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Every surviving soldier got into formation as soon as the new order was given. With tempered discipline, they shoot at the large target.

Defender examines her unknown figure before turning her gaze to the Creeper. Her visor seems to glow before she dash towards her new target. 

The force behind the dash generates a cone of air around her and a crater on the floor. Her new speed creates an afterimage behind, only the flow of air shows the direction she has gone.

When she reappears in front of the Glitch, she ready herself to punch the creature at the abdomen. With a primal shout, she drives her fist into the abdomen and generates yet another force that breaks the ground. 

Unable to react in time, the Creeper takes the brunt of the punch and pieces of its body breaks from itself. The pieces fizzled out of existence as they didn't have a body to cling on.

The Creeper shrinks while the remaining body patches up the fist-sized hole.

The Defender flexes her fingers, ignoring what is currently happening. She feels sore from that punch. The force behind it did not break any parts of her body, but it certainly affected her surroundings destructively.

Even with such a force, she feels there are still more powers hidden from her. It didn’t matter to her though. The enemy is still standing, weaker but still dangerous.

The Creeper screeches once it has recovered and ready to confront the new enemy. Despite its primitive mind, it can recognize the threat of its existence. 

Without hesitation, the Glitch swings one of its cleaver with a telegraphed movement. Slow in the eyes of the Defender, she sidesteps from the attack. This action becomes a mistake when the downward swing of the attack causes a shock wave, imbalancing her.

She feels like being cleaved in half from a fast swing by the monster. She barely recovered from the attack and took a quick breath under the helmet.

It seems smarter than it let’s on’ she thought to herself. 

A drop swing. This time it has the same speed as the second swing with an inane force. The blade looked like it was cleaving through the air as a show of force.

She leaps away from the attack with the agility of a feline. As soon as the cleaver hits the ground, she prepares herself to charge towards the monster.

A sudden surge of power swells in her. With no hesitation, the Defender taps into the power and finds herself wrapped by electricity. She charges at the monster with the speed of a lightning.

With the speed and the weight of the Defender, the tackle creates an unstoppable force that destroys more parts of the Creeper and pierces through its body.

The Defender flips in the air and lands on her feet to stop herself to a screeching halt. Looking around, she finds herself surrounded by other Glitches. 

The humanoid creatures are merely groaning and circling around the fighter. Suddenly, a few laser shots hit the head of the creatures, eliminating them from existence. The Defender can see some soldiers take out the strangling Glitches while trying to avoid the Creeper.

With the surrounding Glitches being taken out by the reinforcement and busy with them, the Defender turns to where the Creeper is.

Time to end this.” For the first time on the battlefield, the Defender mutters to herself. She leaps into the air with her new found strength and landed in front of the reforming Creeper. 

The creature is about the size of a human, most of the extra appendages are gone, leaving only 4 arms. The additional faces on the palms of the hands were presented as sad, angry, envy, and blank faces. The cleavers have now shrinked to the size of a broadsword.

The monster snarls in agitation and looks around blindly. Now it has a tunnel vision for the new threat, it prioritizes the defeat of the Defender.

If things get worse, retreat is the only option.

When the Creeper’s gaze lands on her, it roars to the sky and blindly charges at her.

The Defender slams her forearms together in a guarding position which generates electricity on her arms. She slowly pulls them apart as if trying not to break the electric bond before thrusting both arms towards the Creeper, shooting out a lightning bolt.

The bolt hits the creature squarely on it’s chest, knocking off its feet. A few seconds of spasms later, the Creeper yells in pain before exploding into blue motes.

With the leader defeated, the remaining Glitches fizzle out of existence leaving an ruined empty alley. All of the soldiers looked relieved and some dropped to their knees.

For the Defender, she notices a blue orb being left behind where the Creeper used to be. Just as she’s about to pick it up, a voice yells to her.

“Stop! State your name and how did you get the Defender armor?!” Nu demands.

Looking around, some soldiers who didn’t drop their guard surround her with their weapons pointing at her. Seeing their distrust, the Defender glows white and morphs back to her human form.

Xing Tian, despite barely being hit in her battle, looks worse for wear. The left side of her stomach where it was hit exposes a large bruise. The girl looks disheveled and exhaustion is slowly taking over her.

“I just… took it?”

Nu merely sighs, feeling a migraine creeping up to her. “I’m taking you back to the station for interrogation.”

The girl nods, knowing that it’s better that way anyway. However…

“Can I sleep first?” Without hearing a reply, she promptly collapses on the floor.

“I need a drink.” Nu lowers her weapon and moves to retrieve the girl.

Next week would be an interlude and a chapter before continuing the weekly posting.
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