Chapter 161 – Filming Insatiable II
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The filming of Insatiable II was a crazy media affair. Due to having so many stars, many paparazzi sneaked into the sets and managed to leak photos and videos of the filming.

But that made the movie even more anticipated as the movie was never out of the spotlight. 

In the university blowjob scene, about 40 B and C grade actors took turns receiving blowjobs for the first and last scene, with 5 of them with the biggest dicks getting to fuck Jasmine. 

Somehow, someone snuck in a camera, and took photos, revealing the 5 stars who were hounded for the rest of 2 weeks after shooting. As they were big muscular guys, the 5 stars chosen were Wayne Johansson, Darren Bastila, Johann Zena and best friends Bratt Namon and Zen Deflect, because they wanted a scene fucking her. 

Everyone's minds were blown at how they seemed to be on their sexual A game while getting blowjobs or fucking Jasmine. Of course, they didn't realize they had no control of their bodies, and only retained memories of the encounter, but it left an impression on them. 

In the sex club scene, British actor Imran Albion, who was rumored to take over as Jim Bund after Donald Creek, played the black stripper and did the scene with Jasmine, lifting her legs up in a V position and fucking her from the back. 

The director was unsure if he could perform the way he wanted the scene, but somehow Imran surprised even himself at how strong he was and the sexual prowess he had. 

After than a group of 30 men surrounded the stage, all reasonably famous actors who, some who had disappeared from acting but returned, rap stars and several TV actors acted as the audience. 5 of them took turns to be pulled up by Jasmine to fuck. 

Unlike the original timeline, all 5 scenes were added to the movie, explained as being different nights that she did this with. 

For the scene with the Japanese businessmen, the director got volunteers from Hong Kong's most famous action stars that had come to Hollywood to launch their western careers. Stars like Charlie Jan, Let Ji, Yonny Den and more as they partied and enjoyed themselves. 

The director got famous legendary actor Ahmad Sheriff to play the Arab sheik, and many actors of Arabian descent played his bodyguards as they

The rest of the movie where they shot internationally, each location took two weeks as the stars not only fucked her on the selected site, but all over the country. Not everything made it to the final cut of course, but each star wanted private time with Jasmine

In Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin Australia, Hugo Jackson who was most famous playing the Badger in the O-Men fucked Jasmine in the crocodile exhibit behind the acrylic cage called the Cage of Death.

But somehow the large crock seemed afraid of Jasmine and didn't attack, only swimming menacingly around the cage as if intimidated by the fucking couple

After the shoot, Hugo had to be hospitalized after the end of the shoot due to getting a urinary tract infection, but Jasmine was completely fine. 

Donald Creek did many scenes in the famous transparent bottom pool in Hotel Hubertus 40 foot in the air in Italy. With its spectacular views of the Dolomite mountains, they did many shots there. Unfortunately, the press was also there. taking many shots of them fucking from below the transparent bottom.

At the impressive Edge Hotel, Bali, Ronaldo DiCuppacino fucked Jasmine over the 500 foot cliff overlooking the ocean. The scene was spectacular, with several drones professionally taking shots from all angles, especially from below and over the cliffs. 

Weeks later at the Embassy Gardens, London, Penn Walker and Van Petrol were double teaming Jasmine in the transparent pool that bridged two buildings 115 feet in the air. Like with Hotel Hubertus, a large group of press covered the event, creating a massive traffic jam surrounding the area. 

The same thing happened at Market Square, Texas with Carl Brat in the transparent bottom pool that extended 10 feet off the side of the building, 500 feet in the air and the pool on the 20th story at the Arc Tower, Vancouver, fucking Hodge Rooney 200 feet in the air. 

Jasmine enjoyed Lex's company as he possessed Todd Cruz in the two weeks they spent filming in the underwater room of the Conrad Muraka, Maldives, fucking non stop. 

Lex possessed Bryan Putt fucking her for two weeks in another underwater room in the Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji. Jasmine no longer felt guilty enjoying all these places fucking as she was with Lex each time, albeit with him using other bodies. 

Finally, they ended the shooting with the blowjob scene in the confession booth as old action stars Arnott Schweinsteiger, Sven Stylo, John Cud Von Doom, Malone Goodman and the director Louis Scarsborough lined up dressed as priests to get a blowjob and fuck Jasmine through the glory hole added in the confessions booth. 

At the end of the shooting, the director was exhausted, yet astounded. He had never worked with such a wonderful actress before. Not only was she incredible in sex, everyone that worked with her was so smitten she kept getting marriage proposals as they all felt extremely familiar with her. 

But she immediately disappeared after shooting and nobody could get a hold of her. This of course caused fights of jealousy between the actors, each accusing the other of hiding her away. 

Jasmine sat in her house whispering to Lex on her phone, reminiscing about their adventures together and wondering if those peeping toms the Celestials had watched the whole thing. 

They discussed what was going to happen next, that Jasmine was going to the award ceremonies soon, and they think will be kidnapped. 

Lex was not going to help her this time. She could more than fend for herself, but he imagined that after that, he would have been pulled to the fantasy dimension for 1 year 4 months, in which time Jasmine would have been pulled into the tower for the first cycle on the 10th month.

After that was the time that Lex would have met Heather for the first time. He has been periodically visiting Anna and Heather, but they have yet to respond to him positively, rather becoming frightened by a ghost that kept calling their names every few weeks.  

After the time she was kidnapped, she was supposed to act in Peak Pistol II, but pulled out after being traumatized by Lex disappearing. But this time, while waiting for her to enter the tower, they had decided to do the movie and whatever else that comes her way. 

Since they are just passing time, they might as well enjoy the rest of the experience