Chapter 6 – More Missions and Interviews
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Lex threw himself into his work. The talk show really fucked with his mind, and killing giants managed to get his mind of Jasmine.  

Not only were there giants, or as they used the name of the region, the Nephilim in the vast desert, there were also other strange and mysterious creatures from the region.

Firstly, they encountered the largest bird he's ever even heard of, with a wingspan of over 50 meters, no aircraft in the sky could match it. The locals call it a Rukh, or as the westerners call it the Roc.

Lex and his men could but watch as the huge creature created a huge shadow over the ground.

As their mission was only to clear the caves of terrorists as well as whatever Nephilim they met, they had no reason to pick a fight with a gigantic raptor who ate elephants for breakfast.

Though Lex threw himself into action with reckless abandonment, his results were startling.

Not only did he build on his reputation that gave him the nickname Captain Death, he was becoming known as the giant killer as well, due to his team clearing so many caves in the region.

However it was another giant creature that slaughtered half his now crack team of marines.

They encountered a huge creature, as huge as a large mansion, that apparently killed anything it met with its gaze.

Half his team died instantly from it, and Lex only survived by luck as he was ducking behind a rock when the creature looked at them

 It was the Sannaja of legend, one of the largest animals in Middle Eastern mythology, it had six legs, a large turtle shell and it's weird red spiderish head which killed with its gaze. 

"Fire in the hole" Lex yelled as he lobbed a flashbang grenade in the direction of the creature. 

As the flashbang blinded the monster, he commanded all the surviving members to lob grenades at it, one after another, with as many as they had. 

Grenades kept landing and exploding on the creature as it screamed in agony, before Lex lobbed another flashbang

As the flash blinded the monster yet again, this time they came out from behind their cover and started emptying their machine guns at the monster. 

By now, the monster was mangled and badly wounded from the many grenades, and Lex made sure to pepper the monster's face with unceasing bullets, blinding it and destroying it's deathly gaze. 

The monster finally died with an anguished scream and the team sighed in relief. This was one of the most devastating battles in terms of lives lost since Lex became a captain. 

The debriefing was intense as while the command didn't chew Lex out for losing so many men, Lex was angry that they didn't have better intelligence and walked blindly into a deadly situation that decimated half his team. 

He returned to the barracks he shared with all his men. They regularly went to the rec room, and watched Insatiable over and over, but Lex didn't join them. Anything to not remind him of her. 

However, today things were different. Half his men were dead. Not only did his men need to release some steam, so did he, so he joined them to watch it again. 

By now, the rec room was smelling of cum as the movie seemed to be running 24/7. 

Lex watched it and unzipped his pants. He was really going to go for it and not hold himself back as the movie started rolling and Jasmine's eyes looked at him from the screen. 


While the rest of the men enjoyed themselves, Lex didn't even though he came so many times while watching the movie. 

He opened his laptop and did a search, finding a sub-readit on the movie

In it were a compilation of interviews by actors and extras on the set of the movie. The sub-readitors edited out all the irrelevant parts and only focused on the sex parts of each interview and combined them together. 


"So how was having sex with Jasmine?" the interviewer asked Tony Jackson who acted as Tyrone, the gym trainer who fucked Jasmine in the gym in front of everyone

"She was... tight. Before the movie, all the actors had to spend several nights with her to get her used to having sex with us. But with me, we tried several times to have sex, but I was too big for her. 

By the time of our shooting, the others like Marc who played the boyfriend Jerry, and who also had a pretty big dick, though not as big as mine, already loosened her up a little. Besides that, the director gave her a huge dildo to practice with every night. 

So for the shooting, we figured she was already ready for me. However, she could only fit half of my length in her. But as the camera was shooting and we were taking so many takes, the director told me to push her right down onto me. 

She screamed as I entered balls deep. You can see it in the director's cut. But after staying still for a while to recover, she soldiered on.

Also, another problem occurred as she got stuck on me as I was too big. So the director changed the script so I get to cum inside her. So once I came, my cock naturally softened and was able to slip out of her.

We had to take several takes of the scene though, as the director wanted the perfect shot of cum dropping out of her as my cock is pulled out. 

She's a trooper and I admire that in her" Tony said


"You were one of the few who wore a condom to fuck her. Why is that?" an interviewer asked Loranzo Garcia who played Ramone the gardener in the movie.

"Well my scene was one of the earlier scenes. We did several scenes with a condom at first. Then the director asked for several shots where I filled the condom while inside her. Then later on for several more shots of the same scene, I came in her bare back, letting my cum flow out of her to the floor. But I suppose for the final cut, the director chose the scene with the filled condom to make it different from the rest" Loranzo said


"As the main male star of the show, how come you didn't have any sex scenes with Jasmine?" the interviewer asked Marc Grandel, who played the boyfriend Jerry in the movie. 

"Actually, I had many scenes with her. I had a sex scene in bed with her riding me. I fucked her while in a swimming pool. We actually did many different tests in the pre-shoots, and we had sex many times and in many positions before the actual shoot to get comfortable with each other and to practice what would look good on camera. 

But I guess at the end of the day, the director thought it would make more sense in the movie to just show me being sucked at the beginning, and being sucked again while the other men fucked her from behind. I can't say much as that is the director's vision. But that first scene with my dick in her mouth was so hot wasn't it? 

I think if the Oscars weren't so prudish, it should be nominated for best scene or something.

However, the other sex scenes that were left out can be seen in the director's cut, including other experimental scenes that were cut out like the dog licking her and her horse fucking scene" Marc answered. 


Lex slammed the laptop shut. He has had enough. 

Although Jasmine had broken up with him, so she didn't technically cheat on him, it still hurt him deeply. 

He picked up the phone, and stared at it. Over the months, it sat in his drawer, uncharged. 

Then he placed it down again, on the side table next to his bunk. 

"Hey cap. You... I notice your mobile phone is not charged. Is it broken?" one of his men Danny asked him. 

"Er.. no. It's just that I don't have anyone that I need to stay in contact with" Lex said

Just then, the sirens sounded

Lex sighed and stood up. 

"This is an emergency! Lets get to the briefing room" Lex ordered, relieved that he could go on a mission again to forget all this. 

"Yes Sir!" all the men scrambled

As they were leaving, Danny looked at Lex's phone and plugged it into his charger which was nearby and ran off to join the rest.