Chapter 5 – Talk Show Interview
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"Our guest for tonight, the very talented new actress, and star of the movie Insatiable, the lovely Ms Jasmine Lockhart!" the famous talkshow host Larry Writerman announced after the first 15 minutes of stale jokes with canned laughter. 

The crowd cheered and there were quite a number of cat calls as the pretty actress entered from behind the curtain

She shook the hand of the talk show host and hugged, him giving her a peck on each cheek as he led her to the couch and sat down on his chair. 

"Welcome to the show. Pleased to have you here" Larry welcomed

"Pleasure to meet you. Glad to be here" Jasmine answered.

"So Jasmine... to begin with.. you've made quite a start in Hollywood haven't you?" Larry asked

"Well, I suppose so. It's quite a change from being a high school student" Jasmine answered

"Yes, it's quite a change indeed. So... ah... how big of a change was it for you?" Larry asked. 

"Well, I have to say, the roll challenged me to go further than I thought possible, pushing me to my limits. Without the support of the director and the crew, I would never have been able to do it" Jasmine answered. 

"In case you live under a rock and haven't heard of it, Jasmine's movie Insatiable is the hottest movie in showbiz right now. Everyone who is everyone is talking about it. Here are a few clips from the movie" Larry said as clips of the movie started rolling.

The opening of the movie was shown, but right at the end when she was shown sucking the large cock, right as the music cut off, and only the sounds of her sucking could be heard as well as parts of her narration. 

Then the clip cut to the scene where she was inside the wall with the opening, as a line of men fucked her from the other side. 

Then it cut to the clip of her being double penetrated by the two black dancers. 

Then lastly, it zoomed out on her at the finale, being fucked in a gangbang. 

The clip stopped and the audience hesitantly started clapping as Jasmine smiled uncomfortably and waved at the crowd. 

"Well then, I'll get to the point as these are all the questions that many people would want to know..." Larry started

"Ok... go ahead" Jasmine answered nervously, trying to act calm

"Were the scenes real?" Larry asked

"Yes. I had to do all my own.. uh... stuntwork." Jasmine answered

"So, you were really having sex with all those many men?" Larry asked

"I think that's part of an actor's integrity to give it your all. You really have to get into the role of the character" Jasmine said

"So every cum shot, every penetration scene, every penis thrust, was really into your body? It wasn't CGI or a body double?" Larry asked

"Nope. All me. I got to experience every guy intimately." Jasmine answered

"Didn't you get sore?" Larry asked

"Surprisingly only a little. The director Louis Scarborough was very thoughtful to ensure everyone was sufficiently lubricated before their scene with me" Jasmine asnwered

"Thoughtful... sure... So how many guys did you have sex with?" Larry asked

"On camera or off camera?" Jasmine asked

"What do you mean?" Larry asked

"Well, I had to do many takes of each scene on camera, and only the final scene was taken. On top of that, I had to practice each scene with the main actors beforehand, working with the director and trying out several positions with I don't really know which number you are asking for" Jasmine answered. 

"I don't know, why don't you elaborate more?" Larry asked 

"Off the top of my head, the main actor who played Jerry, Marc Grandel, I had to suck him for the opening scene I think 15 times to get the perfect shot cumming into my mouth. The first few tries, with him cumming on my face, or onto my breasts, didn't fit the director's vision and we had to do it again. Poor guy had a hard time cumming so many times, we had to do it over several days and had to take supplements for him to keep shooting a decent amount of cum" Jasmine started

"Then there was very talented actor Loranzo Garcia who played the gardener. He had to do the same doggie scene with me several times, just to find the right take. I could swear they were identical, except that out of probably 13 tries did he manage cum in the condom only 7 times for the shot the director wanted. 

Then the actor Tony Jackson who was the gym trainer. His cock was so big, it took a long time and alot of practice before I could fit his whole cock balls deep into me. Oops sorry, I can say cock right?" Jasmine said

"Don't worry, the censors will bleep it out. Go on" Larry asked

"Yeah, well after the many takes with him, I couldn't walk properly for days, but it loosened me up enough for the double penetration with the two black dancers Lamar and Leroy. They were real exotic dancers that the director found in a local strip club, who were happy to perform with me and get a little bit of fame" Jasmine said

"Interesting" Larry said as he nudged Jasmine to tell more. 

"Then there is actually a story behind the glory hole scene. It has been suggested that a few of the crew wanted to fuck me or get blown by me, so the director wrote the scene in. I don't know which crew's dicks were used, as they wanted to remain anonymous, but I am pretty sure there were at least 5 different dicks in the scene. 

And the S&M scene, we had an expert come in to tie me up and hang me in the scene. The person in the gimp suit was not revealed to me, and there were 3 of them based on their cock size, but I suspect.... well I better not say" Jasmine said

"Was it the director Louis Scarborough?" Larry asked

"Not telling" Jasmine smiled

"Was it the producer Steven Weinsmith?" Larry asked again

"Not... telling.." Jasmine smiled again. 

"Ahem... well, what about the wall scene or the orgy? How many people were there?" Larry said

"For the wall scene, they just lined up all the men and took a continuous long shot. As you see in the movie, I was already a mess with many guys already having cum into me. So that scene only required one very long shot

As for the gangbang, we actually organized 3 gangbangs. The director Louis just let the men go wild and edited the video to merge them all into one large scene at the end" Jasmine said

"So? Rough estimate, overall including on and off camera scenes, how many people did you have sex with for the movie?" Larry asked

"I am not sure, but for the main actors, I had sex with.. um... Marc, Loranzo, Tony, the 5 guys in the stall, the 3 guys in the gimp suit, the 2 strippers, the 5 men while blowing Marc, the 4 guys playing poker.... the wall, 3 orgies...the several threesomes... I would estimate over 300 different men, and if you include the celebratory orgy with the crew after... over 1000 times for the movie, maybe even 2000" Jasmine said

"I see. That's an amazing number. Your dedication to your craft is admirable. You seem to be quite enthusiastic about all the sex. Were you always so open?" Larry asked

"No. I was chaste when I came to Hollywood. I was even a virgin when I got the role" Jasmine said

"A virgin? Surely not!" Larry gasped

"Yes! But when I got the role, Louis convinced me that this role would rocket my status to the atmosphere, and he was right." Jasmine said

"But being a virgin.. " Larry wanted to ask

"You want to know who took my virginity right? Well, to be honest, I never told anyone I was a virgin. Everyone thought I had had sex with my ex-boyfriend before this.

But even before that, before even the male cast were selected, the casting director... ahem.. went through the scenes with me to see how well I acted. He was shocked in the first date when there was blood on his condom. 

He was so sweet and kept apologizing. But I smiled and told him I am a professional, it's part of the job. I also got him to promise not to tell anyone" Jasmine said

"Erm.. so do you have a boyfriend? What would he think of all this?" Larry asked

Jasmine sat silently, stunned as her facial expressions changed. 

"I.... no....I'm... single.." Jasmine said suddenly tearing up. 

"Wait... I'm sorry.." Larry said, giving her a tissue "lets go to commercial break" Larry announced. 

The interview continued after the break, but they only talked about other unimportant and impersonal stuff. 

The talk show host did get Jasmine to perform a blowjob on a huge dildo and convinced her to sit on it. 

She classily removed her panties, careful not to show any nudity to the camera, and moaned while the dildo disappeared up into her skirt as the audience cheered. 

Lex closed his notebook and sighed. What a change Jasmine has gone through. Although she looked the same, he felt that he didn't know her anymore.

Even if they were still together, they were sexually incompatible.