Chapter 155 – Battle at the Gas Station.
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Heather ran to the changing room again. She couldn't chase them naked like this as her clothes were practically useless.

She couldn't let them get away, so there was no time to waste. 

It was not even 6am yet and all these crazy things had happened within the hour. 

Fortunately in the changing room, she still had some gym clothes left that the two ladies did not take.

A sports bra, t-shirt, track pants, she didn't look professional. But what choice did she have? She didn't even have a spare panties and was going commando under her track pants, and had no socks for the sneakers she changed into. 

But at least these were all her own stuff. She would hate to have to wear some of the other's clothes on the floor.

She put on her holster and ran out the front door amidst the carnage in the station. 

There were dead and wounded officers everywhere while other officers were assisting the injured. 

Nathan and... Rodney. She remembered that they were among the people who had gone missing too, although she couldn't remember their last names. 

She got in her car and headed the general direction those two had run off to. 

At the speed they were running, it was impossible to catch them by foot. 

Suddenly, there was a call of a disturbance at a gas station, several blocks from there. 

Heather turned on the siren and zoomed towards the direction of the disturbance. 

All the while Lex sat silently in the car. He had already gotten used to being a spectator, as he couldn't do anything anyway but watch. 

She was surprised to see even more people with strange weapons running in the same direction and Heather assumed these were the missing people as well that had returned. 

They were running faster than her car could keep up with and arrived faster than her. 

Most of them were men, but there was at least 2 women among them. 

When she turned the corner, she was shocked at the carnage that was in front of her. 

The gas station was already gutted and on fire, as were the buildings all around it. 

Some of those who ran ahead were already dead on the ground, covered in flames, while the others were still fighting.

Their enemy was the naked bodies of Jasmine and Anna, taken over by the strange creatures. Their clothes had been ripped or burned already and even their skins were fraying from the heat as the black stuff under their skins were showing from the wounds on their bodies

Anna's fingers were extended with long 3 feet spikes of the black substance that was now aflame, and rather than standing on her legs, spikes came out of her pussy, holding her up at least 5 feet off the ground as she battled her enemies. Anna had a gas pump pumping gas simultaneously up her ass.

Jasmine was spouting flames from her mouth like a fire dragon! Another gas pump was pumping gas into her pussy, and each time she breathed fire, her body deflated a bit, then reinflated again from the gasoline!

It looked like all that remained were their skins as their flesh underneath were gone.

It seemed like they were powered by gasoline, and their opponents were doing badly. 

Heather pulled back as she could feel the flames even in her car from where she was. 

This was not a fight she could get involved in.

"Separate them from the gas tanks! They feed on hydrocarbons!" Nathan yelled, coordinating their efforts

One of the swordsmen cut the hose connected to Jasmine and got burned in the ensuing flames

Jasmine roared an unearthly roar, removing the end of the pump from her pussy and grabbing on to the severed pump that was on fire.

Without hesitation, she stuffed it in her pussy again and breathed flames onto the already burning man, incinerating him.

As she shoved the flaming fuel hose into her, her insides were on fire and her skin was starting to crackle and burn

"Miguel!" Nathan shouted, but it was too late.

Anna killed several more people  as even more arrived.

Suddenly, both women pulled out the fuel pumps from their bodies and started fleeing.

Jasmine shot flames out of her pussy, taking off into the sky like a rocket while Anna's spikes from her pussy moved like long legs, following her.

"Don't let them get away! If they find more petro-carbons, they will become more powerful! " Nathan yelled as they started to chase them

Just then, the whole gas station exploded, killing many of the sword wielding people.

Someone yanked Heather from her car as it was caught up in the explosion, and she was thrown behind a building.

She opened her eyes and saw Rodney on top of her. 

"For you to be here, I guess you wanted my dick after all. I didn't have to go look for you afterwards" he laughed as he started ripping her clothes off. 

This guy started stripping her while all the buildings around them were literally burning to the ground. 

"What are you doing? Get off me!" Heather yelled

But Rodney's strength was beyond what a normal human could have, easily overpowering her. 

She screamed in pain as he grabbed her breasts, his strength leaving handprints on her soft mounds.

"No! You'll be punished for this!" Heather yelled as she felt his rod finding her entrance.

"Punished? We are beyond the laws of men now. We are more like gods!" he said as he entered her.

He started fucking her hard, with so much force her pelvis was hurting.

Fortunately he was average in size, otherwise he would have hurt the insides of her pussy too.

As she couldn't resist him, Heather tried to remain relaxed so his dick wouldn't injure her too much, but she could feel her pelvis being fractured.

"Ugh.. ugh...ugh" Rodney grunted.

He smiled as he got up and left.

Heather groaned in pain. Her pelvis was broken, and when he came inside her, she felt a sharp pain inside.

As she tried to get up, blood started pouring out of her pussy!

Lex tried to help her get up, but he couldn't and watched helplessly as she struggled to get up.

She used her ripped pants to try to stop her bleeding.

Avoiding her pain, she limped to her car which was still there amongst the flaming buildings.

Although the windows were all shattered, it wasn't on fire, and still looked usable

She started the engine and found it still worked.

She needed to get to a hospital.