Chapter 157 – Chronos
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Lex opened his eyes. Didn't he vanish for good?

Who else is he going to be attached to? 

He's already been with Jasmine, Anna and Heather when they lived their lives without him.

But his body was visible again. Was it the Celestials? Did they want to punish him even more?

Wasn't this torture already his punishment?

But this wasn't the white room of the Celestials.

Instead, all around him was a grey room, filled with clocks, and each clock was showing a different time!

"Welcome Alex Marshall, or should I call you Lex?" a voice asked

Lex turned around to see a 3 meter tall man who didn't have a face, but instead had a clock face. He wore a neat white suit with a red tie.

"I am Chronos" he said

"Er.. hello" Lex said, confused

"You must be wondering why I brought you here. You should have been dead when the Celestials annihilated you.

But Nightmare, the demon of dreams stole your soul, to feast on your suffering.

In a sense, that was your salvation, whether Nightmare intended it or not.

As for me, when I found your soul still alive, I took it here for what I am about to task you" Chronos said

"You want to give me a task? I'm already dead, aren't I?" Lex asked

"No, worse than death. You were erased from existence by the Celestials. They destroyed your soul when you died in the middle east" Chronos said

"Then...if I'm erased, what do you need me for?" Lex asked

"You can save your reality. I cannot help you directly, as it would put me in conflict with the Celestials, but I can send you back with your full powers, back to where you rejoined reality this time" Chronos said

"Why not to where I was before?" Lex asked

"That timeline.. no longer exists. The power of the Celestials are not to be underestimated. However, because you were abruptly sent back in time and annihilated, a memory of your powers and abilities still exist. I can sent that part of you back in time, with your current memories to save reality. 

And your lovers... partners... if you so desire, I can grant them their powers and memories too.

They can be your partners in this task if you so desire. But if you don't want to, they will live their lives as you have just seen, none the wiser, only to repeat the same path they have taken. 

The only reason I can do this, is because your soul is already anchored to their souls. If you desire not to, the link between souls will be severed, and they will not know you, nor have any memories of you. 

But I can only give you this choice once, for you and your lovers. Do you want to?" Chronos asked

Lex thought for a minute. Does he want to relive all that again, with them living out their tragic fates?

If he rejects, he will lose his link to them, and they will never have known him, dying brutal deaths

No, he can't believe he even gave it a second thought. No matter what happened, they were forced to live their decisions and paid for it. 

And no matter what happened, their lives were still better off with him in it. 

"Yes. I want all 3 of them with me" Lex said

"So be it" Chronos said and snapped his fingers. 

3 souls started forming in the room, turning into the 3 naked bodies of Jasmine, Anna and Heather. 

But they all stood like statues, looking lifeless. 

"Now I will restore their powers, together with all their memories and experiences" Chronos said

All 3 of them opened their eyes, but even before being surprised by their surroundings, their memories came back to them. 

First, were their memories in the previous life, with Lex, the towers and their powers, then suddenly, they experienced all the more recent memories of life without Lex.

All 3 fell to the ground, as if suffering from an injury 

"No Dr Armstrong! Don't!" Jasmine said as her arms seemed to be trying to defend herself, reliving the final moment of her life. 

"I'm here Jasmine" Lex said, hugging her as she calmed down. 

"I promise Tony I will earn more money..." Anna said, her hands covering her face. 

Lex held her close in his other hand, both arms hugging his old lovers. 

Heather just sat with a dejected face, looking on the ground before seeing her legs and crotch, touching them with disbelief. 

"Heather? Are you ok?" Lex asked

"Lex?" Heather looked up at him.

Hearing his name, both Jasmine and Anna opened their eyes, realizing they were being hugged by Lex. 

"Lex!" both said simultaneously and hugged him. 

"Come here. Join in Heather" Lex invited as she joined the group hug. 

"Now that Lex has revived all of you. Let's get down to business" Chronos said

Lex introduced Chronos to the three and explained what had happened. 

"Oh my God, you were witnessing everything?" Jasmine asked

"Yes. I could never go even 5 feet away from you" Lex said

He explained what had happened, as they only had the memories of the past life, then the most recent incarnation without Lex. 

Jasmine, Anna and Heather realized that they had lived the most brutal parts of their new lives, yet he witnessed everything. 

"A warning. The Celestials may not be omniscient, but they are still very powerful.

Although they can reverse time and change time, they are not familiar with the intricacies of time as I am. 

So Lex will be going back to the same starting point when Jasmine gets the role. 

But Jasmine, although you will have your memories and powers, you must not do anything differently to make them suspect anything." Chronos said

"You mean... I will have to film Insatiable 1, 2 and 3 plus all the others, while Lex is with me and I'm fully powered? Why do I have to?" Jasmine asked

"Because if they know you have suspicious powers, they will turn back time again, this time perhaps annihilating you!

But you only have to do the first 2 Insatiable movies and the 6 Hollywood X rated movies before you are sucked into the tower" Chronos said

"There will be a tower again?" Lex asked

"Yes. The second time was a failure, so they are restarting again. This time, all the 5 systems will be running, including the tower and the gates again. But as they've annihilated you, they won't be expecting that you will change things again. They assume this time will be a success" Chronos said

"So I go into the tower and all that again?" Lex asked

"No. This time, Jasmine, Anna and Heather will have to go through the tower on their own. But with their powers, they should be able to clear the tower themselves, with Jasmine the first, Anna the third and Heather the 5th cycle. However, Jasmine might have to face Sonny Thornton on her own" Chronos said

"Who?" Lex asked

"Scum" Chronos said. 

"You can fully demonstrate your powers after the tower. I will suggest you take the same easter eggs that gave you your powers, so you can pretend that's where you got your powers from. But don't eat them again. It may have unwarranted effects" Chronos said

"So.. Jasmine will have to go through all the filming again. That means... I have to model... as I did.. again?" Anna asked

"Yes. You must prevent suspicion at all costs" Chronos said

"I have to be with Tony again too?" Anna asked

"Try not to change history at all. Let the Celestials change it with the interruption of the towers" Chronos said. 

"How about my investigations? I assume Jasmine and Anna won't be dead for those black monsters to take over?" Heather asked

"No. That time period would be when Jasmine is already out of the tower with her powers, and Anna had just gone in. Those black harbingers of doom will appear, but history would have been changed because of the tower. You are to survive as much as you can until you are sent into the tower" Chronos said. 

"Why are you doing this for us?" Lex asked Chronos. 

"We are the metaphysical concepts of the universe. Our goal is to ensure the survival of this reality. 

The Celestials think they are creating mankind's best chance of survival by implementing systems that train and empower humanity. 

But they disregarded you, as you have taken away their glory by bypassing their systems and winning without them.

You don't even make full use of the tower system to level up, merely letting the system automatically improve your stats. 

In a sense, you success could not be attributed to their work, and they are not happy with that. 

We on the other hand, see you as a wildcard that has done miracles. Perhaps you will do miracles again. 

As they have annihilated you and turned back time, the Celestials now have a gap in their knowledge. 

They don't know of your existence. 

So with your old powers, you can control the void and shadows, so they cannot see you nor sense you. 

I would suggest not talking too much nor showing yourself at all. You can still assassinate with your shadows, but keep a low profile and hope they don't see you" Chronos said. 

"Lex... I hope you.. don't watch me doing all that again. I've hurt you so much" Jasmine said

"No. I will be there, guarding you in case of anything unforeseen. With your current body, you won't be able to catch any diseases. I don't think anything can hurt you. But even so, I will be there" Lex said

"I.. I will have to follow the same path as well. I hope you don't hate me for this" Anna said, referring to her modelling and relationship with Tony. 

"As I told Jasmine. I'll be there, but won't interfere. I just don't want you to think you're alone. I can travel in the shadows after all" Lex said

"I don't have anything to be ashamed of. But I may or may not be raped. But I'll try to avoid that situation as much as I can" Heather said. 

Lex gave them all kisses before Chronos sends them off. The timeline where he marries Jasmine no longer exists, so he doesn't consider himself married. 

But while he thinks of them as his women, he now had a more open view of their relationship. He would just treat them as friends with benefits. Yes, they will be having sex with other men, but then again, he was having sex with all 3 of them too. 

He wasn't entirely monogamous too.