Chapter 163 – Jasmine in the Tower
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Jasmine opened her eyes. Finally, this was happening!

She got up and looked around, seeing many disoriented people looking around, confused. 

Jasmine was dressed in a latex dress and a trench coat, with thigh high fishnet stockings and high heels. 

She was acting as Mrs Jones pretending to be a prostitute before assassinating her target and was dressed as such.

"Hey! That's Jasmine Lockhart!" someone said, recognizing her

"Jasmine!" another man said, trying to talk to her

Jasmine got up and walked to a treasure chest, picking up the most durable looking sword

"Arm yourselves" she commanded authoritatively

"Who is she to order us around?" 

"Just because she is famous, she thinks she's in charge?"

Jasmine ignored them and walked off the platform, just as two velociraptors appeared

Two slashes with her strength, easily chopped their heads off as she disappeared into the jungle

The people were shocked, only for a third raptor to appear.

They hurriedly armed themselves as a fierce battle took place.


Jasmine exited the portal to the fifth floor. 

Deciding not to fly and expose her wings, she took around 5 days to clear each floor and by not using her hands with stingers as her weapons nor her tail, she wore out her swords she had been using.

She did this on every floor, leaving her worn and broken swords aside and replacing them with newer and higher grade ones as she ascended.  

She took some supplies too including some food, a dimensional bag and a few healing potions, not that she needed any. You can never be too careful. But she left some supplies for others who will eventually come up as well. 

She had already passed the second floor which was a frozen wasteland, the third floor which was a lava filled world, the fourth floor which was a land similar to the northern wilderness and this was the fifth floor, the destroyed city. 

Jasmine recalled being tortured to near death by Hogan and wondered is she should wait to see if he shows up. 

She had discussed with Lex, knowing that she should take more time to clear the tower, allowing more people to level up. So she wasn't in any hurry. 

A month later, her prey came to the floor. Hogan and his gang. 

A few other groups were faster, and she recognized Heracles' group as well as the group Scum was in. But she would deal with them later. 

She wanted to take her time and wait for Hogan. 

And sure enough, history repeated itself and he had taken up the base at the shopping mall as before. 

Jasmine conveniently got herself captured by his goons, and was brought to Hogan himself

"What do we have here? Jasmine Lockhart? How convenient" he said

Jasmine kept quiet, pretending to be weak

"How about you strip and we film Insatiable 3 with me and my men?" Hogan laughed and pointed his sword at her. 

She remembered the gang rape and torture that they inflicted on her, but  she pretended to be afraid, stripping off all her clothes and putting them aside. 

She had managed to keep her clothes clean and pristine so far. She didn't want to exit the tower with torn and tattered clothes. 

"Now, lets have fun" Hogan said as he approached the naked and supposedly trembling Jasmine

Jasmine was indeed trembling, but with excitement. Oh how long she's waited. 

Hogan pushed her onto a table, groin height and Jasmine remembered being gangbanged on this very table. 

The goons surrounded her and started groping her everywhere, taking out their dicks and started stroking themselves waiting to fuck her. 

Dicks were all around her facing her in every direction and they were forcing her to grab onto them, and shoving their dicks at her face. 

Just then, Hogan forced her legs open and shoved his erect cock into her. 

That was just the moment she had been waiting for. 

The stinger at her urethral opening pierced the top of his cock, injecting asian giant hornet venom into him.

Simultaneously, the hands that were forced to hold a cock each extended her stingers, injecting tarantula hawk wasp venom in one and exterminator wasp venom in the other. 

The mouth that was poking her face, she suddenly opened her mouth and her mandibles extended and chomped down, biting the gangster's cock off while injecting bullet ant venom into the poor asshole. 

Hands that groped her breasts were suddenly inflamed with warrior wasp venom. 

Simultaneously several gangsters including Hogan were screaming from the excruciating pain from their cocks or hands, as Jasmine injected amounts of venom far exceeding the normal insect as she was injecting venom in proportion to her body weight as compared to a wasp or bullet ant. 

Hogan couldn't even respond to his melting cock as he was having a heart attack, and spasming so hard his intestines burst out. 

The guy whose cock was bitten off, ran and smashed his head into the wall, killing himself to stop the pain. 

Jasmine spit out the bloody cock and got up, her hands with stingers extended ripping flesh like claws. 

She didn't fully turn to insect monster form, as she still wasn't sure she would be revealed to the Celestials, but hand to hand combat would be believable since she cleared several levels on her own and supposedly had levelled up. 

She sprinted to the door, arriving faster than anyone else and it looked like she was moving her hands around the door. Nobody knew she was webbing it shut and weaving with her hands with webs from her clitoris that was stronger than steel. 

As she turned around, the other men were already armed, fearful of what Jasmine did to kill the others including Hogan. 

His whole groin was melted and looked gruesome with his intestines everywhere. He was dead without doubt. 

Jasmine tore into them, wiping out the entire gang at one go. 

It would have been faster in full insect mode, but this was more satisfying, ripping them apart with her bare hands. 

She intentionally tore off their dicks, and injected venom into them with every slash, letting them die horribly painful deaths. 

The venom not only gave them heart attacks from the severe pain, but they convulsed so badly, many of them broke their spines and their intestines burst out from their violent spasms. 

About 10 minutes later, she walked out of the room. Hogan's gang was no more. 

She didn't free the captives, nor informed the other groups. She left them to find out on their own and to fend for themselves.

The next level, Scum or whatever his real name was, would be waiting for her.