Chapter 3 – The Breakup
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Hey babe... I hope you are safe. I didn't hear from you yesterday. Hope you are safe. I love you. 


Hey babe... Is everything ok? I'm worried for you. But maybe you're in a secret mission. Stay safe and I love you. 


Hey babe... Is there any network there? Should I call you? I'm worried about you. Love you


Babe... I've been crying and longing for you. You are right. We should have done it before you left. I hope I don't regret it. Come back soon. Love you






Over and over, his girlfriend Jasmine wrote over 200 messages and over 80 missed calls. 

After reading the first 4 messages, Lex tried to call her directly.. but a stranger picked up the phone

"Hello?" Lex asked

"Who is this?" a female voice answered, seemingly irritated and in a rush

"Uh.. I'm looking for Jasmine..." Lex said

"Sorry, no calls are allowed on this phone without an appointment" the lady said and hung up

"What..." Lex said as he immediately tried calling back again

"Hello?" Lex said

"It's you again. I'm warning you... don't call without an appointment" the lady said, hanging up again.

"What's going on?" Lex thought

He decided to message back

"Hi babe. It's me... Lex. I was injured for a while, and have been in a coma for 6 months. Can you call me back?" Lex wrote before deciding to read the rest of the messages.

One by one, the messages were the same

All of them were about her being worried for him. 

However, the last few messages were different. 


Babe.... it's been so long since you replied. I'm tired... so tired of waiting and hoping you reply. Tired of crying every night. I know that you are in a dangerous situation. But please respond. I have an offer I am thinking about. I need to talk to you. Please reply. Love you




Babe... please respond


Dear Lexy. I have been offered a role in Hollywood after someone spotted me in one of my modelling shoots. I have decided to take it. Please respond. Love you


Dear Lex. I went for the casting today, and I was told I did well. I hope I get the part!. Love you


Dear Lex. I was informed by my agent that I have been shortlisted for the role. The movie required a new face, and I was one of those they wanted to see again. I hope you are well. Love you


Dear Lex. I GOT THE PART! It will be my first role! I will be playing the main protagonist in this movie. Can you believe it? Please respond. Love you


Babe? Dear?




Lex... I don't know how to tell you this. But for the publicity of the movie, and according to my agent's advice, I am told not to say I am in a relationship. I... I am sorry. For my career, I agreed. But it's make believe. I still love you.. but it's been so long since I've heard from you. Please respond


Dear Lex. I think we should break up for real. Since moving to Hollywood, my horizons have been broadened. I don't know how you are doing over there, but I am thriving here. I'm sorry. I hope things work out for you over there. I do still miss you. But I've decided to concentrate on my career now. The first reading of the real script is tomorrow, and I need to put my whole heart into it. Take care.


Lex sat on his bunk bed, stunned. He tried calling again, but this time the person didn't even answer his call and immediately hung up. 

"Fuck!" Lex yelled as he slammed the wall with his fist. 

He took a towel and went to take a shower to cool off. 

In the shower, he examined his body. There were scars all over him. 

He had aches and pains all over his body, which is to be expected from his severe injuries, but he was surprised that he wasn't more crippled than he was. 

He also contemplated his next move. He was offered a honorable discharge, considering his supposed injuries. 

However, since he seemed fine, he decided to stay on and serve the full length of his tour. 

Even if he did return home now, what would he do? He still hasn't gotten the military scholarship after 1 mission, and how would he fit with a Hollywood star anyway?


Over the following weeks, Lex was called back into action. 

It seems his experience dealing with the giant made him an asset, since the current new missions all involved not only fighting enemy combatants but also more giants. 

Mission by mission, week after week, Lex joined missions that killed more giants. 

He started rising the ranks too, becoming a Lieutenant in a matter of weeks, and even becoming a Captain by the 5th month. 

This was because giant hunting was a dangerous job, and each time multiple soldiers were killed. 

However, Lex seemed to always survive and thrive. 

It was as if something was driving him, and nobody knew it was because he needed to take his emotions from his breakup out on his enemies. 

Weeks turned to months, and the months turned into a year.

As Lex started leading the team, the casualties reduced until they became an effective machine, able to take down the giants without dying.

He became a killing machine, gaining a reputation and being called Captain Death

Today was the first day that they had managed to capture a giant alive!

Lex and his team had manages to trap and incapacitate the giant by badly injuring its arms and legs, leaving it helpless to their capture.


"... congratulations to a job well done. You are dismissed" the General said

"Yes Sir" Lex saluted as he left the conference room.

"Say captain... would you like to go see the latest movie they are screening in the recreation room? We just got it from home." one of his team members Donny asked

"Er.. no. I'm not one for movies. I prefer books" Lex said

"Are you sure? It's the most talked about X Rated movie. There's this up and coming beauty starring in it. Her name is Jasmine Lockhart..." Donny continued

"Jas...ok. I'll go" Lex said, his face looking anxious

"Haha I knew you would. She's a babe!" Donny laughed

Lex had a bad feeling about this, but he couldn't say no now that he found out that Jasmine was in it.