A rainy day…
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The rain is heavy.

Deserted roads. Broken streetlights. Dark skies. 

Not a sound of the living to be heard in the streets of a subdivision. But a thin and hazy figure breaks the picturesque scene of desolation.  The boy has black hair, a slightly lean figure, sporting a white t-shirt and school pants. He has an umbrella, but it didn't seem to stop him from getting his hair wet. Looking from afar, his eyes are somewhat red on the rims and as if he has some difficulty breathing. His face, which is supposed to be sunny and bright, looks somber as his slightly chapped lips frown. 

This figure is Ren.

Ren, or maybe Zet, is somewhat different from his peers.


It all started during 1st year in high school when Ren felt he was different from other children. He was able to feel other's emotions intuitively and felt disgust about it.

He also didn't really care much for other's feeling except curiosity and how does it affect them.

Ren can only feel weak emotional feelings which made him feel quite detached internally. Ren never knew intense feelings which is why he was curious about the shows in television (to which Zet expressed his distaste on how all the characters are mentally retarded for fighting over a scumbag) while also being curious towards actors. 

Since Ren can only feel weak emotions, he tried learning acting and as Ren quote, "I'm quite a genius at this Zet!" while Zet is giving him mental eyerolls. 

Ren gradually started learning in novels and in reality how to manipulate people's emotions to see the most interesting of situations.

And by the way, Ren also had a second personality, someone so edgy, boring and uninteresting while naming himself Zet. 

As for Zet, well he found everything stupid and unrelatable. He felt that main protagonists in shounen are all dumbasses that use violence as an answer first for everything they encounter (in which Ren expressed his disgust and mockery for how hypocritical Zet is) and that the power of friendship is probably the thing that screams "IT'S A TRAP" in real life.

Ren had autism and quite possibly also had other mental illness like ADHD. At least that's what Zet thought due to Ren's need for external stimuli and how bad he is at concentrating.


Not that they would ever consult a psychiatrist. After all why should he trust a stranger about his weaknesses, Zet thought.


And due to his/their parent's death when he was 10 years old, he gradually developed depression. It was not all that bad though, since they can converse mentally, Ren never got truly bored while Zet managed to control his violent tendencies. 

Ren's weak emotional feelers also meant that he'll never ever feel strong emotion to commit suicide, even if he/ Zet is saying that he wants to die or kill himself everyday. 

It also helped that they were both smart, or at least, smart enough to pass every academic course without much need for studying. 

As for interpersonal relationships, Ren had a neighbor named Marcy, or Grandma as Ren called her. Marcy never had someone visit her as long as Ren could remember when he got to know her after his parents died, but Marcy treated Ren and Zet pretty well and was probably the only one who knew that Ren had a second personality. She was kind and was probably the classic old woman with lots of cat template. She died at the age of 86, 7 years after Ren knew her.

Ren also had a childhood friend named Gin. Gin was a rascal if Ren can say so himself and while Gin had decent looks, he was totally unworthy of Ren. Or at least that's what other's thought. Gin could have actually grown to be a sensible straight man if it wasn't for Ren bending him during 8th grade.

Although they got together, you couldn't really stop an 8th-grader's thoughts of getting some newly budding girls. And with Ren's attitude being consenting despite Zet's best efforts to threaten to kill himself, Gin with his decent looks and somewhat rascally attitude, became the most famous playboy in school. 

Not that every girl in the school didn't have morals and just went for a taken person. It's just that although Ren and Gin's actions were ambiguous, they never explicitly stated they were a couple. After all, trying to fight the most beautiful boy for somewhat who's just nearly above decent is a losing deal. But since there were no labels shown to the public, they just treated the two's relationship as high-level bromance. Privately though, they defame Ren for not even being able to keep a man. Which leads to his situation right now, being cheated on once again, with Gin's newest fling from the college's teaching department. A new senior high school student dating an education student will surely be tomorrows hottest gossips. The ugly rear will turn to him again, the unfavored concubine.

However, their thoughts of him crying his eyes out being utterly heartbroken is a joke. Nobody knows how thrilled Ren is whenever Gin adds a new ex or lover to his name because of the thrilling revenge and groveling there will be at the climax of the play. Zet however, was displeased.

And while he walking home from his childhood friend/boyfriend's house Zet starts:

"Ren, do you want us to be laughing stock again at school?"

"You say that Zet, but don't you think this play is very interesting? A senior high school student broken hearted by his childhood friend that's a scumbag. All that we're missing is a powerful/mysterious gong that will find us right now while we're walking on this seemingly abandoned street!"

 "Ha ha. Yes that probably would happen if you were in a dog-blood bl novel. You probably forgot you're in the reality plane right now."

"Well that doesn't matter! I can just come crying to Tony anyways! He's rich, smart and also very mysterious eh~"

"Do you want all the other men you inadvertently hooked up before go ballistic? There's still that boy-next-door Louis, nerd Sevi and that god-knows how he can become that ripped and handsome Sett. Stop piling up troubles for me okay? You're not the one trying to earn money here."

"Better than that bastard Gin anyway! I devoted my whole childhood for him and he still-"

After walking for some unknown time, Ren stopped in front of a brown gate, and familiarly took out his keys.

"Okay, stop acting, we're home already dumbass."

He steps inside the cozy yet neat and tidy home. No trash, no messy clothes and no dishes unwashed. Totally what you won't see from a boy's household. The clock on the right near the tv says 6:30 pm. 

He puts the umbrella on the porch before taking off his shoes then proceeds to grab a towel that's placed on a hangar to dry his hair. He goes up, puts down his bag and sighs. The boy's room is as clean and tidy like those downstairs. Organized books, post-it notes and folders are seen in a variety of colors. His bed is white but with many pillows that you'd expect only children would have. He boots up his computer to read his favorite novels and to relax.


"Stop trying to attract bees and flowers!"

A classic Mary sue novel.
An woman from modern times transmigrates into a parallel modern times world while inhabiting the body of a 14 yr old high schooler!

The woman then proceeds to have 5 different suitors but since the text is 1v1 everyone else don't get anything while they get retaliated on by the possessive male lead. It's a very sweet text with almost little to no plot. 


The boy unexpectedly sighs in dismay while his eyes brighten up like the most precious obsidian.

"Ren, you're taste is really trashy you know."

"Shut up Zet, I'm not in the mood to read bl and those stuff you like today."

The boy's nerves on his head pop up looking hideous which is a contrast on that kind face.

"Hoh? And for what goddamn reason?!"

"Because I was cheated on today! Again!"


(A/N: Right. Ren has instigated nearly all 11 cheating incidents either indirectly or directly. It's an impressive result for a white lotus.)

"Zet, you can scold me but not our ass okay? It's the best ass I've ever seen. Smooth, round and milky white!"

"Ha ha. Shameless people always win."

"Of course!"

"Just never sacrifice our virginity while you're playing around okay?"

"Ewww. Why would I ever do that for some d*ck that already went in some other people's ass?"

"Who knows what sick play your part of the brain might come up again. Shoo, shoo, go read your novel while I try to simulate our stocks."

The brows of the boy loosened up and his lips are glossy and smiling. There's no more hideous expression on his face but merely pure excitement.

Time passed by peacefully in a rare idyllic modern fashion but there seems to be something wrong.

Ren and Zet has eating problems due to depression. Please bear with them.

The boy stands up, looking towards the bathroom on his own room, and started walking forward to it. But two steps in-

A scream resounded to the nothingness.