Chapter 162 – Passing Time
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Filming Peak Pistol II was fun. Lex had always been a fan of the original, all those years ago when Todd Cruz was a young actor, acting as the fighter pilot with the nickname "Wildcard". 

The sequel came so many years later, that none of the fans thought a sequel would ever be done.

Lex watched the filming of the movie, only possessing Todd when it came to the explicit scenes that he insisted on.

Jasmine was so use to Lex possessing her lovers by now, she no longer thought anything of it.

Within the year, she did another movie.

She was given the staring role as a double agent called Lana, being recruited to become a supermodel to spy on the US government by the Russian KGB.

She turned double agent, and had many action packed fight scenes. 

This was also the first movie that did not require her to fuck her stars on screen, signifying her recognition as a real actress now. 

Of course, she still had to pleasure the director and producers for the role, but Jasmine no longer had any hesitation as long as Lex took over. 

The movie was a great success, getting her acclaim and there were rumors that she was in the running to replace Donald Creek as the first female 010 Jim Bund in the next movie!

Three days after finishing filming, she was back in LA and attending the Golden Earth awards.

Unlike the original timeline, she didn't go with the handicapped Lex who had come back to life from the middle east. 

Instead, she attended with Bryan Putt, who was smitten with her while filming Insatiable II with her. 

They were going to act together in the up and coming movie Mr and Mrs Jones, a movie about two assassins/spies who married each other but didn't know they worked for rival firms. 

As what happened before in her timeline, she won best actress and was given a passionate kiss in front of everyone by the presenter Todd Cruz, much to the chagrin of Bryan Putt. 

Insatiable 2 also won best movie and like before, they went out for an afterparty, only this time Bryan Putt accompanied Jasmine, guarding her jealously, as most of the other co-stars were huge names too. 

The party wasn't very fun as all the Hollywood stars were trying to out do each other. 

But the difference this time was that because there were so many stars, there was so many bodyguards too, making a kidnapping impossible. 

It was a shame, because Jasmine felt like letting lose and killing tonight. 

But just as Jasmine was going to call it a night and go home and fuck Bryan Putt, as she entered her limo, Bryan was pushed away and gang members drove off with Jasmine, in front of the paparazzi and all the bodyguards. 

Jasmine smiled. Finally, something more fun was happening. 

They tied her up in the limo, and started ripping off her dress. 

But strangely, Jasmine was completely calm. 

"Remember Lex, I don't want you using them. I want to have my fun" Jasmine said

The men looked in confusion, but continued ravishing her body with their hands. 

One of the gangster's hands went down her panties and wanted to finger her when he felt a prick on his finger.

"What the....AAAAAAAAAH" he suddenly screamed in pain as a large dose of the Giant Asian Hornet's venom entered his finger and started melting his hand!

Another gangster who was groping both breasts as he felt a prick on both palms of his hands. Suddenly, he too started screaming in pain as large amounts of warrior wasp venom literally caused him to bite his tongue off . 

The whole limo was descending into chaos as two of the gangsters in the back seat were no longer responding and having heart attacks. 

"What's going on? What's happening?" the gangster driving the limo asked

Suddenly, he felt a prick on his back, as Jasmine pierced him from behind, through the seat and through his body. 

The venom of the Deathstalker scorpion entered his spine and he started foaming at the mouth and his eyes rolled up. 

Lex surreptitiously slowed the car down to a complete stop and Jasmine stepped out of the limo, straightening her dress. 

Minutes later, the police arrived and saw the 3 dead gangsters. The rest of the gang must be waiting at the warehouse, Lex thought. 

Bryan Putt arrived within minutes in his sports car, and offered Jasmine a ride to his place, which she agreed. 

In the meantime, Lex travelled through the shadows and assassinated all the gangsters in the warehouse.

Lex joined Jasmine at Bryan Putt's house, fucking her in bed. 

When Lex read the script, he thought the movie Mr & Mrs Jones sounded like a fun action movie. 

Filming started several days later as Jasmine practiced the stunts she wanted to do herself, and did the script reading with Bryan. 

They were given a few nights to work out the sex scenes together as this was one of the prerequisites that Bryan insisted on.

But as Lex was actually the one fucking Jasmine, she didn't mind. 

However, halfway through the shoot, something strange happened. 

A tall tower appeared in downtown LA, in Koreatown and Jasmine disappeared right in front of the camera while shooting an action scene!

Not only that, one of the cameramen and a makeup artist also vanished. 

Lex was in a dilemma. He agreed that he shouldn't enter the tower, but he had nowhere to go.

Neither Anna nor Heather recognized him yet, so he had no one to talk to.

Lex tried to figure out the timeline in the original and the second round.

Although he met Heather first before he entered the tower in the original timeline, he only linked to her after Anna in the second timeline.

Does that mean she will remember him when she gets into the tower in the 5th cycle?

Right now, Heather had just been promoted to Captain, and the disappearances of so many people was assigned to her and she still didn't recognize his voice.

He teleported to Anna instead 

Anna had started university, and had not yet started fucking her boyfriend Tony, keeping herself pure for marriage.

This caused her boyfriend Tony to beat her often, and they broke up and got together again many times, somehow listening to his empty promises to change.

Lex worried for Anna the most, as she did not have super durability like Jasmine or Heather.

To help pay for her fees, Anna was modelling on the side, doing nude modelling for the art class, but nothing more explicit than that.

Lex remembered that she was a virgin when he fucked her in the third cycle.

That must mean that when he appeared with her fucking in the art class, that would have been the time she would have met him in the tower in the third cycle!

That means that she will regain her memories inside the tower, and he wouldn't be there with her!

He didn't think about that. 

Even if she retains her abilities like Jasmine, he worried about her for being the most vulnerable.