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The city of Fauna, known to be “The city of animals”, is a tourist attraction spot for enabling people to interact with animals peacefully. Not only that, but the residents are well known for taking care of the animals voluntarily.

One such tourist is a girl around the age of 20. She has Asian facial features accompanied by brown hair, cut short into a bob, and a pair of obsidian eyes. She has an olive complexion for her skin and some noticeable baby fats around her cheeks. The girl wears a blue sports jacket with a white singlet under it; a pair of white jogging pants that cover her legs and a pair of worn boots, breaking soon.

The tourist stretches out with a satisfied moan, not caring about other people feeling annoyed by her action. Afterward, she took a deep breath and felt much refreshed.

“Wow, Faunus looks more refreshing than other places I’ve been.”

She hoists her small backpack, and, in her mind, she routes where she should go first to avoid wasting her time being lost.
Well, she can become lost occasionally, but exploration is part of the fun after all!

‘The main question is… where is the map when you need it?’ She thought to herself, musing, why would a place full of tourists lack the perfect means to navigate the city?
The existence of GPS in smartphones would not deter the authorities from keeping the old map, right?

Or has she been in the wilderness too long and become out of touch?

So many questions, but no time to create answers. Oh well, time to do it the good old ways then!

Without hesitation, she immediately approaches a stranger for directions. With her upbeat persona and a polite way of asking, the stranger provides her with help without hesitation.
With a clearer direction, she made her way to the north.

The journey to her destination is relatively peaceful, something she prefers over the years as she encounters different environments. The girl hums a soft song to herself, thoroughly enjoying the surrounding scenery.

I wonder, will he enjoy this place? Yeah, he would.

She barely sees any vehicle around the places she passes by, only public transport like buses and taxis moving about from one station to another.
A bike station with near-empty slots is present for every bike station she found, and she finds many bike tracks can be seen on the sidewalk.
The additional presence of peaceful animals like deer made the tip of her lip tug up. 

Definitely a good place for a soldier to retire.’

The approaching sunset made the scenery feel much more beautiful to her, which she commits to her memory as another personal scenery she experienced.

Approaching her destination, a small hotel for backpackers, the girl made her way to a receptionist.

“Welcome to Whales Hotel,” the man greets her with automatic politeness and a professional smile.

“Just a backpacker’s room for a month, if possible.”

“Please give me a moment,” the man turns to his computer, doing his assigned work. A few minutes went by and he immediately fished out a room key with the number 1109 and a blank form from the drawer. “Your room would be on the second floor to the west. Please fill-up the form with the information.”

The girl takes a pen and begins writing everything necessary, such as her name and age. She has written the name Xing Tian and is under the age of 20. Once done, the girl thanked the receptionist and made her way to her room.

When she entered room 1109, she took a moment to examine the room. A small but quaint room with a brown carpet on the floor. The usual items like a mini-fridge and water boiler can be found in the mini-kitchen. She appreciates the addition of an electric stove, as she has no plans to buy takeout all the time.

Well, maybe tasting the local food is not too bad, but being self-sufficient has always been a habit of hers.

Plopping herself down on the bed after taking off her shoes, the girl stretched herself out to feel the tense muscle relax.

“I wonder if the hotel will allow me to work part-time here. The last time I did it, it was completely against the policy,” she mused to herself. Then again, that was a high-class (in her opinion) hotel for backpackers, anyway.

She comes here as a backpacker. Working on a budget has always been what she did best.

“Oh well, I can wing it.”

Looking out the window, the sun had set, and twilight showed itself. The nightlife of the city is at the beginning, which is something Xing wishes to take part in.

“Not before a quick shower, can’t go out without being my best.” Humming to herself, she unpacks and makes her way to the bathroom.

The nightlife is just beginning, after all.

This is another chapter I decided to publish today. The next one will be the last chapter I will publish before I officially publish each chapter weekly.