Chapter 156 – Heather’s End
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Heather's barely managed to drive herself to the emergency entrance of the hospital, crashing into the car parked beside the entrance and a few potted plants nearby.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing.." the security guard ran to say before noticing Heather was naked with all her clothes covered in bleed

"" she said before she passed out.

Her car was covered in her blood, and her body was extremely pale from lack of blood.

Paramedics, who were there with their ambulances rushed to try and save her.

Lex followed her silently as they brought her into the surgery to scan her and see what had happened.

While she was being scanned, the doctors worked hard to try to stem her bleeding, giving her multiple pints of blood.

An hour later, upon seeing the test results, the horrified doctors sent Heather immediately for emergency surgery to try and save her life.

In the meantime, sounds of battle could be heard in the distance, from loud explosions.

Lex stood in the operating theatre looking horrified. 

"What are you doing? You are supposed to help her! You're butchering her!" he yelled, but no one could hear him.

Lex watched with tears in his eyes, wondering how would Heather take this being done to her


Heather awoke 4 days later after being put in a induced coma. 

The hospital building she was in shook, and the lights flickered a few times. 

She was confused, not knowing where she was

Outside her ICU room, the hospital was busy being filled with dead and dying people. 

Lex could barely poke his head out of the room, but he could poke his head out of the wall to see what was happening outside. 

The two black objects could be seen for miles away, having made their way to the LA Tar Pits and absorbing more hydrocarbons. 

The skin of Jasmine and Anna were no longer seen as they were probably burnt off, or torn to pieces after those things grew to such gigantic proportions. 

Each of them was as tall as a skyscraper, easily seen over the Las Angeles skyline. 

He turned around to see Heather, who was breaking down in tears at what she saw. 

She looked at her body, and below her waist, everything was amputated off!

Tubes connected directly to her upper stomach to remove waste, not that there was any currently. 

She pressed the red button urgently, not believing that this was real. 

A doctor came in, looking exhausted. 

"Ms're finally awake! I'm the doctor who performed emergency surgery on you, Dr Brunn" he said, trying to sound sympathizing 

"What happened to me? What did you do to me?" Heather asked hysterically. 

"I... I'm sorry Ms Bluise. When we scanned you, you were still bleeding profusely. Your pelvis was... broken in so many pieces, it was a miracle you managed to drive yourself here.

But... it was your other injury. Did... did somebody insert a shotgun into your vagina or something like that?" Dr Brunn asked

Heather shook her head at first, then suddenly nodded "Something like that" she remembered Rodney cumming with great force inside her. 

"Well, we couldn't find any bullets, but most of your bones and organs were perforated. Your uterus, bladder, rectum, lower intestines.. we couldn't save any of them. 

The injuries was so severe, we had to perform a hemicorporectomy as a last resort to save your life" Dr Brunn said. 

A hemicorporectomy is a dangerous surgery amputating the spine and everything beneath the waist, and is done due to cancer of the pelvis or severe disease or injury that required such severe action to save the patient's life.

Suddenly a nurse barged in 

"Sorry Dr Brunn. There's an emergency. More patients are being brought in" the nurse said.

"I.. I'm sorry Ms Bluise. I have to go. There's some sort of war with a monster out there and we're being flooded with victims" Dr Brunn said and left. 

Heather sat by herself in stunned silence as tears flowed from her eyes. 

What did she do to deserve this? What would become of her now?

She's never been married, never had a long term relationship with anyone. 

She knew she was beautiful, but had rejected men to concentrate on her career, becoming Captain even before she was 25. 

But now it seems like her efforts was a waste. This was all for nothing. 

Lex tried to hug her, but there was nothing he could do. 

Suddenly, the building shook badly. 

It was a severe earthquake and the lights blacked out, leaving Heather in darkness as the whole room shook like it was falling apart. 

She screamed as her bed shook so bad, it fell to its side, throwing her off!

Then, as suddenly as the quake started, it suddenly stopped. 

The emergency lights came on, and it was blue rather than the normal white lights. 

Heather was on the floor as all her tubes and wires were forcefully yanked out of her. 

She found herself bleeding after knocking her head on the side table which also fell on her. 

Inside, were a few of the personal items she had on her. 

Her clothes were thrown away as they were shreds when she arrived.

But the nurses found on her her pistol, her broken mobile phone, her wallet and her badge. 

The roar got louder from the outside. 

As Lex could not even help Heather, he took a peek outside the cracked wall. 

His eyes bulged do see the two gigantic monsters heading this way. 

"Heather, you've got to get out of...." he said, yelling helplessly at Heather. 

But he saw her putting her loaded pistol in her mouth. 

"No Heather..." Lex said


She blew her brains out all over the hospital room. 

Just as that happened, a huge black flaming spike burst through the room, impaling the bed, wall and Heather's dead body in one shot. 

Lex looked at his hands as he started fading from existence, and looked around him as the spiked monster that had took over Anna's body earlier, destroyed the hospital with everyone and everything in it.