Awakening Space
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Chapter 2 Awakening Space

    Seeing that it was getting dark, Lu Ling and Dami rushed home with a few food.

    As night falls, the whole room looks a little gloomy because of the damage to the power system in the end of the world.

    On the big bed of Mom and Dad, Lu Ling was curled up insecure with his mother's necklace in his hand.

    Da Mi's huge body is wrapped around the bed, and from time to time he looks at the bulging bag on the bed, a pair of cat eyes full of worry.

    "Mom and dad, don't leave me, Linger obedient, monster, go away, don't eat my mom and dad."

    I don't know when Xiao Tuanzi fell asleep, and she whispered in her mouth. The flushed little face indicated that she was currently having a fever.

    After a long time, the sky was slightly white, the little dumpling gradually became quiet, and the body was not so hot anymore.

    Dami leaned on the side with confidence and fell asleep.

    Until dawn, Lu Ling got up from the bed and looked at what was different, but it was the same as usual.

 "Dame, I just dreamed, and I dreamt of a place where there is a big house, a wood full of fruit, and a river. There are many fishes in the river. It’s really beautiful there, but there is only one other than me. There were no people, and then I woke up."



    Lu Ling talked about his dreams, and followed Dame downstairs. Dame was eating in the living room, and Lu Ling started running around it.

    I was almost caught by a zombie yesterday. Fortunately, there was a big microphone, so she had to exercise and try to run faster next time.

    "Dame, let's go to yesterday's place later, there is still a lot of food there, we will try to bring more back today."

    It turns out that they found an unmanned convenience store yesterday with a lot of things in it. It was just because she had packed all her bags and couldn't carry too much, so she planned to go there again today.

    "It would be nice if I had the kind of space that I said on TV, so that I could bring all those things back."

    Lu Ling just saw a burst of light in front of him when he finished speaking, and he appeared in the place where he appeared in the dream.

    At the foot of the gurgling small river, the fishes inside know nothing about the world of zombies outside, just swimming happily.

    The rows of fruit trees not far away are full of fruits, apples, peaches, pomegranates...even tropical fruits like bananas.

    Lu Ling reached out into the water, and the little fish kissed her hand affectionately. The cold touch told Lu Ling that all this was not a dream.

    "I actually have a space, but here is myself. It would be great if the big microphone was there."

    Lu Ling's words just fell when a huge white figure appeared.


    Seeing Lu Ling, Dami rushed to her side eagerly, curled her up with her tail, and looked around warily.

    Just now, Lu Ling suddenly disappeared, scaring it.

    "Dame, I have space now. This is my space, just like the one on TV. It turns out that this is not a dream. I just got here with a squeak."

    Lu Ling hugged Dami's tail and shared with it excitedly.

    Da Mi also seemed to understand that there is no danger here. When he saw the fish underwater, he caught it with one claw, and several fish were just like that.

    Dami narrowed his eyes comfortably.

    is so delicious, it hasn’t eaten fish for a long time.

    "Dame, let's go to the place yesterday and bring back all the food."

    While Dami was catching fish to eat, Lu Ling had already turned around here. Although she did not enter the house, she knew that there was no food in it.

   In other words, there is nothing to eat here except fruit and fish.