Chapter 1 – The annoying Sister
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As she opened the door, she yelled;

"Hey, Haru! dinner's ready!"

I stood there holding my phone, frozen stiff due to everything that's currently unfolding right now.

"I-I can explain!" I stuttered in the attempt to persuade the person just outside that door.

"What else is there to explain?" my sister inquired, yes, the one who saw me was my sister.

Whilst I was trembling, trying to find a good excuse. She stood there with a dubious look on her face.

"I... you see..." unable to find a great excuse I just came clean, telling her the reason for everything she saw.

"Wow, you're actually an idiot." she was obviously dumbfounded because of what I said.

"H-hey! what gives?" I tried to retort but she continued.

"Obviously, you're only gonna see her at school on weekdays." she actually made a great point.

"That means... I wasted my money on buying useless clothes!" I hugged my head out of pure frustration.

"It's a good thing you have me, I have my old uniform from my first year in our school. You can have that"

"S-sis!..." My sister looked like a saint to me right now, If I hadn't known any better, I'd be prostrating in front of her.

"Hehe, that's right! be grateful." she snorted while folding her arms.

Wow, she's annoying I thought to myself while throwing praises at her.

"Although your idea is stupid, I'll give you a hand." She made a reassuring smile "I'll teach you how to act like a girl!"

I can tell that she's just doing this to make fun of me I thought, But since it works out for me, I'll let it slide.

"Thanks, Sis." 

"But still... it's cheating how you look so cute even without makeup" my sister looked at me with slight contempt.

Only then have I realized that I was still wearing the strange getup.

"D-don't look at me!" I flailed around, avoiding her gaze.

My sister let out a sigh and went out of my room "go ahead and get changed, come eat dinner."

Once she was out, I breathe out with relief and changed my clothes.

After that, I went to the living room and was questioned by my mom;

"What took you so long?"

"A-ah! I was studying!" I hurriedly made up an excuse, hoping that my sister didn't disclose anything bad about me.

"You didn't need to shout Haru, I can hear just fine." My Mother said.

"S-sorry..." I apologized and went over to the table to sit and eat with my mom and sister.

My sister was already at the table, She looked at me briefly and went on to eat the rest of her food.


After eating dinner and washing the dishes, I went back to my room only to find that my sister was already there by the door, holding her high school uniform.

"Come on, try this on." she urged, pulling me inside my room.

"Okay fine, just look away for a sec." I felt really uncomfortable changing clothes in front of my sister.

"You done yet?" She asked while still facing the other way around.

"Give a bit more time it's hard to put on this bra." I said while trying to hook the bra.

"Pfft Ahahahaha! you're seriously trying to wear a bra?" she laughed and turned around " and you even bought paddings?"

she continued laughing... ugh I hate her.

"Didn't I tell you to look away?!" I reprimanded her but not only did she not look away, she even made her way towards me.

"Turn around, I'll help you." she offered and while I was reluctant, I complied.

After that, My Sister helped me with everything else.

...My sister went silent while looking at me, who was wearing her old uniform.

This is awkward... I thought as she suddenly said;

"Are you sure that you're not secretly a girl?"

"Oh my god, I think stupidity runs in the family." I said while massaging my temple.

"what do you want me to do? you're cuter than me!" She wailed while trying to pull the skirt I'm wearing.

Seriously, what is this girl saying?

"Hey! stop that! you're the one who said you'll help me!" I yelled while pushing her away.

"I did say that but I only said it to make fun of you!" she responded with a series of attempts to remove my clothing.

so she REALLY did want to make fun of me I thought while avoiding her attacks.

"Okay! stop! why are you like this?" I inquired her.

"...It's because you looked better than me with my uniform on" she sat on the ground and hunched while hugging herself.

yeap, she's stupid. 

"W-well it's not like you're ugly, you're plenty cute yourself, Sis." I said, trying to comfort her while patting her shoulder.

"You suck at comforting people, Haru." she replied "I'm going to sleep, you should too if you wanna go to school early." she was obviously still dejected over the fact that her little  brother is cuter than her.

"Okay, good night" 

As I was about to change my clothes, my sister came back.

"Oh yeah, you probably don't have a room at school where you can change your clothes right?" she said.

"You're right... oh man, I didn't think this through" Again, stupidity runs in the family.

"Heh, come to my club room, that's your best bet" she suggested and then left.

"...okay?" she was already gone and didn't hear my reply.

I changed into my pajamas and went straight to bed.

as I lay down with my blanket covering my body, I'm left with a sudden thought.


welp that's the first chapter, I'll try to improve my writing skills along the way so bear with the inconsistencies for now.

Oh yeah, I still haven't come up a name for the heroine, I'll take suggestions if you're willing to give one