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Chapter 2. The human and the Nun.

Part 1

Issei walked calmly through the lonely street, his mind and body enjoying the cold breeze of the night as he lowly hummed a melody only he himself knew.

School had long passed, in fact, it was already nearing midnight, after Issei declaration that he is joining the ORC, he was welcomed by the other members warmly and was given an explanation on how the devils work


"So Issei-Kun, while you are not a part of my peerage, I feel like it is still my duty as the president of the occult research club to tell you how we devils operate" Rias calmly explained as she pulls a whiteboard of nowhere.

Issei nodded and focused his attention on the whiteboard, intently watching Buchou as she opens a marker and cleared her throat

"My peerage and I start our day after school, this is because, during the night, we devil able to better focus our power. As a devil, it is our job to fulfil the desire of human who called upon us."

"In the topic of desire, we have our own distinctive type of contract, for example, Yuuto here are usually called upon by midwives or widower who wanted someone to listen to them" Issei throw a jealous glance at Kiba who simply chuckled and scratch the back of his head

"Koneko here are usually called upon for reasons such as cosplay or photoshoot, don't worry, the contract that we do aren't sexual in nature so you can rest easy" Rias added the last part when she saw a perverted shine on Issei who quickly subside after hearing the last part.

Rias then continued on, explaining about the other two biblical factions as well as the great war and the cease-fire that followed it due to the action of a certain two heavenly dragons that Issei knew all too well.

All the while, Issei listened to this without interrupting, he knew all of this, of course, he even already met with the other members of Grigori and heaven, but it is not wrong to listen to an explanation given by others.

"That's just about it, if you have an example please feel free to ask Ise and I will happily answer them," Rias said as she pushes the board away and turned her attention to Issei who looked deep in thought.

"Umm...Buchou, Sona-Senpai ad the student council are also a devil right?" Issei timidly ask which surprised Rias, she didn't expect him to know about that, then again, it does make sense for someone like him to manage to detect devils

"Yes Ise-Kun, this town, Kuoh, are under me and Sona jurisdiction, it is our duty to protect this city from any harm that may befall this city or its inhabitant" Rias confirmed Issei who nodded

"Then what's the deal with those fallen angels? Aren't they...I don't know, let you guys know if they come here or something?" Issei asked uncertainly which made Rias sighed.

"Technically speaking, it is within the rights of a fallen angel to guard and protect any abandoned church as it is their jurisdiction, and since the abandoned church is in the skirt of the city, it is hard for us to force our own desire without sparking some sort of conflict" Rias explained as she sensed a headache forming, she didn't need these fallen angel messing with her city, not with the looming threat of her engagement.

"Well then Issei-Kun, since we have done our part in explaining about ourselves, care to share some things about yourself?" Rias question drew the attention of others who quickly focused their attention at issei

" sacred gears right Buchou" Issei smiled curtly, he knew this is bound to happen, though not so soon like this.

With a sigh, Issei clasped his hands together "Sorry buchou, but my sacred gears aren't exactly something I wanted to show you guys, though I can tell you guys about it" Issei answer made Rias widened her eyes, she didn't expect him to refuse her like this.

"Care to explain to use what's the wrong with it Ise?" Rias continued, trying not to let her irritation get to her tone.

"Well...Let's just say that there is some circumstance that prevents me from using my sacred gears freely" Issei scratched his head nervously, sensing his discomfort, Rias sighed and decided to not press the issue further.

"But you said that while you aren't gonna show us what it is, you're gonna tell us what it is" Akeno said suddenly while Rias throw her an irritated glance "Exactly as Akeno said...THen care to tell us what it is Issei?"

Issei sighed, he knew that his peaceful life this past one year will come to an end the moment he revealed this and all the countermeasure he took to protect it will be gone, but then again...he isn't a man if he back down from his own words

Thus. Issei opened his mouth, intent on explaining his sacred gear while not telling them anything beyond that.

Flashback end

Issei smiled as the memory resurfaced, reaching the gate to his house, Issei noticed that the lights are still on even though it's nearing midnight.

Slowly, Issei opened the front door and muttered "I'm home" as he walked inside and saw a light on the living room.

"Oh Issei, you're home? Welcome home" His mother smiled kindly as she waved to him, seeing her, Issei irked a bit before replying with a smile of his own

"It's almost midnight mom...Why are you still here" Issei sighed as she looked at the tv that is still on and saw that it was displaying the favourite movie of his parents.

"Where's father? He's asleep isn't he?" Issei asked as he took the remote from the coffee table and turned off the TV while his mother just sighed

"Yeah...He was waiting for you to have diner together you know…" When he heard those words, Issei immediately feel bad, muttering a low "sorry" which made his mother giggle

"Oh don't feel too bad Issei, you know how it is, you're in the middle of your youth anyway, you ought to experience it to the fullest" His mother just waved his concern freely as she stood up

"I'm going to bed Issei, there's some leftover in the fridge if you're hungry, otherwise, get some sleep, you're going to need it" She said as she walked past Issei and began walking upstairs

"Yeah...Oh and mom…" issei words made his mother turned her attention to him once more "Is...I joined a club...And I might be running home late these that alright," he said flustered, something that is unusual for him to say the least.

His mother widened her eyes for a moment before breaking into a smile " It's alright Issei, though please remember to wear protection alright" and with that she walked upstairs, completely ignoring the blushing issei who tried to protest.

Issei sighed as the sounds of the door opening and closing could be heard, Issei walked to the kitchen but found that he's not hungry, deciding to not make his stomach hurt by overeating, Issei just walked to his room.

His room is a small one, with various poster as well as collector's item scattered around the room, Issei though, had no desire to clean it up, plopping himself in the bed and making himself comfortable, Issei conscious soon went adrift.

Part 2

Issei POV

The next day, it was after the regular school, as well as the club activities, have ended.

I was walking the road while staring at the road, I mindlessly walked as I kicked the pebble continuously for no purpose other than to humour myself.

Buchou beautiful face has been getting more and more tired these days but when asked, she will simply smile and told there is nothing is wrong.

It felt bad to sees someone getting burdened by something and yet there is nothing you can do to help them. Gripping my left arm once more, I could sense the Boosted gear power pulsing just underneath my skin, ready to materialize with but a simple thought.

"Damn it…" I thought to myself as I sighed and looked up from the road again.


Hmm? A sudden voice.

At the same time, I heard the voice come from behind me, I also heard something drop to the ground.

When I turned around, there was a Sister on the floor.

She's spreading her arms wide open and had her face on the ground. That certainly is a clumsy way of falling down.

"…A-Are you okay?"

I approached the Sister and offered her my hand so she can stand up.

"Auu. Why do I keep on tripping over… Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you very much~."

Judging from her voice, she's young. Is she the same age as me?.

As I take her hand to lift her up, suddenly, a breeze of wings that I can only think is a gift from heaven itself went blowing.

As the wind travels, it blew the sister veil and unravel it, letting me see her face underneath it.

Her green eyes captivated me at first sight, it was warm and gentle, the feeling it gave of is one that likes the hearth.

"Anoo...Is there something wrong?" The sister timidly asked in a weird broken Japanese with an accent that I recognize as Italian.

"N-Nothing is wrong hehe" I hid my grin to myself as I walked and picked up her veil.

There's no way I can't tell her that I'm attracted by her, her blonde hair that reaches to her waist, her warm eyes and aura that reminded me of the hearth. I was captivated by her

"Ar-Are you a traveller perhaps? A missionary?" I asked her in English as I gave her her veil back"

"It's nothing like that, I have been assigned to the church of this area, also, Thank you for picking up my veil" she replied in fluent English as she received her veil

"Is that so...Want me to guide you there?" I smiled, there's no way in hell I'm going to let this chance to accompany a beautiful girl like her escape my grasp.

"Y-You do! T-Thank you~! This is all thanks to God!"

She smiles at me with tears flowing from her eyes. She's really cute,.

But I can't help but feel a bad premonition from this sister circumstances, call it instinct or gut feeling, but it is simply weird for a sister to be assigned to a church of this area that is already abandoned.

As we walked while conversion in English, we walked past a park, looking at the part, it gave me nostalgia, me and my best friend Rin used to play here all the time.

I and the sister were in silence as it seemed we both have our own thought when a sudden cry of pain broke my train of thoughts.

"Are you alright Yosh-Kun?" A mother said as she walked to a boy who seemed to have tripped and scraped his knee


Sister went inside the park and went towards the boy who was sitting down and crying.

I also followed the Sister.

"Are you okay? Boys shouldn't cry over a minor injury like this."

Sister pats the boy's head gently.

The boy probably didn't understand what she was saying, but she has a very kind expression. The Sister put her palm where the boy has injured himself.

.The next moment, I was in shock. A green light orb appears from her palm and was flashing onto the boy's knee.

What's that? Demonic powers? Buchou said that it can only be used by Devils and someone related to Devils so it can't be. Magic? But I didn't saw any magical circle nor Ddraig said that sister used any of her magical power

As I looked carefully, the wound where the light touched seemed to closed up bit by bit, and then I finally realized that it was sacred gear, though this is the first time I saw a healing sacred gear.

The boy's mother is in shock. Anyone who saw something unimaginable would have a similar reaction.

"Here, your wounds are now healed. The pain should be gone now."

The Sister pats the boy's head and looks at me.

"I'm sorry, but I had to."

She laughs while sticking her tongue out.

The boy's mother, who was shocked before, shook her head then grabs the boy's hand so they could leave quickly.

"Thank you, Onee-chan!"

The boy's words. Words of gratitude yet the sister only smiled apologetically as it seemed she didn't understand what the boy's word meant.

"He said, thank you Onee-chan."

She smiles happily after I translated for her.

"…That power…"

"Yes, it's the power to heal. It's a wonderful power that God gave me."

She looks a bit sad, even though she's smiling.

Somehow it seems like she has some dark past or something.

I probably shouldn't get too deep into it, everybody has something that they don't want others to know after all.

It's not the right time for me to say "Actually, I have a Sacred Gear as well!". It's an unusual power, and maybe some people may suffer because of it, and that is something that I know all too well myself.

Our conversation ends there, and we continued walking towards the Church in silence.

We reached an old Church after walking for a few minutes.

Yeah, the only Church I know of is this one. It's just as old as I remember,.

This church has been abandoned ever since Rin and her parents left, I think the last people who used it were Rin parents who are affiliated with the church.

Understandable really, most of the people of Kuoh after all followed Shintoism or are in he agnostic or atheistic, simply put, they don't really believe in god.

"Yes, this is the place! I'm so glad."

Sister shows a sigh of relief after having compared our location with the map she has which shows the same place marked with a star.

I shouldn't stay here any longer, it's getting dark so I should be going now.

It's a waste to say goodbye to a beauty like her, but I'm affiliated with the devil while she is a nun and is a member of the church.

"Then I'll be on my way."

"Please wait!"

I say my farewell and tried to leave, but the Sister's words stop me.

"I would like to make you some tea as gratitude for taking me here—"

"Oh, I'm in a rush so I have to get going."

"…But that's…"

She's troubled.

She probably wants to make me some tea to show her gratitude,. It's a shame, but I have to refuse.

"My name is Hyoudou Issei. Everyone around me calls me Ise, so you can call me Ise as well. What's your name?"

When I gave her my name, she responded with a smile.

"My name is Asia Argento! Please call me Asia!"

"Then, Sister Asia, let's meet again."

"Yes! Ise-san, I'll definitely come and see you!"

Asia bows her head down.

I left after waving goodbye towards her. She watched me until I was out of her sight.

I understood that she's a good girl, and precisely because of that, Me and her shouldn't meet anymore, she belongs in the light, while I belong in the dark.

I smiled sardonically as I walked home

Part 3

It's been three days since I met with sister Asia, it is night time already and We are in n outside of the abandoned factory located in the outskirt of the town,

"Sorry, Buchou...I don't really understand...What are we doing here" I asked Buchou who's walking in front of me, only stopping when she's near the door of the building.

"We, Issei, are here to do one of our jobs, that is, to exterminate stray devils" she explained to Issei who tilted his heads, trying to remember what stray devils are.

"I wanted to use this opportunity to explain [Evil Piece] as well as its trait"

"[Evil...Pieces]?" Issei asked, he knew that it was used as a tool for high ranking devil to reincarnated someone into becoming a devil themself.

"A long time ago, after the great war has ceased and the cease-fire has been signed, the devil was left with realizing the damage the war has brought" Akeno-san answered as she walked to my right

"I heard that most of the pure Devils passed away in the war. Even after the war, there are still problems between the Devils, Fallen Angels and God. Even though the Fallen Angels' and God's side lost most of their troops as well, we're still in a position where we can't let our guard down, or else we'll be in trouble." Kiba smiled as he appeared and continued on Akeno-san explanation

Buchou who nodded to the explanation of Kiba and Akeno-san then continued their explanation

"Devils with Peerage decided to apply the traits of the human's game "Chess" to their Servant Devils. But we'll leave that aside for now. Devils who are masters are a [King]. In our case, that's me. From there, they created 5 special traits that consist of [Queen], [Knight], [Rook], [Bishop] and [Pawn]. Since they couldn't make an army, they decided to have a small number of Devils and give them enormous powers. This system was created within the past few hundred years, and has unexpectedly become popular amongst Devils with peerage."

"Popular? You mean the Chess rule?"

"They started to compete against each other. For example like, "My Knight is stronger!", or "No, my Rook is stronger!" As a result, High-class Devils started to play a game like that of Chess against each other using their Servant Devils. We call it the "Rating Game". Anyway, this game became very popular amongst the Devils to the point that there are even tournaments for it. The strength of their [Pieces] and also how strong they are at the game affects a Devils' social position and their peerage. There's a thing called [Piece Collect] where they gather humans with talents and make them into their [Pieces]. It's grown very popular recently, talented servants become a symbol to match their status."

"Umm...In short, does that mean there's a game of fighting between the devils? Then does Buchou have fought in the game?" I asked as I began to process the massive amount of information

"I'm not a matured Devil yet, so I can't participate in the official tournament. Even if I could, there are things that I need to go through, or else I can't play. In short, Ise and my other servants here won't be participating in a game for a while."

"So does that mean that Kiba and the others haven't played yet?"


Kiba answered my question.

I hummed to myself, unexpectedly, it seemed that the devils' world is more complex and sophisticated than I initially thought.

"Then..The stray devil is.." I said as I began to catch the meaning of a stray devil

"Correct, Stray devil is one who has escaped from his of her master peerage without any agreement made by the two of them or because they have killed their own master, simply put, they are treated as criminal" Rias nodded as she said so

"COME OUT! We know you're here" Buchou announced out loud as the sounds reverberated across the room. At first, there was nothing, but then, sounds of thumping began to be heard across the room

"I smell blood...I smell destruction" The feminine voice repeatedly said as it's getting closer. "Is it sweet? Is it sour? I wanna taste it" the voice began to sounds closer and closer all the while laughing manically

When the voice came really close, a topless woman appeared from the darkness, I immediately saw her Oppai and recorded it for my memory, "Thank you for the memory" I internally thanked her

Until the rest of her body, monster and all, appeared, I immediately felt my stomach drop…" Did I...did I just have thoughts about that monster…" I thought as I looked to my hands in disbelief

[Gahahahahaha….Huh...Don't worry partner...At least this time you're the one who starts the imagination not the other way around] Ddraig laughed at Issei misfortune as he brought up the time Issei got pushed down by an Arachne.

"Ddraig I'm going to strangle you" I glared at my left hand as I sensed Ddraig laughing once more.

Leaving your master's side and rampaging as you please definitely deserves death. In the name of Duke Gremory, I will gladly eliminate you!"

"You're cunning for a little girrrrrrl! I'll rip your body, and dye it red just like your haaaaaaair!"

The monster barks, but Buchou just laughs with her nose.

"Grunts sure do speak in a stylish manner. Yuuto!"



Kiba, who was near me, sprints ahead as soon as Buchou gives him an order. He's insanely fast, I almost can't see his move

"Ise, I'll continue the lecture from before," Buchou said as she raised her index finger

"Yuuto's position is [Knight], its trait is speed. Those who become a [Knight] have their speed increased."

Just like Buchou said, Kiba's speed continually increase until he moves like a blur. I still can feel his presence though.

The monster used its spear to attack, but it didn't seem like it'll hit as Yuuto continually o evade it easily.

"And Yuuto's ultimate weapon is swords."

Kiba stopped and was suddenly holding onto a European sword. He took it out of the scabbard, and the drawn sword reflected the moonlight.


Kiba suddenly disappeared again. The next moment, the monster's scream echoed.


When I looked, both of its arms were cut from its torso along with the spear. Blood gushed out of its wound.

"This is Yuuto's power. Speed that you can't follow with your eyes, and the sword skills of a professional. By combining these two, he becomes the fastest Knight."

There's a shadow near the monster's legs… Wait! That's Koneko-chan!

"Next is Koneko. She's a [Rook]. The trait of a Rook is its—" Buchou said as she raised another finger.

"Damn inseeeeeeeeect!"


The enormous monster tries to stomp on Koneko-chan!

K-Koneko-chan! Hey, she's in trouble—

But the monster's foot didn't hit the ground. It wasn't able to stomp completely.


The girl with a tiny body is lifting up the monster's foot.

"The trait of a [Rook] is simple. Absolute strength, and also very high defence. It's impossible for a Devil with that calibre to stomp on Koneko. It can't crush her."


Koneko-chan completely lifts up the monster.


She jumps high and punches into the monster's stomach very sharply.


The monster's enormous body gets thrown backwards.

That enormous monster went flying with just one punch! As expected of a youkai who got her strength enchanted with evil pieces huh.

"Lastly, Akeno."

"Yes, Buchou. Ara ara, what should I do?"

Akeno-san laughs as she walked towards the monster lying on the ground after being hit by Koneko-chan.

"Akeno is a [Queen], the strongest one after me. She's the unbeatable Vice-president of our club who has all the traits of [Pawn], [Knight], [Bishop], and [Rook].


The monster stares at Akeno-san who makes a fearless laugh after seeing the monster's gaze.

"Ara ara seems like you still have some energy left in you. Then how about this?"

Akeno-san puts her hands towards the sky.


The next instant, the sky sparkled, and a lightning bolt struck down on the monster.


The monster gets electrified violently.

Its entire body gets burnt and smoke is coming out from it.

"Ara ara looks like you still have some energy in you, you can take more."

The monster was electrified again. It already sounds like it's dying.

Even so, Akeno-san strikes down a third lightning bolt.

Her face, as she struck down the lightning bolt, looks scary and cold even though she's smiling.

Uwaah. She's enjoying it… laughing as well. Somehow I can sense something is off about Akeno-San

[ Doesn't that girl remind you of...]

"QUIET you overgrown lizard...Don't remind me of her" I cut off Ddraig muttering, yeah, I really don't want to mess with Akeno-San

"Akeno excels at attacks using demonic powers. She can use natural elements like lightning, ice, and fire, and most of all, she's the ultimate sadist."

Buchou confesses as if it's nothing while I bat my eyes to the side, not wanting to see Akeno-san gaze which shows happiness.

"Usually, she's very kind, but once the battle starts, she won't stop until she calms down."

"…Uuu, I feel like Akeno-San is pretty scary."

"You don't have to be afraid Ise, Akeno is very kind to comrades, so it's not a problem. She even said that you're cute. Next time, let her spoil you. She'll definitely hug you kindly."

"Ufufufufufufufu. How much of my lightning can you take? Right, monster-san? You still can't die yet, okay? The one who finishes you off will be my master. Ohohohohohohoho!"

…Buchou, I'm getting very scared of the girl in front of me laughing very loudly...

I thought she was the one with the most common sense…

For a few minutes, Akeno-san's lightning attacks continued.

After she calmed down, Buchou confirmed it and nodded her head.

Buchou approached the monster that had already lost its will to fight.

She put her hand towards the monster.

"Any last words?"

Buchou asked.

"Kill me."

That's the only thing the monster says.

"Then disappear."

A cruel reply. Buchou's voice gave me the chills.

A gigantic black mass of demonic power shot out from Buchou's palm.

It's so big that it covers the monster's entire body.

The mass of demonic power devours its body. When the demonic power disappears, so did the monster's body.

Just like Buchou said, it disappeared.

Confirming that, Buchou let out a sigh.

"It's over, good work everyone."

Buchou says to the club members as everyone returned back to their usual selves. So the "Stray Devil" hunt is over, huh?

The fate for the Stray Devils. I don't know what to say. That thing left its master's side because it had something on its mind…

"Wait a minute Buchou...You explained to me about the [Rook] [Knight] and the [Queen], but what about the others? Like [Pawn] and [Bioshop]?" I asked as I remembered the explanation.

Buchou smiled at me as if she's proud, "We'll talk about that another time Issei, we have gone through enough for the night don't you think thought I do hope we can see you fighting in another occassion" Her smile radiates kindness as she snapped her finger and a magical circle appeared which took us to the club room once more

Part 4

"[Evil Piece} huh" I muttered as I walked the street late at night, my thoughts circling around and thinking about the knowledge I have regarding the devil faction.

From how Buchou explained the underworld and how it operates. It made me realize just how little I knew about the devil faction when compared to the Grigori or Heaven.

For heaven, I already meet them on several occasion, since the church also participates in the subjugation of monster and the protection of human, I and they have team-up quite a number of times in the past.

For Grigori, it was less of cooperation and more of like Non-aggression, since Grigori houses sacred gear users and even house Vali and Tobio-san, me and them while are not in the friendly term but are at least cordial.

Which brings the devil. In the past, the devils that I meet can be categorized as stray devils, or insane devils, which is why, I was shocked and even surprised at how the devils society truly works, which involve a lot more peace and a lot less fighting.

This also brings another question, why did Raynare want to kill me, If Grigori hasn't changed their leader, then Azazel-Sensei would definitely condone the killing of a sacred gear user.

"Ddraig...Got any idea?"

[Your guess is as good as mine Partner...They most likely are a rogue fallen angel and are in another faction different than that of Azazel]

I sighed as my thoughts began to become dull due to how much I continued to mull over the problem when I felt something changed in the air as he passed a house, it was subtle, but a barrier was definitely just been placed here.

I looked up to the house, There are no sounds here, and from the window, I could see a low lamp still on in front of the TV.

A bad premonition came over me, I walked towards the front door and began opening it, I felt surprised when I realize it's not locked.

Opening it slowly, a smell that I'm all too familiar with assaulted my nose "Blood and bile…" I thought to myself as I slowly walked inside

It's a living room and there is a television, a sofa, a table, and such. It looks like an ordinary living room—.

Then I stop my breath. My eyes are glued to the wall. As I saw what was nailed in there

A human. It's a male. Is he the person who lives here? But why…?

The corpse has been cut viciously. Something that looks like a giblet is coming out from the wounds…

There is a puddle of blood on the floor from the drips of blood falling from the corpse.

"W-What is this…?"

"It's written as "Punishment for those who did bad deeds!". I just borrowed the sentence from someone important."

Suddenly the voice of a young male comes from behind me.

When I turn around, there is a man with white hair. He seems to be a foreigner and he looks like he's still a teenager.

He's dressing up like a priest. He's also a bishounen.

Seeing me, the priest makes an evil smile.

"Hmm hmm. Well, well, if it isn't a Devil-Kun!"

"Sorry to break it to you Priest-Kun...But I'm a human" I said slowly, trying to not let any of my anger into my tone.

"My name is Freed Sellzen. I belong to a certain Exorcism organisation. Ah, just because I introduced myself doesn't mean you have to. I don't want to remember your name in my memory, so please don't. It's okay, since you are going to die soon. I will make sure of it. It might hurt at first, but later you will feel so good that you will cry. Now let's open the new door -ZE!".

So this guy is an Exorcist. But The exorcist that I meet in the past are not this mad, frankly, I wanted to retort his statement regarding him being an exorcist.

But there's something I want to say to him. I swallowed down my anger and ask him.

"Hey, was it you? The one who killed this person?"

"Yes, yes. I killed him. Because~, he was a regular criminal who has been summoning Devils, so I had to kill him."

"I see," I said as I breathed a sigh of relief, Thank god this guy is messed up, that means I can kill him without any remorse

"Hey, hey, Why so silent Devil-Kun? Don't tell me you're mad? You're mad aren't you" the exorcist said as he began to chuckle looking at me while drawing a sword of light and a gun, a standard arsenal for exorcist.

""You kind of irritate me, so can I cut you? Can I shoot you? Is it OK? Okay then. Now I'm going to stab your heart with this blade of light, and I'm going to blow your head with this cool looking gun! Man, I'm seriously going to fall in love!"

I looked at him coldly, "'s been a long time since I felt this emotion" I said as my grip tightened while my body began to shiver,'s truly has been a long time, hasn't it…

"DIE!' The priest said as he slashed his sword at me, slow, too slow, does this guy even serious

Instead of dodging, I moved forward right into his face, his face seemed to indicated shock, though I didn't care, I simply punched the priest on his gut, sending him flying backwards.

The priest went flying as he hit a wall and began to cough painfully, his glare looked murderous but his hands are shaking

"AGH! What is wrong with you Devil bastard! You're supposed to stand there like a good boy and DIE!" The moment he said that he raised his gun and shot at me.

I dodge the bullets he shot at me by moving my neck and lunged at him kneeing him in the head.

The priest who recovered from his pain rolled sideways, dodging my knee that was aimed for his head

"PLEASE STOP!" Then there is a voice of a woman I am familiar with.

The priest froze his posture to where he was about to attack me and looks towards the direction where the voice came from.

I also look in the same direction.

A girl is there, and I know her.


Yes, the blond Sister is standing there.

"Well if it isn't my assistant, Asia-chan. What happened? Did you finish putting the barrier?"

"! N-Noooooooo!"

Asia screams after seeing the corpse that is nailed to the wall.

Asia screams after seeing the corpse that is nailed to the wall.

"Thank you for the adorable scream! Oh yeah, this is your first time seeing a corpse like this, isn't it, Asia-chan? Then look carefully. We have the humans that are entranced by a Devil die like this."


She then looks at us and gets shocked to see me.

"…Father Freed…that person…"

Asia looks at me directly.

"Person? No, no. This shit here is a Devil. Hahaha, what are you misunderstanding?"

"—! Ise-san is a…Devil…?"

She seems to be shocked to find out the truth and didn't know what to say.

"What, what? You guys know each other? Wow. Now, this is a big surprise. Is it the forbidden love between a Devil and a Sister? Seriously? Are you serious? "

Freed, the priest looks at both Asia and me.

"Ahaha! Devils and humans can never coexist! Especially humans from the Church and the Devils are the biggest enemies! Also, we are a group of heretics that was deserted by God. Asia-tan and I are humans that can't survive without the support of Fallen Angels-sama."

Fallen Angel?

What does he mean? Don't priests and nuns work under God?

"Well now, leaving that aside, I need to kill this trash here or else I can't finish my job, so here I come. Are you ready?"

Freed said as he lowered his posture while I sighed, I really don't want to kill in front of Asia.

"PLEASE STOP IT FATHER FREED! ISE-SAN!" Asia shouted as Freed about to start his dash while I was about to grapple him and break his neck.

I looked at Asia from the corner of my eyes "I see…" I said, finally realizing what is happening right now. "Asia...I'm not a devil" My words seemed to have their intended effect as Asia eyes regained hope

"SEE Father freed? Ise-San isn't a devil, we can't kill him meaninglessly! It will go against the lord will" Asia plead to father Freed who scratched his head in annoyance.

Then, a magical circle shine in the middle of the room, bearing the familiar crest of Gremory, looking at the circle I wanted to smirk and perform a "BANZAI!', while Freed looked he's about to kill everybody in the room in anger

"AHH! Now the rest of the shitty devil's here! We're gonna go back! Let's go Asia-Chan!" Freed said as she throws a paper into the ground and grabs Asia forcefully before teleporting away.

I dashed at them, trying to stop them from teleporting but it was too late, As I reached Asia who simply smiled at me, she disappeared. it is...Another feeling that I haven't tasted in a long time...The same feeling that I tasted when I decided to run...The same feeling when I let her down….It's been a long time since I felt this...Despair.

Final Part



I've skipped school today, and I'm currently sitting on a bench in a children's park while making a sigh. I know that it's a bad thing for me to skip school, but honestly, speaking, I don't give a damn.

According to Buchou, "The Fallen Angel who gave its power to that priest must have a dense power of light", so it seems like they will be troublesome for us Devils since light is poisonous to us.

Buchou probably has already talked to the teacher so it should be fine. That's because Buchou controls the school from the shadows.


My stomach rumbles. Now that I think about it, I haven't eaten since morning since my head are filled with thoughts regarding Asia. "I'm gonna get lunch" I muttered my plan lightly

When I got up from the bench, the colour gold appears to my eyes.

When I look carefully, there is a blond-haired girl that I'm familiar with.

She also notices me. Both of us are shocked at this meeting.



I and Asia sat opposite as we both put down our tray filled with our food, consisting of a hamburger, fries and coke. As I peeled off the wrapper, I found Asia just starring at the hamburger intensely without doing anything.

I was perplexed for a moment before realizing what's happening, Chuckling a bit, I opened mine and her wrapper before eating My hamburger

"This is how you eat it," I said as I swallowed my food, all the while, Asia looked at my own way of eating with glimmer on her eyes

She picked up the hamburger slowly as she looked at me for confirmation, I smiled reassuringly as she took a bite.

"De-Delicious! To think there's a way of eating like this" She said as she eats the hamburger, as she swallowed the hamburger, she put it down and looked at the fries with the same questioning look.

"This is how you eat fries' I chuckled as I grabbed a fries and eating it, Asia looked at me with wide eyes before trying it for herself, her eyes filled with the same happiness as when she ate the hamburger.

"You never ate a burger before?" I asked as I finished my food and began drinking on the coke leisurely,

"No. I have seen it often on television, but it's my first time eating it. I'm moved! It's delicious!"

"Oh. So what do you normally eat?"

"Mainly bread and soup. I also eat vegetable and pasta food."

Such simple food. Is Church like that?

"Is that right? Then eat it carefully so you remember the taste. "

"Yes. I will eat it with joy."

Asia starts eating it deliciously. But why was she at that park?

She said she has to time off, but it seems like she is running away from something.

When she saw me, she seemed relieved.

"Then let's go, Asia!" I said as I stood up and grabbed her arms

"Eh? Eh? What? What's happening Ise-san?" she asks with utter confusion as she followed me walking outside after I paid for both of our meal.

"Let's go and have some fun" I grinned as I lead her to the arcade,

As I declared so, Asia looked surprised for a moment before smiling happily and nodding.

Both of us played numerous game, though Asia didn't know how to play any of them, it was still a fun time since Asia looked like she's having fun.

When I excused myself to the bathroom and returned, I found Asia starring at a character plushie "Rache-Kun" which is a popular mascot for a brand that's famous worldwide

"You want it, Asia?" I said as I pat her head, surprising her for a moment.

She didn't answer my question but was fidgeting to herself for a moment, looking like contemplating answering my questions or not before nodding.

"Eh? B-But…!"

"It's okay, I will get it."

Strike while the iron is hot. I put the coin in immediately and started controlling the crane.

Even though I look like this, I'm pretty good at crane games you know?

Well, that's what I thought, but I had a hard time getting it.

On my first try, I dropped the doll in a good location, and on my second try, I totally missed it.

On my third and fourth try, I missed it as well, but when Asia became worried on my fifth try, I finally managed to get it!


I made a victory pose and took Rache-Kun which I just dropped and give it to Asia

"Here you go, Asia."

Asia became so happy that she held the doll to her chest.

"Thank you very much, Ise-san. I will take care of this doll."

"Hey hey, if a doll-like that makes you happy, then I'll get you more next time."

That's what I said to her., but she shook her head.

"No, this Rache-Kun that you gave me represents the wonderful day I met you. Since today is the only day I met you, I will take good care of this doll."

"Ah, we played a lot today."

"Y-Yes…I'm a bit tired…"

We are walking on the street while laughing.

It's already evening.

Hahaha, I've skipped school today and had fun till dusk.

We are lucky that we didn't get caught by the police. If we did, then I would've been taken into custody right away.

I ended up being tired. Both Asia and I.

It was fun to see Asia's reaction when we went to the game centre and other shops.

Rather, I feel the dating plan that I had made for Raynare has proven to be of good use. You really can't tell what will happen in life since I never expected to become useful.

As we both sat down on the bench in the part, the same part that Raynare tried to kill me, a comfortable silence enveloped the two of us.

"You are amazing, Asia. The healing power that you showed me, it's an incredible power. …This is a Sacred Gear, right?"

"Yes, it is."

Just like I thought.

"To tell you the truth, I also have a Sacred Gear," I said as I leaned back to my chair, in the corner of my eyes, I see Asia with a shocked face after hearing my confession

"Ise-san, you also have a Sacred Gear? I didn't realise it at all."

"Ahahaha….I don't use it after all" I said while scratching my cheek "but comparing my sacred gear to Asia that heals people, It's seriously night and day you know" I chuckled the last part while I sensed Ddraig pouting at me.

As I said last part, a single drop of tear fell off from Asia face and she put a sad face.

"Ise-san...Can you hear my story" she said in between her sobbing while I smiled kindly and pat her head

"Of course I can Asia...Anything for you"

Then, she told me a story about the girl who was once called the "Holy Maiden".

In a certain region in Europe, there was a girl who was discarded by her parents.

She was raised in a Church nearby by a nun along with other orphans.

The girl who was a strong follower of the Church received a special power at the age of 8.

She healed a wounded puppy, and a person from the Catholic Church witnessed it by chance.

From there on, her life changed.

The girl was taken to the main Catholic Church and she was symbolized by many as a "Holy Maiden" because of her healing power.

She used her power to heal many believers and they were told it was a power of divine protection.

Whisper beget rumour and rumour brought attention and she was respected as a "Holy Maiden".

Even without her approval.

She had no dissatisfaction with how she was treated. People from the Church were kind and she didn't hate healing people.

She instead was happy that her power was of use.

The girl was thankful for her power that was bestowed on her by God.

But she was a bit lonely.

She didn't have any friends she could open up to.

Everyone treated her nicely and was nice to her. But there was no one willing to become her friend.

She understood why.

She knew that they were looking at her power as something irregular.

They didn't look at her as a human but as a creature that could heal humans.

But one day, it changed.

By coincidence, there was a Devil nearby and she healed it.

A wounded Devil. The girl couldn't ignore it.

She thought that even if it was a Devil, she had to heal it if it was injured.

It was her kindness that made her take such an action.

But that changed her life forever.

One of the people from the Church saw that incident and notified others of the Church.

The ministers of the Church were shocked about it.

"A power that can heal Devils!?"

"Something absurd like that cannot happen!"

"The power of healing can only heal the followers of God!"

Yes, there were several people who had the power to heal. But the power to heal the Devil was out of the question. The people of the Church thought it was common sense that the power of healing doesn't work on Fallen Angels and Devils.

Apparently, a similar incident had happened in the past. And it was decided that such power that is capable of healing fallen angels and devil are not a power bestowed by a god rather that power is the power of a "witch"

So the people saw her as a heretic.

"Damn witch that heals Devils!"

The girl who was respected as a Holy Maiden was then feared as a "Witch" and the Catholic Church abandoned her.

She didn't have anywhere to go and the organization of "Stray Exorcists" picked her up.

In other words, she had to get divine protection from the Fallen Angels.

But the girl never forgot to pray to God. She also never forgot to thank God.

Even so, the girl was abandoned.

God didn't save her.

What shocked her the most was that there was not even a single person in the Church that was willing to defend her.

There was no one who cared about her.

"…It's because I didn't pray enough. It's because I'm clumsy. I'm so stupid that I can't even eat a burger by myself."

The girl, Asia, wipes her tears while laughing.

I felt anger rising up my body, I felt hatred coursing through my vein as I hear Asia story, it was truly deplorable, it was truly hateful. For a human to abandon each other simply because of a power that they possess. It made my blood boil.

"This is also a trial that the Lord gave me. Since I'm a clumsy nun, the Lord gave me this trial. So I have to endure it."

She was laughing as if she was talking to herself.

You don't have to say anything any more…

"I'm sure I will make lots of friends one day. I have a dream. I want to go buy flowers with a friend, buying books and…talk…"

She is full of tears.

I can't look at her any more. She must have been enduring it the whole time.

She has been waiting for God to save her the whole time and has been hiding her feelings all along.

I looked up to the blue sky with a glare, I knew it was useless, God is dead after all, but still, can't heaven do something? Anything? To help this poor girl that is abandoned by people who call her the "Holy Maiden"

"Asia...I can be your friend" I said while smiling, towards Asia who looked at me with a surprise

"I know that we live in a different world, and we don't know each other for long...but can we still be friends?"

Asia faces scrunched up from happiness, she began to sob once more and said "yes" while sobbing.

"It's impossible"

A voice I know surprised me and Asia, looking at the sources, I saw Raynare standing there proudly as she looked at me with hatred.

"What does a fallen angel like you want," I said with a level voice, I breathed out slowly, trying to not do anything rash that might result in fighting.

"Shut the fuck up human...I don't want a filthy human as you speak to me" She said sneering at me as if me being a human is something that is deplorable.

'Now Asia...Come take my hand and let's return to the church" Raynare offered her hand towards Asia who took refuge in my back.

"…No. I don't want to return to that Church. I don't want to return to the people who kill other people. …Also, you people did things to me…"

Asia replies back with disgust.

What happened? What happened inside that Church?

"Please don't say that, Asia. Your Sacred Gear is essential for our plan. So please come back with me. I also took the time to look for you. Stop being such a troublesome bitch! " Raynare glared at her as she began to walk slowly.

"Raynare...I'm warning you...don't do anything rash...And I won't kill you" I said as I finally can't hold it any longer as I glare towards Raynare who looked surprised at my expression.

Raynare looked surprised for a moment before sneering at me "Oh? What does a human-like you can do to me?"

" I can do this" I coldly said as I appeared in front of her punched her in the face, sending her flying and landing inside the fountain.

Asia looked shocked at my action though I ignored her, I began walking slowly towards Raynare who stood up as she coughs up blood " fucker…" she said murderously

"But thank you for being such a retard" She smirked as she snapped her finger and two more magical circles appeared underneath Asia, I recognized that, forced teleportation magic, I dashed towards Asia but was too late once more

"Thank you for being such a retard human," Raynare said behind me as she too, begin to disappear once more.

I stood there in silence, my anger and hatred are now at their peak. I don't think I can hold this any longer, I release a breath

"Ddraig...What do you think of potentially fighting a war against Grigori…"

[Ghahaha….I'm not gonna lie as well partner...I'm angered by their posturing as well...Shall we teach them then...The terror of the Sekiryuutei] Ddraig said with a level tone, though hints of anger still present underneath them

Issei nodded and looked at the church in the outskirt of town as I began walking towards there while the sun began to set

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