Chapter 159 – The Audition Process Again.
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Days later, Jasmine was auditioning with Danny Anderson, Marc Grendel, and Harvey Scarborough the director's nephew.

Although Jasmine didn't require shaving this time, Cody still brought her aside and was licking her enthusiastically. The director didn't even stop them as they started fucking, rather started filming them as they were so hot together. 

He had wanted Cody to get her drunk, but it seemed that she didn't need to be coaxed to have sex. She looked more than ready.

Danny was first to make love on camera to Jasmine, and to the director and crew's surprise, they had amazing sexual chemistry, making everyone believe that they had been lovers for years. The director just filmed without giving any directions as he filmed them as they fucked naturally. 

Marc and Harvey thought their chance was gone, because Jasmine and Danny were sexual chemistry personified. Danny blew his load in huge ejaculations inside her and all over her body, making the director amazed at the amount of cum he shot. 

After Donny was done, Jasmine didn't even need a break and asked for Marc instantly. 

Marc was surprised and intimidated by this man eater, but to everyone's surprise, Marc and Jasmine got into it as well. Like with Donny, it looked like they were both lovers for years, and their scenes were extremely hot. 

His huge dick had no problems entering her as he fucked her balls deep as if her pussy was custom made to fit his big dick. 

They even did the blowjob scene that inspired the director to do it for the opening scene, with Marc even cumming a huge load into her mouth. 

The director Louis started to suspect that it wasn't that they were sexually compatible, but that Jasmine herself was an amazing actress and incredible lover. He had his suspicions from the blowjob he received the other day, but today's audition more than confirmed it. 

Danny was watching jealously with his dick limp, after experiencing the best sex of his life, as Marc and Jasmine did all kinds of amazing positions and with such sexual chemistry between them, there was no need for the director to think twice about Marc, as he had a bigger dick. 

After Marc was done, Harvey chickened out, after seeing the two men did amazingly well. He couldn't even get his dick up, so his uncle had to disqualify him from being in the running. 

The director Louis was surprised that apparently Jasmine fucked Cody again after that in the changing room. She really was suitable for this movie Insatiable, because she was indeed insatiable. 

Of course, everyone who fucked Jasmine was possessed by Lex as they both fucked like there was no tomorrow. 

That night, Marc was requested to bring Jasmine back to his hotel room. That was originally the director's plan, as he wanted them to get comfortable with each other, but now they didn't need to since Jasmine was so good. However, Jasmine insisted on doing it anyway and they left together. 

Over the night and a half, they fucked so many times that when Marc got his body back from Lex, he was completely sore. 

The next day, they walked in looking like a lovely couple and the director was satisfied with Marc, giving him the gig. 

Jasmine was introduced to Tyrone for the next scene. 

This time, Lex used Cody's body to fuck Jasmine, getting her completely wet for her audition with Tyrone. 

As before, Tyrone carried her to bed, licked her on the bed.

"Ooooo" Jasmine moaned as his thick tongue lapped her and she arched her back as his big tongue entered her and even stretched her

Finally, it was time and Tyrone looked at her worriedly

"Are you ready for this?" Tyrone asked, seeing the girth of his cock as it touched her pussy.

She looked like she was sitting on a stool.

"Yes, fuck me with your giant cock" Jasmine smiled

Louis filmed with anticipation and excitement as the huge cock entered her, deeper and deeper, impossibly deep until his balls hit her ass.

He was so deep that if one were to compare his dick with her torso length, his cock went past her belly button, all the way up between her breasts!

Then, Tyrone started moving, pulling his cock out of her half way before ramming it in again.

Faster and faster, he fucked her like a jackhammer as they organs made a strange sloshing noise. He came bucket loads into her that even poured out of her when he pumped in and out.

The scene was so unbelievable, the director was pleased that he got it all on camera.

Later on, Cody unwittingly sucked out all the cum, and cleaned her up. Later, after Jasmine left with Tyrone, Cody regretted eating Tyrone's cum as his stomach was bloated. He couldn't figure out why he did such a disgusting thing. Maybe watching them fuck turned him on too much he lost all rationality.


Jasmine spent several nights with Tyrone, fucking him every night. Tyrone had many amazing memories from those days that would last his lifetime.

The same happened with Lorenzo's audition, and the director was no longer surprised how good she was fucking them. He could swear she was a prim and proper innocent girl when he first auditioned her, but seeing her fuck like this, he wasn't sure. 

Nevertheless, she spend the next few nights with Tyrone, Marc and Lorenzo supposedly to warm up to them, but they didn't need warming up. 

After all that, the 3 actors were completely smitten with her, though they don't know what came over them. It was like they were possessed as their bodies completely matched her move for move, like they were made to fuck her. 

Of course they were jealous of each other, but all this was simmering underneath the surface. 


"Ok, we got all the test shots we need. Memorize your lines, go through your personal training regimes and I'll see you in two weeks" the director said

"Jasmine wait! This is for you" the director said, handing her a 12 inch dildo

"What is this for?" she asked

"I bought this for you earlier... because Tyrone is around this thick and long...but it seems you don't need the help. But take it anyway since I already bought it for you" he asked

Jasmine nodded and smiled. She had intended to buy a sex doll anyway so that Lex could use that.

She walked to the change room to get dressed. And as it was every day, Cody fucked her before dressing her.