Chapter 164 – Plowing through the floors
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By the time Jasmine had arrived at the 6th floor after killing Hogan and his gang,

She rushed to the rough location as described by Lex and entered an underground hive

To her surprise, Scum was there in the flesh!

He had just been abandoned by his team and left for dead.

He was crying by himself, with an injured leg cowering in the corner of a cave. 

Jasmine smiled. If he's still here, that means he hasn't discovered the easter egg yet!

He moved past him so fast, he didn't realize anything and searched the caves. 

It didn't take very long before she discovered the easter egg and picked it up. 

"So... this is it. Exactly as Lex described it" she said looking at the bumpy looking egg that looked like a wasps nest. 

She had talked to Lex about eating it, but they couldn't come up with a conclusion to eat or not. 

She looked at it and decided to do so. If she ate it, she could at least use her full powers openly in front of the Celestials because presumably they saw her eating the egg. 

Finally committed to do so, she ate the whole thing up and noticed that her body was changing. 

Before this, she had an incredible physical body and felt like a weapon. 

But now, she was not a weapon for others, rather she was the queen insect!

Her eyebrows, which were her antennae  twitched and she could feel the thousands of insects all around. She could control them all!

This gave her the same advantage of numbers that Lex had and she sprouted her wings and flew out of the cave, stinging Scum on the way out. 

He screamed, dying in agony as venom destroyed his heart from the suffering he faced. 

Like Hogan, although they didn't meet in this life, she wasn't about to give them a chance. 

She led a whole swarm of bees and ants and giant centipedes as they swept through the floor, taking 4 days to reach the exit portal. 

The 7th level was the sea level, and her swarm of insects totally decimated the big green sea monster at the entrance portal. 

She didn't bother with the ship and flew with the insects that could fly, like the bees and flying ants, while the rest boarded the giant centipedes like before but were carried into the air. 

Along the way, she felt a bit strange killing the mermaids who attacked her, as she knew Ariel of Lex's Shadow Clones personally, and they killed the kraken along the way as well.

Since they attacked first, she had no choice. Nothing she did would be able to change Lex's summoning anyway, as Lex told her that he had retained all his shadow clones on the outside.  

But there was no sight of Cthulhu which Lex asked her to look out for as a point of curiosity. 

This level took her 9 days due to crossing the sea as carrying the giant centipedes and the insects on board took a longer time to bring over. 

The 8th and 9th floor was not difficult even though she lost a few insects along the way. 

But at the end of the 9th floor, she stopped for a while at the chapel. 

She felt nostalgic as this was where Lex married her. 

But now that time has been reversed, were they still married? She certainly thought so. 

After indulging in nostalgia for 10 minutes, they all entered the portal

There was a long way to go as they would only be on the 10th floor. 

This was the floor with the guardian dragon. 


The elves on the 10th floor was not easy for the insects, even though Jasmine had no problems with them. 

By coincidence, she encountered the people that would become known as Heracles, Athena, Apollo, Ares, Arrow and Shaft!

She initially wanted to kill them off to get rid of a problem at the roots, but she suddenly had an idea and immediately immobilized them with her webs after they surrendered to her huge army of insects. 

The reason was, she already knew they were competent warriors, so if she can control them, they would be a boon. 

She decided to use her newfound powers and like Scum, she fed them her vaginal juices and transformed them. 

Since she didn't know much about insects, she modelled them after herself and her own powers. 

Heracles had become a dung beetle man, with incredible strength matching Jasmine, and durability that wasn't inferior to her own

Athena had become a spider woman with 4 legs coming out of her back like Jasmine's, with webs of a Darwin bark spider coming out of her clitoris like Jasmine herself. 

Ares had become an ant man, with the strength and mandibles on his face with a bullet ant venom! 

Apollo had deathstalker scorpion powers with a venomous tail and pincers coming out of his palms to replace his fingers

Arrow had the abilities and speed of a cockroach

Shaft had the flying abilities of a dragonfly as well as the eyesight of one. 

She had turned them into separate examples of her individual abilities. As the queen, they were completely obedient towards her

Knowing what the guardian dragon did to her and its ability to use its authority to command all creatures, she didn't give it a chance. 

She instantly killed it the way she did in the second cycle, instantly and without any time for the dragon to respond, splattering its head. 

She did the same with the guardians on the 20th, to 90th floor before finally arriving at the 99th floor.

They remained at the entrance of the 99th floor, battling the few angels that came by as Jasmine agreed with Lex that she would spend extra time to let the other floor climbers get as far as they could before she finished off the boss.

After waiting patiently for an extra 50 days, they went to battle.

The battle with the angels and the god was a tough one, but Jasmine herself felt no threat.

After a prolonged battle, they defeated the final boss.

Overall, Jasmine was in the tower for 2 years 4 months.

She made sure to remember to change herself and order her minions to change back to human form to prevent being forced to stay another cycle.

Jasmine put on her dress and clothes, which she kept in her storage ring. They were immaculately kept as she had been naked in her insect form since the 7th floor as it was more convenient.

Her minions too wore their original clothes after being naked for so long, all looking tattered like they had been in a shipwreck.

They actually went pretty far before Jasmine turned them into her minions, and were more powerful than normal, even when compared to the other tower attendees.

This was why Heracles was able to draw the guardian dragon on the 10th floor, even in this timeline.

While they used their insect powers, they didn't neglect picking up items and weapons they liked, but Jasmine made sure they left some for the others to progress.

[Tower defeated. Survivors will be released]

Their bodies started shimmering.

Finally, she was getting out.