Chapter 153 – Body Snatchers
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Lex watched as Heather slept in her bed.

He's seen her sleeping naked in the tower all the time without anything happening between them, but he's never seen her sleep in a proper bed.

Even when he got out, he took over her body to sleep with his lovers, and whenever he didn't she slept somewhere else, either in her own room, or later on with Donny.

So it was strange seeing her wear a thin see through t-shirt and panties to bed.

As he couldn't get 5 feet from her, he had to be in the shower with her, watch her use the toilet

Fortunately she wasn't having sex, unlike the countless nights he had to be in the same room with Jasmine and the multiple lovers, the famous and the not famous.

He also didn't spend a night with Anna, because he got out of there the first day. But even when he left, she was fucking someone.

She tossed and turned, kicking her blanket to the floor, laying down just in her see through clothes.

At the end, he lay down with her, like he did with Jasmine and hugged her to sleep even though she couldn't feel it.

It was a bad day for her, getting two unsolvable cases linked to deaths and possibly homicides

It was worse for Lex, seeing that the dead ones are his lovers.

She rolled to his side, her body overlapping with his. 

Unfortunately, he couldn't take over her body.

Suddenly, her right hand reached for her crotch and she started masturbating.

Lex thought it was awkward, so he got out of bed and sat at the side of the bed.

He didn't want to watch, but suddenly, her panties flew through his head.

He turned around and saw her on her front, her butt in the air right in front of him as her fingers clearly entered her pussy.

She moaned as her fingers moved faster

Suddenly, she mumbled "Oh Lex!" and climaxed

Lex stood up in shock. This shouldn't be possible

She didn't know him here in this timeline! What's going on?

Heather fell asleep, her bottom exposed as Lex could see her wet pussy and fingers.

Something wasn't right here.

But it wasn't as if he could do anything about it.


Heather parked her car and walked to the entrance of the police station.

It was still dark at 4.45 AM, but Heather regularly came in at 5am to have a workout before going to work.  

As she entered the front door, she passed by two women and thought one of them wore familiar clothes, but she didn't think too much of it, only wondering what were women coming in so early in the morning.  

Lex however, stared at their backs as they left the station. 

"Can it be? Isn't that Jasmine and Anna?" Lex thought. 

But as hard as he tried, Heather was dragging him further and further away until he gave up the futile effort. 

Her normal schedule was to have a workout first, then a shower before work. 

But when she arrived at her locker, her locker was broken into, as were many other lockers!

"What in the world?" Heather thought as she looked at the mess. 

The floor was strewn with dresses everywhere, as well as women's underwear 

As she looked into her own locker and saw that her clothes were missing. 

She didn't keep dresses in the workplace, but perhaps the other women did. 

All her clothes were her workout clothes, which consisted of sports bras, t-shirts and gym pants. 

"Those women!" Heather suddenly remembered. Those were her clothes!

Lex also made the link, and knew that they were Jasmine and Anna, but he couldn't tell her. 

While stealing clothes was a misdemeanor at best, this was supposed to be a police station. It was daring and brazen that it was broken into just to steal clothes. 

She stormed out, to go to the room where they kept the CCTV recordings when the coroner stormed the same direction in a huff,

"Dr Adrian? What's going on?" Heather asked

"Those two ladies I autopsied yesterday! Their bodies are gone, and no one signed the release papers!" he said.

"You're going to see the CCTV recordings?" Heather asked.

"Yes. You?" Dr Adrian asked

"Yes, me too. Someone broke into the women's locker room. Clothes are everywhere and my clothes are stolen" Heather said. 

"What the.. did anyone dress them and smuggled them out? One of them is a celebrity you know" Dr Adrian said

"I know. Let's go and look" Heather said


They looked at the CCTV footage of the morgue. Fast forwarding the footage, they waited to see if there was any movement. 

"Only those two ladies went missing? There were no other bodies in the morgue?" Heather asked as they watched together with the officer in charge of the recording room. 

"No.. in fact there are too many bodies. Our freezers didn't have room, so these two were left in bodybags on the surgery tables, since they were the last one autopsied" Dr Adrian said

"Wait... look! What the hell is that?" the officer pointed on the screen

There were two black objects that entered the morgue. 

While they were both black, they were quite different. 

One looked like a spiked sea urchin, but as large as a baseball, and was shiny. It rolled on the ground, "walking" on the many spiked legs

The other looked like a lump of bubbly black mass. It moved on the floor like slime, oozing black matter as it moved, but absorbing the ooze behind it as it went along. 

They two strange things entered the morgue and instantly went to the only two corpses on the tables. 

The spiked one jumped in the air, it's spikes shooting out as it rotated, ripping the body bag apart. 

The second one just jumped on the body bag, and it dissolved and melted off the body, leaving it whole.

The spiked one "stood" over Anna's body, as if examining her before it suddenly broke into 3 pieces, and entered her mouth, pussy and vagina. 

As it did that, suddenly it seemed like her mouth, eyes, pussy and anus were being stitched shut as black thread or staples seemed to sew itself inside her body. 

Suddenly, her body burst apart where her body was chopped apart to hide in the fridge. 

Her body separated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. 

But between the parts, black metallic poles could be seen joining the parts together, before they reattached again, and stitches started to form at the separated parts. 

As for Jasmine, the blob moved up to her mouth, then down to her pussy and finally entered there, figuring that there was more room inside there due to her missing womb. 

The flesh under her skin started to bubble and shrink, as if her body was being eaten from the inside as she deflated

But before she completely flattened, her skin started expanding again, refilled by the bloblike substance. 

Before long, her body had the same dimensions again, except black stuff could be seen from her eyes, mouth and pussy if you look into it. 

Both bodies got up and walked out of the morgue naked. 

The CCTV cameras followed them as they calmly walked naked through the corridors at 4.30 in the morning. 

 As it was still early, not many people were around, and definitely not many in the inner parts of the station like the morgue. 

They found their way into the women's locker room. 

"Why isn't the cameras following her inside?" Heather asked

"Do you really want have cameras in the women's locker?" the officer asked

They came out 7 minutes later, wearing Heather's clothes. 

Anna wore a cap and sunglasses that covered her stitches. 

The cameras followed them as they wondered around a bit before finding the exit. 

They walked past Heather as they left the station. 

The cameras outside showed them hailing a cab and leaving. 

Heather was rubbing her head. Why does her cases get weirder and weirder? 

Is this a test, seeing if she was capable of joining the MIB or something?

Lex punched the screens impotently. He couldn't even smash the screen and would only watch helplessly as all these things happened.