Wake up with a big change
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Chapter 1 Wake up with a big change

    "Hmm, mother, Linger is hungry."

    The soft and waxy voice drifted in the deserted room along with the pink dough.

    Lu Ling rubbed his eyes and walked out of the room. He searched everywhere but didn't find anyone.


    The little dumpling who had just gotten up was squeezing his mouth sadly when he heard a meow.

    A pure white cat a little taller than a family buggy came up on the stairs.

    "Dame, you have become so big."

    Lu Ling widened his eyes and looked at Da Mi in surprise.

    Dami came to Lu Ling when she was six years old. At that time, she said that she was called Dami and was laughed at by her mother. Now Dami is really a cat as the name suggests.

    "Wow... I remember, Mom and Dad were eaten by those monsters, wow..."

    The appearance of Big Mi recalled Lu Ling's memory, and she suddenly remembered it.

    Half a month ago, the world suddenly changed, and there were many monsters. My father said that the end of the world had come. Those monsters were called zombies, and they were all human beings, and because of this, Da Mi became what it is now.

    Just yesterday, the food at home was almost gone. Mom and Dad took her out to find food, but they were eaten by those zombies. It was Dame who brought her back.

    "Woo, my mother, my mother said that I want to live well, I will live well, and I will kill those zombies to avenge my parents."

    For a long time, Lu Ling wiped the tears from her face with her chubby hand, and clenched his fists as if swearing.

    Xiao Tuanzi did not abandon herself because of the death of her parents. The day before yesterday was her birthday. She is now ten years old and a big baby. She must be brave and not let her parents down.

    "Guru guru..."

    Lu Ling's stomach bulged, and the little dumpling shyly covered his stomach. He hadn't eaten when he woke up in the morning.

    "Dame, let's go eat. Only when we are full can we have the strength to beat the zombies."

    Lu Ling ate the little food left at home, she ran to the storage room, where there were weapons that father had collected two days ago.

    She chose a brisk knife and waved it in the living room.

    Throughout the morning, I was trembling and barely able to hold it, but became more and more proficient in the back.

    Lu Ling was not tired at all, his bun-like face was full of determination.

 Until noon, Dami lay down in front of Lu Ling, and Lu Ling climbed up along its body. There was a cloth bag on Dami’s back, which was sewn by her mother. Lu Ling crawled in and fell into Dami’s hair, no You can't find her if you look closely.

    Da Mi brought Lu Ling to the street where her parents were yesterday. The zombies no longer knew where they were going, leaving only mottled blood on the ground.

    Suddenly Lu Ling noticed that there was something flashing and flickering not far away, which was very familiar. It was mother's necklace. He heard from her mother that it was given to her by her father's mother, and she would give it to Ling'er in the future.

    "Big Mi!"

    Lu Ling called out anxiously, wanting to get it.

    Just when Lu Ling got the necklace and just kicked it into his pocket, he didn't know where the zombie came out of him, and he rushed towards Xiao Tuanzi and threw her to the ground.


    Da Mi patted the zombie with a paw. Although Lu Ling was a little flustered and scared, he quickly got up from the ground, took the knife he had found before, and faced the zombie.

    Dami pressed one of his paws on the zombie, Lu Ling shook his hands, stepped forward and slashed, finally killing the zombie.

   Looking at the paws of the big mistress covered in the smelly zombie blood, not only was Lu Ling not afraid, he was also happy.

    "Dame, your paws are dirty, I will wash you well when I go back."

    didn't notice that the wound on his leg that was accidentally caught by the zombie was healing quietly.