classic plot for world hopping?!
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After an unknown amount of time, Ren and Zet finally woke up.

"Ren, you motherf*cker! How did you manage to trip ove-"

Before Zet managed to finish his sentence, they noticed something strange.

"Zet, are we...?"

"Blind? Who knows. But if we're not..."

Zet took control of the body and started swinging his arms and flailing his legs. After confirming that they still have their body intact, he tries to stand up, albeit with difficulty, due to the complete darkness.

"I don't know where we are right now Ren, but the ground is smooth and stable."

"Lights are also nowhere near, or we would have been able to see at least the slightest of it."

While they were both considering the possibility that they're either dead and in the afterlife or were kidnapped, light burst into the dark space as an annoying, neutral voice (as Zet would say) spoke.

"Welcome Ren and Zet. You're souls are now drawn into this consciousness space after you died from tripping yourse-"

Before the two of them had processed their shock about someone knowing their secret, they hear the neutral voice suddenly stop midsentence and broke into a laugh.

"-hahahahaha a world hopper that died from tripping himself, that's one for the history books!"

Before Zet got angry and shout, the somewhat mechanical voice soon continued.

"But anyway, since you're dead, your soul should naturally just dissipate and go into reincarnation but since we found out that your soul is suitable for this line of work, we brought you here. In this consciousness space, you're soul will never dissipate without a body so no worries that you'll die from just natural dissipation. I hope you don't go out though, so that you'll be saved from the 'the one who died by opening a door' title."

Ren decided that he did not like asking about these things so Zet naturally took control and asked,

"And who are you? Also what do you mean that we died from tripping? There was no way in hell that we'd die even if we facepalmed the floor since there was a carpet. Or do you think our brain is not fully functional?! Also, what is a world hopper? Is it the same as those in the novels?".

Zet was outwardly angry but really wasn't. After all, the strangers had the capability to put his soul or whatever their entity is is a separate space so there's never a way for him to win in a fistfight. Not that he'll ever get the chance to though right now. He just acted as a means of self-preservation after all, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

As for Ren:
"Zet, don't you think it'll be fun if it's like in the novels? Wouldn't we get an extremely convenient way to get a new identity to play with? Oh and also you can play as much as you want as well! It's a big win-win!"

"Win-win your ass! What if it's like those novels that you can't go OOC? Wouldn't we bear the risk of being punished for no fucking reason? Do you want soul dissipation you bastard?!"

"But do we really care about living though???"

Zet wanted to hammer himself on the head to punish his other bastard but the voice already answered in an annoying tone.

"We are the greatest of all time, the most prestigious department, the most wanted profession in all universes, the Soul Bureau for Guidance of Worlds! Our task is to redirect world's plots from unreasonable endings! And that's why we have you: the world hoppers that will do that for us! You will gain points for redirecting world plots and you can use those points for gaining superhuman powers in the system store! You can also gain a 50% dis-"

Zet really wanted to hammer this silly beep to death but managed to restrain it and asked:

"Okay okay stop your shitty marketing first. How did we die from tripping? Also, can we come back? Will we also have a body of our own so we can go out of the consciousness space?".

"What shitty marketing? Anyway, you didn't really die from tripping but from angina hahahahaha, but yes, you can come back to your original world with your original identity and you will have a body of your own once you reach Host level 3."

"Is there a lot of world hoppers? Also, is there some other tasks out there? And what do you mean by redirecting world plots?"

"Well there's a lot of world hoppers of course, after all there are countless worlds in the multiverse. There are of course other tasks and departments out there like the Follow Character Department and the Destroy World Bureau. You are really lucky to be chosen by our glorious and wonderful department so you better cherish it!".

'I'll cherish your mom!' Zet thought. 

"And redirecting world plots are exactly like it's name. You see, there are some silly unconscious worlds that just follow harmful plot/world lines like the novel you're reading earlier, that will either harm or destroy the world. You'll inhabit a character from the plot to redirect the world to another ending."

'Inhabit a character? Then it's really like the novels." Zet and Ren both thought.

Zet felt the need to ask more information however Ren suddenly decided to ask some questions himself.

"Will we get punished for OOC? What about breaking characters' hearts? Also, will I be able to bring my own appearance in the future?"

"You won't get punished for OOC or for making red strings as long as you don't bring out technology that's out of the world's scope or using powers out of the world's power level. For example, you can't do western magic on a modern world like using ice spikes and whatnot, but you can try to use xianxia, wuxia or eastern fantasy magic secretly. As long as you don't get questioned about it, you can try to brush it off as secret methods/ personal skills but if people get suspicious too much, you might be retaliated on by the world's consciousness. About the appearance, you don't have enough authority for now."

Having his curiosity sated, he handed control to Zet. Zet finally had time to look around, but it was for naught as he can only see stars around and a somewhat transparent cubic wall and a silhouette of a door. He feels that they were ready, and wanted to take on the task. He certainly had more questions, but those the system answered are fine for now.

"System? Can we start now?" Zet asked.

'Yes, from now on you can just use the keyword system in your mind and you can converse with me so it's more convenient.' the system transmitted.

'System, is the world that silly sweet text?' Zet asked.

'Yes system! Are we really going there? Can I finally meet those 5 male gods?' Ren suddenly interrupts.

'Yes. You'll be transmitted to one of the 5 male leads as they have the most influence on the plot. Their memories will be downloaded so there should be no problem once start.' the system answers.

'Hooray! To my male gods!' Ren shouts happily.

Zet was used to Ren's bullshit and just rolls an eye to it.

3, 2, 1... Transmission 1%... 14%... 52%...79%...100%-

A flash of light and a different surrounding greet the two (three?) of them.