Chapter 4 – Jasmine’s Movie
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The rec room was dark after everyone took their seats. 

The movie was called "Insatiable", a story about a young woman who was a sex addict, ruining all her relationships for casual sex with strangers. 

Lex wondered what would have gotten Jasmine to reveal a bit of flesh. She was always such a shy girl. But isn't X-Rating even more than mere flesh? Maybe there was even nudity!

As the screen came to life, everyone sat silently as the movie started rolling. 

Lex looked at the screen, hoping to see his long lost loved one. 

Piano music came on, playing a classical but beautiful peace. 

The first image came on the screen, and to everyone's surprise it the first thing they saw were gorgeous eyes staring at the screen. 

Lex recognized Jasmine's beautiful eyes anywhere. He has stared at them since forever. 

But as she stared at the screen, her head started moving as her eyes moved up and down, while still staring at the camera. 

The scene was strange, as if... as if...

Lex gulped as the whole rec room collectively gasped. 

The camera started zooming out as it was revealed that she was sucking on a long hard cock!

"Oh my God. Is that real?" a voice said

"No, I'm sure they're using special effects or something" another voice in the rec room said

"I heard she did it for real in this movie. It's all the talk of Hollywood" the first voice said

"Shhhh" yet another voice hushed them. From the fapping sounds, it was obvious he was masturbating in the dark

And he wasn't the only one as the rest of the rec room was silent with only sounds of flesh slapping could be heard. 

Lex sat uncomfortably, not knowing what to do. He wanted to storm out, but yet he needed to watch what was going on. 

The piano music suddenly cut off, and sounds of sucking could be heard. 

Her mouth was sucking the cock, up and down.

While she sucked on the large cock, Jasmine's voice started narrating her story. 

"My name is Carolyn... as you can see, I am sucking a huge cock. 

This is my boyfriend Jerry's cock. He is handsome, rich, smart, charming and most importantly, has a huge cock.  

However, there is one thing about Jerry...."

As her narration stopped, her nose flared as she closed her eyes.

Her face eager as the man's voice behind the camera grunted, causing her to concave her cheeks as she sucked harder. 

"As you can see, he doesn't fulfill me, which makes me hunt for more cocks. I need it all the time. I need a cock in me every day" she said, as she opened her mouth and cum spilled out and all over the cock messily. 

Some kookie music came on as the screen was split into 4 quarters.

The top left quarter, Jasmine suddenly appeared naked, with a white man standing behind her, pushing her against a wall, putting on a condom and then fucking her from behind doggie style as she rubbed her breasts on the wall. 

"This is Ramone, my gardener. Ever so often, he helps me get through the day..." Jasmine's voice said. 

The top right quarter appeared with Jasmine sitting on a black man with a huge cock, as he sat on a gym bench. She faced away from him, but facing the camera, his huge cock disappearing and reappearing from her pussy. 

"This is Tyrone, my Tyrannosaures Rex of a cock. He's my gym trainer who trains me in more ways than normal..." she said as they fucked while all around them, men were pumping iron in the gym. 

The bottom right quarter, Jasmine was in a toilet stall, sucking a dick that was poking through a hole on one side, while ramming her pussy on the other cock poking out from the other side. 

"Sometimes, I randomly fuck strangers. My boyfriend doesn't know, of course. It's dirty, smelly, and dangerous, and this turns me on even more..." Jasmine said seductively. 

Then the bottom left corner showed Jasmine tied up like a package with her arms and legs tied behind her and hanging from a rope as a man dressed in only a black gimp mask fucked her face as she hung helplessly. 

"And this is Antoine, my owner in the S&M Dungeon. I get him to hate fuck me whenever I need something harder, which is very often" she said 

"As you can see, nothing seemed to satisfy me. From sex with strangers, to fucking anonymous dicks in public stall glory holes, to even bondage..." her beautiful voice said

In all 4 screens, the men started cumming. Ramone finally pulled out his cock, and the condom was filled with cum. Tyrone the trainer came inside her, and her stomach could be seem moving. As she slowly got up, cum flowed out of her pussy. 

In the bottom right corner, the two cocks started cumming and she pulled them out of her, squatting on the floor as both cocks from the glory holes cum all over her. And in the S&M dungeon, Antione emptied his balls into her mouth, forcing her to swallow. 

Suddenly, the 4 split screens merged as her top half could be seen lying naked on a table. She closed her eyes and played with her breasts as the camera zoomed out.

"I've tried being a plaything to many men... the first step to a more extreme form of sex..." she said in the narration 

It showed that she was lying on a table, but her bottom half was blocked by a wooden wall, with only a hole where she was poking her top half through. 

As the camera moved to the other side of the wall, a long line of men could be seen lining up as they faced her naked bottom half, where her legs was tied to the wall making her legs form a V shape. 

Sloppy slapping sound were made while the first guy was fucking her already cum filled pussy. Cum was all over her groin and flowed to the floor as the man grunted and ejaculated in her.

The man finished off and walked off as the next man in line walked up to her with a ready erection and started fucking her. 

Lex sat silently, unable to move as his eyes were popped wide open. His hands gripped tightly into a fist so hard, he could feel the blood pump within them. 

All around him, men were busy masturbating, and to his shock, his pants was tight with an erection too!

The scenes of the movie flashed past Lex's mind so fast that he couldn't remember what the story was about. All he could remember was the sex scenes as her familiar voice narrated the scenes. 

"I picked up these strippers as they were good looking and I couldn't help but want them inside me..." her voice said as two handsome black men with huge dicks double penetrated her, one in her pussy, the other into her ass. 

They both came inside her as all 3 of them moaned hard, as they both embraced her, sandwiched in between both of them. 

"... but that wasn't enough for me. Then there here the men I invited home..." she said as she was fully dressed in a short black dress and sucked the cock of her boyfriend "Jerry" in the movie, who was dressed in a smart suit. Both were dressed for a night out as Jerry sipped on a glass of red wine while being sucked.

Another man walked into the room in a suit, and pulled down her black lacy panties, spit on his cock and rammed it into her pussy doggie style. The man took several minutes before cumming inside her. He pulled his cock out, causing some cum to drip out as he casually wiped his cock with her dress, zipped up and then casually walked out. 

As he exited the house, another well dressed man walked in and straight up into the room. He simply unzipped and spat on his hand, lubricating his erect dick as he placed his dick to her entrance and started fucking her. 

The scene went on for several minutes as another 3 guys fucked her after that. 

"... I was used in a bet in a poker game, but Jerry lost and had to give me up for the night.." she said as she was fucked again one in the pussy, and the other in her mouth, her hand on each side playing with a cock as the 4 men played poker on her back, and all 4 ended up not only cumming but also peeing on her face and body. 

"I was so depraved that Jerry left me..." she said as the handsome star of the show, who was the one she sucked at the beginning of the movie left the sex club they were in, as a huge guy with a giant dick pulled her onto the stage and started fucking her in front of everyone. 

Lex watched as the scenes went from orgy to gangbang, threesome to intense S&M scenes where she was tied up and the sadist fisted her pussy. 

Lex remembered that she was a virgin when they were together. Now... well... it's clear she was no longer a virgin as the man shoved both his hands into her pussy as she screamed and squirted all over the place.   

"... and so... I am left with my body, used and abused.... I had a hole that needed filling, but it ended up being the hole..." she said as the camera zoomed out, with her being lying on the bed and surrounded by hundreds of men in a huge gangbang. 

The scene ended and the credits started rolling. 

Just as he watched the names move on the screen, the first name was Jasmine Lockhart. 

Lex still couldn't believe it was her, but there was no mistaking it, it was his childhood sweetheart. 

As the credits rolled on, a side view showed her again, kneeling on the floor as men surrounded her cumming on her face and giving her a huge bukkake. 

After each man cum on her, they clapped their hands and moved to the back as more men moved up front to cum on her. 

Finally she smiled and waved at the camera as the camera man and several other people who were not nude, rather were dressed as if they were working for the movie walked on stage as she unzipped them and got them hard before getting them all to cum on her.

Then the screen went black. 

The whole rec room hooted and clapped as the lights turned on. Most of the men had their cocks out and were cleaning themselves. 

"Sir... erm... you need a tissue?" one of his teammates asked

"Huh?" Lex said before looking at his pants. He had cum on himself inside his pants, and his pants were clearly wet.