck you, god! I actually could get one!" issei shouted, as she began to happily dance in the middle of the bridge.

As Issei danced, his happiness was interrupted by the deadpanned voice of Ddraig [ I know you're happy and all...But you do know who she truly is right?]

Issei waved Ddraig concerned, "I know, but it doesn't change the fact, that she was the one who asked me," Issei said as she walked home, smile plastered on his face the entire time, though he never let the presence of a white-haired devil who's been observing him since Issei left school left his radar

[ You do know most likely, she'll try to kill you by the end of this date right ?]

"Shut up Ddraig, don't try to rain on my happiness you bastard, I'll show her the best date that she won't even think of killing me," Issei said as he thumped his chest,

[ That just sounds like you're sure she'll try to murder you ]





"Shut up."

[ Told you so ]

The exchange between him and Ddraig made Issei sigh as he tied his shoes, he wore a red shirt with his signature dark jacket over it, he also wore dark pants and his pride and joy, his brand new shoes that he had begged his mom to buy for him.

Issei began to recall the last few days, the day after confession, Issei and Yuuma walked together to their respective school, Matsuda and Motohoma who sees Issei with a girlfriend began to cry out in despair and was cursing Issei.

Issei on his part just laughed and told them it was karma for them leaving him to get beaten up, all in all, it was a good day, though Ddraig was absent the entire day, sulking when Issei don't heed his words, so the usual basically...

As they separate to head to their respective school, Yuuma asked Issei for a date this Saturday, which issei happily accepted, and now, it's currently Saturday, they agreed to meet up near the town fountain at ten am, but it's still only nine am, which meant Issei left the house an hour early

"Still...It will suck majorly if she truly tries to kill me, you know? I'm still a virgin after all, and plenty of my promises still left unfulfilled, so I won't get killed that easily….I think" Issei tried to reassure Ddraig who thought that it was foolish for Issei to even humour the idea of them dating.

As he began walking, Issei can't help but fantasize about his future with Yuuma, he can't help it alright, he never had a girlfriend before and this is the first time he even goes on a date, he had been asked by someone before, but Ise doesn't think a dominatrix whos date idea consists of S&M (which he doesn't oppose, don't get him wrong) or a stripper who wanted to "train" him because he has "potential" counts.

And now, Issei arrived thirty minutes earlier than the designated time, he felt nervous as he stood there, eyeing the surroundings with nothing out of the ordinary, including the same white-haired devil that had been observing him for the past weekend.

"Status Ddraig? Any abnormalities or some sort?" Issei asked his partner as he sat down on the fountain, truth be told, Issei magical detection abilities are subpar at most, don't get him wrong, detecting someone's presence based on their footstep, heartbeat or killer intent? Easy, ask him to detect someone's Magical reserve from ten meters away? On a good day, Issei could barely do it.

[Nothing out of the ordinary so far, no more mana than usual, no runes or spell placed nearby, speaking of which, right just as I said that, here comes an anomaly] Ddraig deadpanned as Issei turned to look where Ddraig told him to

"Contact us, and all your wishes will be granted." The woman in maid clothes said plainly as she gave Issei a flier, he knew what it was, but it didn't mean it didn't leave Issei surprised, "thanks?" Issei words sound more like a question than a statement.

"Issei-Kun!" A familiar voice of Yuuma alerted Issei as he turned around and saw Yuuma Amano run awkwardly, what's with the heels she's wearing, her awkward motions made some interesting motions, Issei can't help making his words turning into a perverted grinned though he managed to compose itself

"So-Sorry about that, were you waiting for long?" She asked as panted a bit "Ah, no, I actually just got here" Issei smiled as composedly as he could, inwardly though, he was high fiving himself, he always wanted to use that phrase after all.

"Then, shall we go Yuuma-Chan?" Issei smiled and offered Yuuma a hand, she giggled a bit before taking his hands "Let's go Ise-Kun" She said happily as they both walked together.

It was a happy albeit standard date, they went window shopping in the nearby mall, they ate at a cafe where Yuuma ordered parfait (which made Issei conjure up images that aren't wholesome), Issei even goes as far as to buy a gift for Yuuma, a violet bracelet.

Finally, it was dusk and it was near the end of the day and their date, Yuuma and Issei was walking to the park with the fountain, the same place where they promised to meet up,

"Nee Issei-Kun...Can I make a personal request to you?" Yuuma asked as she sat on the fountain while Issei was still standing, "this is it, the perfect end to our date" he thought incredulously as he imagined what her request could be "A kiss? Or even something great?! OWHH, I'm excited" though his body tensed a bit due to the killer instinct that she radiates

"Wh-Of course Yuuma-Chan, anything for you!" Issei smiled towards Yuuma, hearing his reply, Yuuma smile turned into a smirk

"Then...Can you die for me" the moment she said that she transformed, no longer wearing her attire before, instead, she now wore with what looked like leather bondage that somehow managed to cover her important parts, a black glove that reaches to her elbow adorned her arms accompanied by heels that looked so high Issei don't know how she doesn't fall, and finally, wings of raven colour sprouted from her back.

All in all, She looked like a fallen angel as well as an embodiment of a prepubescent boy fantasy, a spear of light formed on her hands as she rose her it, ready to be thrown towards Issei

Only to be met with empty air as Issei seems to have disappeared "WHAT!?" She shouted, flabbergasted as he somehow managed to evade her detection, she felt a hair on her back rises as she felt a presence behind her

"This sucks majorly….My first date and my date already tried to kill me….How much do you hate me god" Yuuma Or I suppose Raynare turned her body, her heart's thumping, how did he get to her behind without her noticing.

"That's right! Curse god because it is due to him that you will DIE!" She emphasised the last part hard as she threw her spear with her aim being Issei face, however, much to her dismay, Issei easily evades it, his entire body not even moving.

"What are you?" Raynare's voice is wary, a hint of disbelief in it as well?

"Me? Just a human" Issei said easily as if it was obvious

"Bullshit! No human can do what you just did" Raynare shouted, not being able to believe the fact that a human managed to dodge her spear or somehow managed to evade her

"Wha-How rude! I asked you honestly yet you doubted my sincerity!" Issei's eyes indicated offence at Yuuma's words "More importantly though, why try to kill me? It's not like I did anything to warrant this right?"

"You're too dangerous, you human, if you want to blame someone, blame god for putting a sacred gear inside of you," Yuuma said snarly as she prepared another spear of light and threw it once again towards Issei.

Issei sighed, he isn't fond of violence but he's sure as hell he's not planning to die just yet.

Moving his neck swiftly, Issei managed to dodge the spear by an inch once more, making Raynare baffled, before she could recover, Issei dashed towards her and grabbed her hands that's still stretched out from throwing.

With a practised movement, he grabbed the arms and sling it over his shoulder before slamming Raynare into the pavement with a grunt, putting his knees on Raynare spinal column, Raynare began to struggle furiously though unable to do anything due to the weight of Issei.

Issei sighed, he really didn't want to resort to violence, especially killing, but his options are becoming more and more limited, by this point, he might have to "silence" the fallen angel

"Ddraig what should I do? I'm not fond of killing….lord knows I've done enough of that for a lifetime" Issei smiled sardonically at his own words, eyes reminiscing of a scene only he saw.

[Hmm, what about erasing her memories? That could work doesn't it?]

"Might be...What about if she has to give a report though? Wouldn't the farce fall apart then?' Issei tilted his head, he tried to think of the problem several ways but didn't find any way to do it whatsoever.

[What about memory manipulation? That could solve the problems after all] Ddraig suggestion made Issei opened his eyes and smiled,

" Ddraig, you're a genius," Issei said as he turned his head downwards towards the still struggling Raynare, her eyes bloodshot and killer intent radiating from her body.

"Who the fuck you were talking to, you piece of shit" Rayanare voice is filled with venom, Issei sighed, hard to believe that just hours ago, she and he were on a perfect date

"Now Yuuma-chan, Sit still and be obedient alright" Issei whispered to Rayanare who seemed to take offence to that, she tried to divert her head but was useless as Issei easily grabbed it and started running a magic circle.

For a moment, nothing seemed to have happened, but as the magic circle spun and began shining, Raynare was knocked out, smiling, Issei released his hold and tidy himself up, he scans the surrounding aura with the help of Ddraig, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, even the white-haired devil was gone, taking the summoning parchment from his pocket, he throws it to the pavement.

"Now then...This ought to be interesting" Issei said amusingly as he stood up and began walking away, a smile on his face and an amusing glint on his eyes as he walked away.

The room was tense, a heavy atmosphere lingered, none of them moved a muscle, waiting patiently for the moments that never seemed to come. Yuuto could see that his master, Rias Gremory, trembled a bit as she realized what happened.

"So he didn't activate it," she said strongly as she crossed her arms, regret and guilt clear on her tone, she sighed, looking melancholic as she did so "Akeno, inform Sona of what just happened, let them do what must be done"

She looked up to the ceiling, her eyes distant, her head must be filled with thoughts Yuuto wouldn't be able to comprehend, what he did manage to comprehend, however, is that a life was lost today, and his master blamed herself for it.

"Yuuto, Koneko, you may go home now, please leave me to my thoughts, I would like to be alone for now," She said with a fake smile that Yuuto knows all too well, he wore the same smile every day after all

Yuuto and Koneko nodded each other before walking home, before closing the door, Yuuto looked to his master once more, and see a single tear trailing down his cheek, biting his lip, Yuuto closed the door, he sighed, deciding to head to one of the areas designated for training, he needs to clear off some steam.

Issei walked slowly to his classroom, knowing that he would be late nonetheless, he yawned, making sure that Yuuma, or Issei suppose Raynare, there is nothing wrong with the fake memory he implanted into her took a while after all.

Sighing, he reached the classroom door, numerous scenarios involving punishment revolved around his head, each one managing somehow to be worse than before, he sighed, steeling his resolve, Issei opened the classroom door before closing it "Sorry I'm late Sensei" he said apologetically.

"Hy-Hyoudou?" His classroom teacher said with wide eyes, his mouth and body began trembling, signs of unbelief and nervousness, looking at the others, Issei saw the same expression on the other students of the classroom.

"Wh-What's wrong sensei?" Issei said unsurely, "Did I do something wrong?" Issei scanned the room once more and his eyes widened when he saw a vase filled with a flower placed on his desk, looking back to his sensei once more he asked "Sensei….What?"


The voice of the door opened quickly and with full force surprised Issei, looking behind him, he saw the one and only, the most beautiful girl on Kuoh (and Issei would argue, the world) Rias Gremory herself, she scanned the room until her eyes landed on Issei, her eyes reminded Issei of a predator whom just laid her eyes on her prey.

"Come with me" And with that incomprehensible word, Rias grabbed Issei by his collar before walking away, stunning everybody and everything, including Issei himself, his brain and mind went blank at the absurdity of the situation, and he went through a lot of absurdity.

Part 2.

Issei was silent as he sat on the couch, his eyes wandered around the room, it was spacious albeit a little too old-styled for Issei, numerous pieces of furniture filled the room, on the other couch sat the other members of the occult research member.

It was lunchtime and he could hear the distant sounds of people enjoying their free time, meanwhile, Issei was dragged here by the great Rias Gremory herself, Issei wanted to protest but decided otherwise.

Rias Gremory herself excused herself after they arrived and told Issei to make himself at home which he did after some time of nervousness, he was alone when the door opened and judging from the footsteps, three people walked in. Issei dared not to find out who it was until two of the three people walked to the couch to his right and began sitting while the other walked away to an unknown area.

On his right saw two people, one of them is a petite young woman with white hair and golden eyes, Issei recognized her, she was the one who was keeping an eye on him the last few days after Raynare faked dating him, she sat in silence as she nibbles on snacks, her eyes seemed to solely focus on the snack though Issei managed to catch her eyeing him quite sometimes.

The girl named is Koneko Toujo, one of the beauties of Kuoh, and possibly a Youkai if Ddraig words are to be trusted (and he is who Issei trust the most)

Beside her is a refreshing young man named Yuuto Kiba, possibly the most hated man and the most loved man in Kuoh, the former of course by the male while the latter because of the female, he sat there with a refreshing smile that matches his appearance, he has a blonde hair and blue eyes filled with kindness, Issei managed to hide his irritation at him, of course, he would, he is one of the Bishounens after all, and to say Issei is not envious of the amount of attention he received would be lying.

"Issei-Kun...Would you like some tea" A voice asked and Issei managed to not lost his composure at the beauty that is Himejima Akeno, one whose beauty many said to match Rias Gremory, her busty body coupled with those long black hair and eyes makes her the perfect Yamato Nadeshiko beauty,

"Ah ye-yes senpai, I would like a tea" Issei tried to not become a flustering mess as he accepted the offer, Issei being flustered though seemed to interest Akeno who smiled and pour out a tea

Issei sips on the tea as the voice of showering, a sound that Issei has been trying to ignore for the past thirty minutes, stopped and Rias Gremory stepped in.

"Forgive me for taking a shower Use, It's just that I simply adore showering" She smiled kindly towards Issei who can't help but blushed at the sight of newly bathed Rias Gremory, the tips of her hair still dripping with water.

To Issei right, she could hear Akeno chuckling for reasons unknown to him "Ah it's alright Gremory-Senpai, I don't mind" he smiled while biting the inside of his mouth, trying to not turn his smile into a perverted grin.

"That's good to hear isn't it," She said as she walked towards her seat and sat down on it, she left out a whimper of enjoyment as she made herself at home in her chair.

For a moment it was silent, Issei had an inkling as to what they wanted to talk about but he refrains from talking about it, he rather not involve himself with the supernatural again so soon.

"Issei Hyoudou, I want to ask you a question" Rias Gremory asked with a polite yet strict voice, Issei jumped a bit, jumping to his attention.

"What do you know about the supernatural" Rias asked and stare at Issei directly to his eyes, he knew what she was doing, Kinesics or the study of body language are amongst the first thing Issei learned from that school after all and it also meant that Issei is equipped with ways of dealing with it.

"Just tidbit here and there' issei said as he shrugged his shoulder, he knew it was futile, sooner or later, they would find, maybe they even already knew of his background, still thought, it's worth a try.

"Then do you know about Devil, Angel and Fallen Angel?" Rias continued her question, Issei inwardly amused since she told him not thirty seconds ago that she will ask him one question, but I digress.

"Yeah, I guess"

At his reply, Rias Buchou began standing up followed by the others, even Akeno-Senpai began gathering in front of him, all of them staring at him.

"Then are you surprised to learn that we are the devil" and with that, all of them revealed their identity, a dark bat wing sprouted from their back, each has differing size depending on their body, the largest one is owned by Rias

"So this is a devil wing...First time I ever see one" Issei said as he observed the wings, a half-truth, he has already seen the old wings, but the new ones are different.

"So I take it that you have seen devils before?'

"Meet a few, talk a few times, the work" Issei shrugged his shoulder, Rias on her part seemed to continue a question until the bell signalling the end of the break could be heard.

"Sorry Gremory-Senpai, as much as I would like to talk more, I rather not miss my other class," Issei said apologetically as he gathered his bag and began walking away, waving to them as he left the room.

[Well then...That was did you do it?]

"Ddraig, I learned from a young age that the art of bullshitery is one of the most important things that I need to learn" Issei chuckled as he picked up a manga. He is currently in the convenience store near school, easily bypassing the security, after all, a four-meter wall are nothing to him. he was tempted to come back to class but he felt like it would be a major pain to explain to his classmate what were the Rias Gremory wanted with him.

[Still, They are the devils, and their kind are the type to relentlessly chase something when they set their eyes on it, do you have a plan to do that?] Ddraig question was left with only a sigh by Issei "I'll deal with it when I met with it."

[So...Deal with it when you met with it?] Ddraig amusingly said as Issei dodge a spear of light.

"Shut up you overgrown lizard," Issei said as he dodged another light spear by bending his neck.

He was walking home from the convenience store and was enjoying the peace and quietness, when suddenly, the air changed, it was so subtle that ordinary people wouldn't even bat an eye on it, but it definitely changed. Issei sent a glance at the source of it and saw a man walking in front of him in a trench coat, his face hidden by the fedora

"What? I thought Raynare killed you already" the man said as he narrowed his eyes to Issei, his icy blue eyes the only part of his face that's visible

"I didn't think this through didn't I?"

"Bah, whatever, I'm just gonna kill you myself then," The man said as he materialized a spear of light and charged towards Issei, killer intent radiating off him and his spear ready to stab Issei.

The moment the man charged, Issei changed, he instinctively lowered his centre of gravity, his body tensed and his eyes focused themselves on the threat presented on him.

As for Dohnaseek, he didn't notice the change in the boy, his mind filled with thoughts of killing a human after so long, as his spear was about to pierce his heart, the world around Dohhnasek turned upside down.

Dohhnassek couldn't comprehend it until a sudden pain and a disgusting sound was heard from his left shoulder, he finally realized what happened, he was grabbed and slammed by the boy at such speed that he didn't comprehend it.

And now, the boy is sitting on his back while he was face forward in the pavement, his eyes looked at him unemotionally, a knee on his right shoulder ready to dislocate it and his forearms pressed into his nape, holding him down.

"GET OFF ME!" Dohhnassek tried to struggle and stood up, only to realize his effort was futile, the blood circulation to his brain was becoming more and more limited. In a desperate attempt, Dohnaseek made a spear of light with his left hand that was broken and threw it at the boy.

Surprisingly, the attack worked, Issei jumped backwards, releasing his hold on Dohnaseek and leaping backwards, his eyes still looking ready to kill. Dohanseek struggled to stand up, his breathing harsh and his body hurting all over the place, despite that, he still looked ready to kill Issei.

Until a magical circle, Issei didn't know what crest it was but he had a guess, and his guess was confirmed when Rias Gremory along with her peerage arrived through the magical circle.

Looking at them with poison in his eye, Dohnaseek looked at Issei, " My name is Dohnaseek, remember me you filthy human, I'm going to murder you" He snarled at Issei who looked unfazed by him, Dohanseek formed a magical circle and teleported away.

Issei sighed as the tension left his body, he checked his body, no anomaly, no spiked on his aura of power nor does his right-hand twitching uncontrollably, looks like the seal is still holding on, which is a good thing.

"Issei-Kun...What happened here?" Rias Gremory asked the boy who looked deep in thoughts, though her question awoke him from his thought, looking around the area, Issei could see blood splatter on the place he was fighting

"No idea Gremory-Senpai...I see you tomorrow" Issei said with a fake smile as he scurried away, trying to get away from the devils as fast as possible.

"Hey Matsuda, Motohoma" Issei greeted them as he sits on the chair and looped his head on the desk, sighing tiredly

"What's up with yesterday man? You never came back after you got dragged by Gremory, fuck you by the way" Matsuda said as he placed a chair beside Issei desk and sit on it, Motohama nodded as he sits on the chair in front of him.

Issei throw a glance at the classroom and sees that the other was listening on their conversation, the male population especially, Issei wanted to cry but he held it in

"Yeah man, got us horrified with your death news, don't do that again" Matsuda nodded while Issei smiled, happy that these two at least got his back

"Nothing dude...she's just curious, she told me as an occult fan she wanted to know all the detail that happened between my supposed, which is idiotic, death and me coming back o life like some sort of Jesus" Issei shrugged his shoulder, he prepared this explanation the moment he got dragged off by Rias-Senpai.

"Like hell, you're like Jesus, you're more like a zombie what's with your brain dead and all" Matsuda snarked and laughed while Issei got offended and they began arguing

"By the way, You still wanna watch what I show you last week? You never got to watch it after all" Motoham asked Issei and was unnerved when he got glared at by Issei

"THAT'S BECAUSE OF YOU IDIO.." Issei words were cut off when the sounds of the door being opened were heard across the room, and a girl walks in, suddenly, the entire classroom was silent, how could they not, Rias Gremory herself are here in the flesh.

Rias thought looked uncaring as she scanned the room and stopped when her eyes met with Issei, walking with a firm step, she grabbed Issei collars and began dragging him off, meanwhile, Issei is still dumbfounded by the situation.

"WHAT THE FUCK ISSEI YOU TRAITOR" Matsuda shouted as Issei finally processed what just happened, he looked at Rias who's still dragging him

"Um...Do I have a choice in this?" Issei asked quietly but was met with an eerily cheery smile of Rias "Nope"

Issei sighed, surrendering to his fate, he just hope it won't take long, he still wanna watch that after all.

"Ise...I would like you to join my club" Rias Gremory announce while the other members just sat there in silence. Issei sighed as he already expected this conversation

"No than-Wait the club?" Issei answered before noticing the difference between what he expected and what Rias said

"Yes, the Occult Research Club, I want you to join it" Rias confirmed while Issei began to think thoroughly, he didn't expect this and he's definitely not prepared for any of this.

"Why the club...exactly?"

"Because you wouldn't want to join my peerage correct?" Rias got the answer when Issei just diverted his head, unwilling to match his gaze, at his action, Rias sighed

"Listen Issei, while it is true that us devil are greedy by nature, I wouldn't stoop so low that I would force people to join my peerage forcefully,

" Rias Gremory said while only what Issei can describe as pouting, hearing her words, Issei eyes widened and he matches Rias gaze once more

Issei didn't see any malicious intent nor any underlying meaning under those gazes, all the thing she just said is genuine, looking at those eyes, Issei chuckled, "Ddraig...I'm about to do something that you might call idiotic...but I'm interested" Issei said to Ddraig who just sighed in annoyance, resigning

[Didn't we promised partner...Partner till death]

Issei smiled as he heard those words "Thank you for the offer Gremory-Senpai...I'll happily accept" Rias smiled, eyes filled with happiness

"In that case...Welcome to the Occult Research Club, Issei" Rias said as she offered him a handshake

"Glad to be here Buchou" Issei grinned and returned the handshake

Hello everybody, thank you all for reading the first chapter of this High School DxD fanfiction, if you notice, this fanfic is heavily inspired by 'Past Best Forgotten" by Paynis, I apologize for any grammatical error that I overlook, also, this fanfic will post daily up to chapter 6 (The latest chapter posted in, until then, I'll see you later