Chapter 160 – Filming Insatiable I and II and the other Movies
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Although they didn't want to change the timeline, Jasmine and Lex's behavior did change the outcome of the move Insatiable and many of the repercussions from the movie. 

Knowing she was fucking Lex in all the actor's bodies, Jasmine threw herself with wild abandon in her role. 

Her blowjob scene with Marc as well as the rest of their sex scenes were so amazing that unlike the original timeline, the director Louis included all the scenes in the final movie. 

The scene with the gardener Lorenzo was hot as they did it everywhere in their house. 

When Jasmine took Tyrone's huge cock in the gym, the other gym members joined in and started an unscripted gangbang!

At first, the director thought that maybe Jasmine only had sexual chemistry with certain actors. But when he "secretly" fucked her in the glory hole scene and the S&M scene in the gimp suit, he found that he too seemed to be possessed with some sort of spell that made him incredibly aroused and able to perform with her. 

It was as everyone else described it, the best sex of their lives. 

For the scene where she was placed in the wall with only her bottom half exposed, every man in line were intimidated by the person in front of them fucking like a experienced porn star, but when it came to their turn, they too became a sex superstar. 

Even the gangbang scenes were the same, as everyone came out of it having the best sex of their lives. 

As for the horse scene, this was the first time Lex had possessed a horse, and he lost control of himself. Fortunately, Jasmine's body was near indestructible and the sight of the large horse ramming into her small and thin body was amazing to behold!

The shoots were too amazing that Louis had a hard time editing, and instead released a 5 hour long movie with as many scenes as he could. This went way beyond the original timeline movie even including the director's cuts. 

As a result, the movie was a bigger success than originally, and many more Hollywood stars wanted to meet Jasmine, after watching her incredibly hot scenes. 

Lex used the many actors and their money to enjoy his time with Jasmine. As Todd Cruz, he enjoyed the 2 week vacation in Greece with Jasmine, taking his body over only during sex and the romantic moments, yet leaving Todd to do the rest. From Todd's point of view, he experienced the best time of his life, enjoying his best sex ever. 

The same thing happened with Penn Walker and Van Petrol, fueling their drunken sex games and being wild and free, with dildoes everywhere and lots of anal sex. 

With Donald Creek, they enjoyed the fine dining and expensive tastes, all at Donald's expense. Lex especially enjoyed fucking Jasmine in Carl Brat's basement with all the magician props, fucking her in strange positions. 

In fact, at the end of their time with them, they all proposed to her and she rejected them all. But she left a mark on them which made them unable to forget her.

Their scenes in their movies were especially long, and the respective directors were shocked at how hot their sex scenes were. Normally, actors would not want to reveal too much of their bodies, especially men. But Jasmine seemed to put a spell on them, and they all willingly bared all and wanted to show closeups of everything, including their genitals moving in and out of her. 

It was as if the different male stars were trying to one up each other, showing how much better they are at fucking Jasmine. 

Unlike in the previous timeline, Jasmine became more desired than ever. The stars didn't dump her for being Hollywood's bicycle, but instead wanted more movies to be done with her, and she spent much of her time being wooed by them. 

Knowing Lex was in full control all the time of the stars, Jasmine happily dated them. Lex supposedly didn't exist in this timeline anyway. 

She had more Hollywood stars posing with her in explicit sex positions in her new mansion, as many of them went with her on regular dates. 

Of course, they continued proposing to her, but was rejected, and they blamed each other for causing Jasmine to cheat on them

The paparazzi went mad seeing the public spats between the male actors, while Jasmine appeared on their arms in social events in public, seemingly unfazed by all the rumors. 

Jasmine attended the Oscurs with Todd Cruz, as she was still filming the Task Improbable movie, and to her surprise, not only was she nominated, she won best actress! She kissed Todd happily and went up to accept her award. 

She thanked her producer, director and all the cast and crew, and even thanked Todd for accompanying her tonight. He was beaming with pride at her mentioning him, a leg up from the other stars who were seated at the other tables. Insatiable won best movie and again she went on stage with the director and crew after that. 

Weeks later, director Louis was shouting on the phone with excitement! He was preparing to film Insatiable 2, and had already received the funding from his backers. 

But to his shock and surprise, many agents called on behalf of their celebrity clients who wanted to be in the movie. These were stars that had all dated Jasmine and slept with her, both for the movies they were filming or were going to film. The list was more extensive than before too, and all of them were so smitten with her, they wanted to act in her next Insatiable movie. 

They all wanted to work in cameos for free! Todd Cruz, Donald Creek, Penn Walker, Van Petrol, Carl Brat were joined by Bryan Putt, Ronaldo DiCappucino, Hodge Rooney, Hugo Jackson were all the A-Listers which he had to fit in. He decided to eliminate the need for hiring porn stars at the many planned exotic locations. 

Aging stars Arnott Schweinsteiger, Sven Stylo, John Cud Von Doom and Malone Goodman were all placed as priests for the blowjob confession scene at the old church.  

As for the other scenes, quite a number of B and C listers volunteered as well, so he put them in for the university scene instead of students, and the nightclub scenes instead of volunteers. 

Louis was so excited as this movie would have the most stars ever in the history of Hollywood, and he wouldn't even have to pay a single cent extra!

While all this was happening, Lex occasionally teleported to where Anna and Heather was to check up on them. 

Anna had just moved to LA, and hooked up with Tony after a few weeks. Heather was still a Lieutenant rising up the ranks.

However, unlike Jasmine, when he whispered to them, they got shocked, and didn't recognize his voice. So he left them alone for now, assuming that perhaps it was not time to approach them yet. 

Perhaps they would only recognize him when he approached them around the time they got to know each other, which was when Anna entered the tower for the third cycle, and Heather when Lex appeared in the warehouse in the original timeline.