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Hi, thank you for giving my novel a chance! I wanted to say a few things before you read.

I wrote Blue March for a contest on WriterVana (a Discord server). Two months later, the results finally arrived; I got second place! At first, I didn't know if I was allowed to post it before the winners were announced, so I preferred to wait and get some feedback as well. Now, after improving it, I'm posting it.

It will be a very short story of five chapters. Each of them will be posted two hours after the other on multiple sites: Royal Road, Webnovel, Penana, and Neovel.

Whether you like Blue March or not, please give my other works a try. They're quite different from this one and much longer, so maybe you'll like them more. Especially Couple That Can't Touch, which even has an eBook and Paperback published!

My Carrd

The cover was drawn by a friend of mine. Please check out more of his works on his Instagram: @retrosensei

All the chapters were edited by RedPandaChick!