Chapter 158 – Restarting Again
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Lex appeared on a dark street naked, but to everyone but himself, invisible and intangible.

But unlike before, he could teleport shadow to shadow, signifying that he had his powers back.

Lex looked around recognized the street he was on.

He knew where this was as he saw the house he lived in with his parents before they died!

The "For Sale" sign was up, and a sticker above it saying "Sold" was plastered over the sign

Just then in the house two doors away opposite the road, Jasmine exited a cab.

She looked younger again, and walked into her door, closing it.

Lex followed her, walking through the door.

He walked up the stairs, to her room.

Jasmine was sitting on her bed, crying. She was in her bra and panties but sobbing uncontrollably as she typed on her mobile phone

Lex looked over her shoulder and read her text she was texting.

[Dear Lex. I think we should break up for real. Since moving to Hollywood, my horizons have been broadened. I don't know how you are doing over there, but I am thriving here. I'm sorry. I hope things work out for you over there. I do still miss you. But I've decided to concentrate on my career now. The first reading of the real script is tomorrow, and I need to put my whole heart into it. Take care.]

"Jasmine?" Lex said

Jasmine's hands shaked and dropped the phone on to the floor.

"Lex?" Jasmine said

"Don't react to my voice. Pretend to talk on the phone. Chronos said the Celestials watch but don't listen in when the monitor this reality" Lex reminded

Jasmine didn't react and she picked up the phone.

"Oh thank God! I thought I would have to relive everything again" Jasmine said

"You kind of do" Lex said

"Do I? I.. don't want to. I never did, you know?" Jasmine said

"You know we have to maintain the timeline, otherwise, they might erase you from the timeline. So we have to do everything the same, or similar enough that no one will notice" Lex said

"But... you know all I went through. You were there the last time too" she said

"Yes. And I will be there with you again... unless you don't want me there" Lex replied

"I.... I've made peace with what I've done in our original timeline, but after living it again, it still traumatizes me. I... I don't know if I can help lashing out and killing all those manipulative bastards" Jasmine said

Jasmine retained all her powers and abilities, meaning she could overpower and rip all those actors apart easily. 

But she could not use her powers lest the Celestials find out about them and erase her permanently. 

So she, Anna and Heather would have to pretend not to have powers, and go through what they had to go through, to relive everything and get back to their original timeline, but this time without Lex "ruining" the Celestial's plans. 

"I thought that I was over it too, until I saw everything that you.. you did.." Lex said

"Coerced to do. I had to force myself to do those things. You saw it" Jasmine said

"Yes, yes I did" Lex answered

"Lex, I know I may have made peace with it, but I know that I've hurt you each time. How are going to go through this again? Will we..our relationship survive this?" Jasmine asked, tearing up

"Initially I tried to distance myself from my feelings, and watch you as an actor, doing what you do. It's like watching an actress who is your wife kissing another actor. I kept telling myself it's part of the job.

But watching it with my own eyes happening, I can't believe how much it hurt to see it happening live" Lex said

"So what to we do? Do we try to change history and hope the Celestials don't notice?" Jasmine asked

"No...that's too dangerous. Maybe... I can try something else" Lex said

"What?" Jasmine asked

"You know, how I possess only Heather and Yasmeen?" Lex said

"Yeah?" she replied

"I can possess others too, but not for long. I... tried to possess my other shadow clones before. But once I stay too long, my personality and memories become mixed with theirs.

The people I possess will retain memories of what I did with their body, but after I leave, I will be influenced by their tastes, personality and memories, and it takes time to get it out of my head" Lex said

"So why doesn't that happen with Heather?" she asked

"Heather is a shapeshifter. Her mind and body is malleable which allows her to be flexible. But I've noticed since she got her powers, she is very susceptible to suggestion" he answered

"So,,, what are you suggesting?" Jasmine asked

"How about.. I possess everyone that has sex with you? Everyone that fucks you will be me using their body?" Lex asked

"So everyone I fuck is you?" Jasmine asked

"Would that be better?" Lex asked

"Yes, knowing it's you, I will be able to happily fuck anyone. In fact, that would make you my only lover in the movies" Jasmine smiled

"But what about the scenes with more than one person?" Lex asked

"Then you pick. I will be able to rein my powers in as long as one of them is you" Jasmine said.

Finally they have a solution, one that they both could live with, if they were going to live this all over again.

"You can possess someone for.. an hour safely?" Jasmine suddenly asked

"Yes, why?" Lex asked

"Thank you Lex. I... I want you to possess my body tonight... use me sexually. Even if we are doing this, I won't want to give those bastards my virginity" Jasmine said.

Lex entered her body, and masturbated her all night, inserting her fingers and breaking her hymen before anyone else. 


Jasmine packed her bags and headed for LA, to meet the director and producer of the movie. 

Lex was with her of course, moving into the same hostel she lived in before. 

She did the same things, attended the same acting classes, but this time she wasn't troubled by any of the pimps or people like the last time. 

Anyone who tried to bother Jasmine encountered bad luck, like falling down stairs, flower pots falling off balconies onto them etc. 

Though Lex didn't actively do things, nudging shadows of objects an inch or two was too easy for him.

Whenever she wanted to talk to Lex, she would go somewhere alone, and talk to her mobile phone, pretending to talk to someone as he whispered in her ear. 

Eventually, the was back in the audition with director Louis Scarborough and producer Steven Weinsmith.

This was not something she could escape from, so in front of Lex, she fellated them like she did before. 

However, she was much more enthusiastic, giving them the best orgasms of their lives. Of course, it was Lex she was fellating each time, but they retained the memories of the unforgettable experience.  

Later that night, she wasn't crying in bed like before, rather she was talking to Lex in bed together. 

"So... how did I do tonight? How did you feel?" Jasmine asked

"I think we can do this. It didn't feel like you're cheating on me if I know that it was me you were doing it with. It was I that felt like an imposter disguising as the person getting the blowjob" Lex said

"Ok, then since you're fine with it. It will get more hardcore you know" Jasmine said

"I know. I will still be there for you" Lex said, not admitting that he has gotten used to being sexually aroused while watching her fuck other guys before. 

Besides, they had to go through this so that they can regain their lives in their timeline.