#2: Emptiness
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The ground of the island was clean, but there was still a lot to do. Slowly, the burnt trunk recovered its brown base. However, one of its branches was imperfect compared to the rest, so I ripped it apart and threw it into the ocean.


"What do you mean he's dangerous? He's just a childhood friend! You're jealous of him!" Jenny yelled at me.

One month had passed since we began dating. Things were sailing smoothly. We even slept together every night in her apartment. However, problems needed to be fixed to have a healthy relationship. I made her quit smoking, but I also needed to get rid of her dangerous, childhood friend.

"I know he has bad intentions, I can feel it," I replied.

Jenny stared at me, furious in a way I had never seen before.

"I don't how you can be this stupid… Fine, I'll stop talking to him."

"I knew you would understand."

"With one condition. I'll smoke again."

"What? What does smoking have to do with this?"

"You get on my nerves! That's what!"

Needless to say, our relationship had reached the point of no return. But we ignored it. We always did. We simply carried on and never looked back because it was painful.


A black patch surfaced where the branch had landed in the ocean. Like oil, it began spreading in every direction, including the freshly-grown grass. It wasn't fair. Life had finally flourished again and a mere branch was going to destroy it.

Just as I had with the ashes, I placed my hand on the stained spot to clean it with my blue flames, but it didn't work. An arm emerged from the darkness and grasped my hand, trying to pull me into the ocean.

Excruciating pain soon burnt my arm as more muddy hands developed from the oil on the ground. My blue flames wouldn't stop expanding, but they didn't help at all. I was doomed. There was only one option.

Uncertain of what was going to happen, I let the arms pull me into the ocean. Even if I didn't know if I was going to make it out alive, I felt the same weight of duty as I had when infiltrating an enemy camp.

My left hand anchored on the still solid land. My right hand touched the bottom of the ocean. I felt my fingers brush against the branch I had thrown in. Seizing the branch, I took it and broke through to the surface once more.

The muddy arms immediately melted back into the oil patch as it began to fade from whence it came. The grass didn't return to its lively green, but it was only a matter of time and care to get it back to normal.

However, black drops still dripped from the branch into the healthy ground. It needed to return to its trunk, but there was no way to stick it back together.

As illogical as it was, my mind told me to place the branch in the same spot it had been before I ripped it off and wrap my hands around where it connected. The blue flames soon melted the wood back together and it was magically repaired.

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