Chapter 165 – Jasmine’s and Anna’s Return
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Jasmine appeared suddenly on the set she was filming Mr & Mrs Jones. 

There was another movie shooting there and they were shocked to see the missing Hollywood star Jasmine Lockhart appear in the middle of a courthouse scene. 

"Oh! I'm back" she said as the director yelled cut

Several of the stagehands surrounded her, being large fans of hers. 

She was one of the most famous names that had disappeared and the video of her disappearing during the filming of Mr & Mrs Jones was famously shown repeatedly in the news. 

She excused herself from the set and walked out.

"How was the tower?" a voice suddenly asked from the shadows

"Lex!" she said, hiding her face with the collar of the coat she was wearing above her skimpy dress that she wore for the movie originally. 

"Did you manage to find it?" Lex asked, referring to the easter egg. 

"Yes. I even managed to turn a few minions" Jasmine said

"Really? Who?" Lex asked

Just then, 6 members appeared from the distance, all coming from several directions

"The Olympians?" Lex asked in shock.

"No. They are my minions now" Jasmine said as the people that were known as Heracles, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Arrow and Shaft appeared in their insect form and got to their knees. 

By now, several things had been happening concurrently. 

Not only had the tower been going on for over 2 years, gates had started appearing too together with awakeners. There was also many people disappearing, but while the authorities didn't know, Lex knew this was a different phenomenon from the towers. This might even be more than one phenomenon.

The months passed quickly with Jasmine sending the former Olympians who she now called her Insectoids to fight in the gates.  

Heracles was renamed Hercules after the Hercules beetle, though she had originally wanted to call him dung because he was given the power of a dung beetle, not a Hercules beetle.

Athena was called Black Widow and dressed in a black bodysuit with a large red diamond shape on her back. She had a hole revealing her pussy so she could shoot webs, even though she was actually a darwin bark spider

Ares was renamed Bullet, with prodigious strength of an ant and the bite of a bullet ant

Apollo was simply called Deathstalker as he had the abilities of a deathstalker scorpion

Arrow was named Speedy because he had the speed of a cockroach and was highly durable

Shaft was renamed Superfly because of his flying abilities of a dragonfly

In the meantime, Jasmine managed to reclaim her house and wealth and had met up with Brian Putt. 

Apparently, they had enough clips to finish the movie Mr & Mrs Jones without her. 

Brian Putt had insisted the movie studio paid her even after she reappeared, and since Lex needed a body and Heather wasn't available yet, he used Brian for a whole week as Jasmine enjoyed herself after over 2 years of celibacy. 

They wined and dined at Brian's expense, enjoying all the pleasures one can get from dating a top ranked Hollywood celebrity. 


In the meanwhile, time passed by in the second cycle of the tower. Lex had miscalculated the time where he would meet Anna.

When he would meet or be anchored to Anna and Heather is not determined by the cycles in the tower, but the time of the year they would have met. 

In the original timeline, Lex took over a year to finish the first cycle, less than a year for the second cycle with Anna, while in this timeline Jasmine took over 2 years to finish the first cycle this time, Anna suddenly recovered her original memories just after Jasmine came out of the tower. 

Just in the nick of time too, as the things Anna had done in the second timeline was about to happen. Tony had been pressuring her to have sex with him, while she had already started nude modelling for the art class to make more money for him. 

She was also already modelling for Eric Dorcel and tonight she would be posing for the first time with a man, and from the sounds of it, there might be more asked of her too. 

Tonight, she was about to pose nude in hardcore sex poses in the university. 

And she was dressed in a bathrobe, pacing up and down. 

"Come on Anna. You know you need the cash. This is better than being a prostitute right? Respectable right?" she sighed

Suddenly someone knocked on the door

"Anna? Are you ready?" a voice came from behind the door

"I'll be right out!" she said, as she walked towards the door.

Just then, her memories and powers returned. 

"Damn it. That was close. Lex? Are you there?" she suddenly asked as she put her hand on her mouth to block what she was saying. 

"You're back?" Lex's voice suddenly sounded from the shadows

"Yes... I'm back" she smiled and got dressed instead. 

Lex had always kept the shadow clone of Selene hiding in Anna's shadows to inform him that she had recovered her memories as soon as possible. He had the shadow clone of Morrigan hiding in Heather's shadows too. 

She walked out of the changing room and straight out the door, leaving the teacher and students, and the male model stunned. 

With Lex's guidance, she sat a cab and arrived not long later at Jasmine's house. 

They met each other at the door and hugged before kissing. 

Lex thought this came too naturally for them, but he wasn't complaining if his two lovers got along. 

"Wow, this is your place?" Anna asked, looking around. 

"Yes... I didn't lose the house.. this time" Jasmine said

"Shhh" Lex said from the shadows

Anna and Jasmine giggled to themselves. 

They went straight to the bedroom as Anna passed all the photos of Jasmine posing in hardcore poses with the many famous actors. 

"I see you've been more active this time" Anna said, half sarcastically. 

"They are all Lex. He possessed their bodies" Jasmine said as she whispered in her ear. 

"He can do that?" Anna asked in surprise

"Yes.. come" Jasmine said as he brought Anna to her bed. 

In her bed was a specially designed male sex doll, made to Jasmine's precise specifications. 

It looked as close to Lex as possible for a sex doll, based on old photos Jasmine had of her boyfriend who was killed in the middle east in this timeline. 

"This is my bed buddy. Guess what I call him?" Jasmine said

"Do I need to guess? Hi Lex" Anna said as she kissed the doll. 

If an outsider saw this scene, they would think that Anna was such a good actor, taking off her clothes and making the sex doll move as if it were alive. 

She kissed it and sucked it's cock before fucking it. 

Jasmine soon joined in as they both started fucking the possessed sex doll.