Chapter 3 – girl meets girl(?)
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I'm back lol

Time skip to school having ended with me and my sister already heading back home. yes, the rest of the day was quite uneventful.

""We're home!"" we yelled out in unison after going inside our house. There's no reply because mom is still at work tho.

So I headed straight towards my room. After changing my clothes, a notification popped up in my phone, specifically from LINE. It says that I was invited to a group chat by my sister.

"hmmm what's this about now?" I reluctantly accepted the invite.

Not long after, I was bombarded with messages from the said group chat.

[ Heya! Otouto-kun! ] most likely sent by Hana-senpai, she's the only one who calls me that among the three.

[ Took you long enough ] sent with lots of angry emojis by my sister.

[ Hi ] wow, the username says that it's from Kei-san. she doesn't have a lot to say.

and all of this followed by a 'seen' message, It's probably Ringo-san who's not really keen on talking.

[ I think we all know why I created this group, right? ] inquired my sister.

[ no, not really ] I sent my very first message.

[ … ]

[You don’t have to put an ellipsis there you know…]


[Okay okay! I get it, but don’t call it that, it’s not anything too grand.]

[Yeah right.]

Right after we finished ‘conversing’, Hana-san immediately asked;

[So? What’s the plan?]

[I thought you’d never ask!], A seemingly energetic reply from my sister.

[Just tell us already.] I urged her.

[Sure, it’s simple; really, we just got to gather the Items we need in the clubroom, namely being; my old uniform… and some other stuff. It appears that your target stays for a little while longer in her clubroom, so we’ll do everything after school.]

[If it’s that simple, you could’ve just told us at school!] I rebutted, but she had her answers.

[I made this for future conquests and ease of contact.] I can hear my sister’s own voice saying this with a matter-of-factly tone.

[What do mean ‘future conquests’!?] I think my sister has some chuuni tendencies…

[Who cares what it means! Just bring the stuff you need tomorrow and we’ll handle everything.]

[I’m having trouble trusting you with everything...]

[Oh you little worrywart! We’ll be fine!]

[I’m not worried about you; I’m worried about me…]

[Just leave already, I gotta talk with the girls]


I turned off my phone and placed it on my table. After doing so, I hopped onto my bed lying down.

“Sigh” I let out a huge sigh, it felt great to create noise inside a room that’s just for you with no one else. As I was laid down, I felt my eye lids getting heavier.

I must’ve been too tired when I was talking my Sis. I thought illogically, but that thought was soon diverted to the sudden rumbling of my stomach.

“…Oh yeah, I haven’t eat dinner yet.”  I said as I sluggishly headed towards the kitchen.


“Wake… up…” I heard a feint voice, followed by an abrupt impact on my face. Apparently I’m being slapped by someone right now; I came to my senses after getting slapped a few more times and I was finally able identify the attacker, It was my sister. I didn’t actually need to think about it, she’s the only one who’ll do this in this household.

“Wake up!” I was still being urged by my sister since my eyes were still half-closed. The Impatient girl began shaking me so I had to say something.

“I’m awake! So let go of me already!” I shrugged off her hands and said; “what do you want?”

“I can’t believe you! We’re doing it today remember?” She phrased it wrong and I wanted to rebuke her but I needed to clear something first.

“We’re doing it after school so why does it matter whether I’m early at school or not!?”

“…” that silence tells me that she didn’t even think about it, “So we could walk together of course!”

“I won’t buy that reason!” I pushed her out of my room and took my time preparing to go to school. I only ate breakfast with mom ‘cause it seems like my sister already left.

What a troublesome person my sister is… I thought as I went out of the house.

I arrived at school at a fair time; I wouldn’t mind telling everything I did throughout the day but it rather uneventful, with the lectured subjects being easy. It’s still the first semester so what can I say? I guess I can take it a little bit easier with my studies.

The afternoon class has already ended and I received a message from my sister saying;

[Come to the clubroom NOW.]

“Wow, this girl really knows my schedule.” I muttered low enough for no one to hear.

I came as fast as I could, albeit walking towards my sisters clubroom. I could tell that everyone’s already here. They’re noisy as hell. Knocked on door with my right hand, that hand was suddenly grabbed by someone who opened the door. I couldn’t react on time and was dragged inside…

The girls stripped me of my uniform and made me wear the girl’s version, they put a bra on my chest followed by 4 layers of paddings, and I was fitted with a black hair wig that reached my waist.

“I feel… violated” I could only let out a weak protest.

“Relax! We’re not done!”

“What?” I question with disbelief. One of the girls have already taken out a tiny box, I already knew what it was once they opened it.

It was makeup.

“y-you guys… I don’t think this is necessary…” I tried to stop them, but alas, they chose to ‘not listen.’

“It’s only going to be light so you don’t have to worry!” My sister was probably trying to encourage me. It’s not working though.

I kept my eyes closed throughout the whole thing. Not long after, Hana-san announced;

“It’s done!”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Ringo-san rummaging through a bag; she took out a pocket sized mirror and handed it over to me.

“…thanks” I said as I reluctantly gaze upon the mirror…

…Oh my- I’m hot! Why am I so enamored by myself!? This doesn’t make sense!

“I gotta say, Otouto-kun, you got us beat.” Hana-san said as she held her shoulders in defeat.

“Yeah, she’s right, if I was a guy, I’d legit hit on you right now.” Kei-san added while Ringo-san nodded in agreement.

“I don’t know if I should be thankful for the compliments or not.” I said while letting out a sigh of resignation.

My sister then approached me and patted my shoulder saying; “everything’s done” she gave me a thumbs-up with her free hand and told me; “you can go now.”

I took of her hand that was placed on my shoulder and asked; “Okay? Where is she though?”

She was now clicking her tongue while shaking her head.

“You don’t even know that?” she asked me with disbelief written all over here face.

Well excuse me for not being a stalker.

I let out another sigh and said; “just tell me already.”

“She’s not part of any club but she stays in school, specifically in the library”

Is she a book lover perhaps? I thought to myself.

I never really got to know any of her hobbies, even her ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. I only got her name. Maybe I should’ve thought this through, I only saw her once, I was probably just attracted to her beauty like any other males out there…

I took a sidelong glance at everyone inside the clubroom.

They were helping with this love that only started with a single look at a girl. Maybe this is just their way of passing the time but they’re helping me with this stupid plan and I still appreciate it.

Ahhh damn it! I got this far, might as well see it through the end! I thought as I steeled my nerves and nodded towards my sisters.

“Got it, I’ll head there now.”


I trotted towards the library with great haste.


Because every person I was passing by were now staring at me like crazy.

Is there something on my face!? I thought.

Everyone was murmuring some things I couldn’t hear, I didn’t stop to think about it and paced myself even faster.

I eventually arrived right in front of the library’s door.

I heaved a large sigh; no one is around this area right now, so I’m safe from the gazes of other people.

I gotta admit that I was really nervous because everyone was staring at me; I took the time to calm myself before entering.

After a few horrifying seconds of staring at the door, I once again collected all of my courage and began opening it.

As the door opened, I saw that the library was quite… empty.

Didn’t Sis say that she’d be here? I thought as I took a few steps towards the places where my eyes couldn’t reach.

I was about to go into the furthest corner when suddenly, I bumped into someone.

And it just so happens to be the person I was looking for.

Of course, I did what every guy out there with no experience with girls would do; I froze.
I didn’t think she’d be this pretty up close…

As I panicked inside my head, she began apologizing, “Sorr-“Only to stop midway as she looked at me with wide eyes.

Our eyes met.

I didn’t need to say it but, my heartbeat is high right now, incredibly so.


I’m pretty sure I fell in love again.


welp the hiatus is now over but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna slack off again at some point.

todays chapter is longer than usual lol, my style is 1k words for a chapter which is TOTALLY a lot in my eyes.