#020 Hallo Anikyyyaaahhhh
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After he was certain that nobody was around, Leo exited the well and climbed the next roof. He softened the dirt on his feet so he wouldn't make loud stepping sounds even at normal walking speed.

As he walked, he saw some drunken men stumble through the streets. He followed them for a while, but they ran into a pair of guards that took them away. Leo could have followed them but he didn't want to take  the risk of accidentally getting discovered. 

He saw a few guards here and there as he continued to search for the Sunflower inn. He came across what seemed to be a inn. The sign showed a shield and a weel next to each other and next to the door was a plaque with the name of Save travel inn.

Most of the city was quite and not many people walked on the streets, but as he came closer to the inn he noticed a few more people coming to and from the inn. Leo was curious and took a peek through the window when nobody was near. What he saw were a lot of people drinking and eating together. It felt more like a pub than an inn but he had to retreat back onto the roofs when new customers came. 

Well if inns are used as pubs, then I should have no problem with finding them.

Leo found a second inn called the Luis Corner before he found the Sunflower inn. He looked through the window and saw the same scene as in the Save travel in. Drunken people that merrily sang and talked. He could see neither Anika nor Niko so he started looking through the rooms upstairs. 

The first three rooms were a failure and the fourth was empty. Since he couldn't find them that easy he decided to investigate further. He opened the window and sneaked into the empty room. 

Inside he was surprised that he could hear almost no noise from downstairs. The room was simple. There was a bed, a closet, a dresser two doors and the  window through which he entered, but what interested Leo the most was the lamp on the dresser and the ceiling. They weren't powered by electricity so what was it? Magic? How does it work? And why were they on?

Leo was starring at the lamp on the dresser but his concentration got interrupted by a clicking noise. He looked at the source and saw one of the doors opening. After what came out of the door was a person and to his surprise it was someone he knew.

The one that came out of the room was none other than Anika.... or more specific a naked Anika. She froze the moment she saw Leo wich gave him a moment to appreciate the view before him. 

When he saw her at the cave he didn't realy pay attention to her looks in detail. She was around 1.60m tall with brown hair. Her skin had a light tan. The next thing he looked at was something he didn't notice under her clothes when he last saw her. Her breast were not to small. They were neither giantic nor was she flat. They had the perfect size to fit in your hand and her pink nipples gave a peferct contrast to her skin. 

Before he could direct his gaze further south, Anika recovered from her shock and what followed was a scream.

,,Kyyaaaaaaaaa'' (Anika)

She threw her towel into Leo's face and jumped at him. She pushed him down and  punched him several times before she suddenly stopped and asked.

,,Le Leo is that you?'' (Anika)

Leo raised his arm and wrote on it.

..Yes'' (Leo)

,,w what are you doing here in my room'' (Anika)

,,I said I would visit you two so I searched inside because I couldn't find you two below'' (Leo)

,,o oh'' (Anika)

,,cou could you stay like this for a moment?'' (Anika)

,,Sure'' (Leo)

Anika stood up and walked towards her closet and quickly put a pyjama on and after she was finished she walked over to Leo and took the towel off his head.

Should I tell her that the towel didn't block my view at all? No, no I probably shouldn't.