#019 Town infiltration
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The night ended uneventful. No ships, no monsters. Shortly after the sun rose, Leo noticed the little bird woke up and flew some circles over his head. 

After a quick hunt for the little bird's breakfast and some more waiting, Leo saw a dot in the distance. After it came a little closer, he could recognized what it was.

A ship.

Leo stood up and began to follow the ship. He soon noticed that the ship was travelling quite fast and had to run to keep up. He couldn't run directly next to the sea because he was sure it would bring trouble if the crew noticed him and reported that a monster followed them all the way to the city. 

After a little over two hours the ship slowed down. Leo was confused for a moment before it turned into excitement. The trees he used to hide from the ship became sparse and he found some paths from people that walked through the forest. 

Leo followed those paths away from the sea. After a few minutes he saw his destination. The port city or more precisely the city gate and some walls. He could see some roofs behind the wall but that was all.

But now that he was here, Leo noticed a problem....

How do I get in? I'm a monster and I doubt they will let me just walk in...... Well I guess I have to sneak in. I came here without any special reason, but this is my first time seeing a city in this world.... I have to admit I'm interested in how it looks.

Leo decided to sneak into the city at night and use the rest of the day to look for a easy way in.

The gate would probably be guarded so he was looking for a place to ether climb over or slip through the wall. 

As he walked around the city he found two places that were a potential entrance. Close to the sea was a little moat that looked like a sewer entrance. The second option was almost at the direct opposite side of the city. There was a part of the wall that seemed to be under repair and he could stretch himself long enough to get over it.

After he finished his reconnaissance mission, Leo relaxed and waited for night to fall. 

Hours passed and it became dark. His personal favourite was to just climb over the wall option but he had to cancel that option because the moment the workers left, guards came to protect the construction site. 

With his first option ruled out he could only choose the second. He made his way over to the sewer entrance. The water stood high and he probably had to dive a bit. Before he could enter he was stopped by a chirp.

Oh right how do I get the little bird inside with me? It could just fly over the wall but I don't know if it  could find me inside... I could carry it inside my body maybe.

Leo began to shift his body back to a humanoid shape. After he was done he formed hole inside his chest and pointed to his bird and then into the hole. The little bird was confused but after Leo repeated the motion it understand. There was a moment of hesitation but jt quickly flew inside the hole. When the bird entered he closed the hole and began to move into the water. The dirt on his body started to get wet and brittle but after Leo used a bit of mana and forced it to stay in form with Material manipulation, no water could penetrate further into the dirt.

Leo moved fast and followed the pipe. He knew that the oxygen for the little birds was limited. After a minute of diving he reached a kind of reservoir and he could see light from above. He followed the light and found himself on the bottom of a well.

Why would they have a well with sea water?  Isn't a well supposed to be freshwater?  Wait this is a different world so maybe there is no saltwater in the sea? OH NO the little bird! 

Leo was reminded that he had a passenger when he felt pecking and inside his chest. He instantly released the little bird and was greeted with a lot of tweeting and pecking.

The little bird calmed down quickly after pecking Leo's head for a while. With a now quiet bird on his shoulder, Leo began to climb up the well. He quickly reached the top and looked around. He saw what seemed to be a marked place and his well was right at the edge. There were quite a few wooden stalls where people could sell their products.

Around the market place there where different kinds of shops. He didn't know what every shop was but he could recognize some by their signs. There was a shop to his left that had  a hammer and anvil so it was probably a blacksmith. 

He decided to look around while he searched for the Sunflower inn where Anika and Niko are supposed to be staying.