Chapter 4 – Busted already?
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Why am I so lazy?

If you want to call me easy then do it now, I won’t refute. I mean, how was I supposed to know that one single glance at a girl could make me fall in love this bad?

I’m pretty sure you guys are curious about her Identity so I’ll introduce her now;

Her name is Fumiko Hirawa, and as her name suggests, she’s a prim and proper girl with long black hair. If not for her ‘condition’, she would have been the perfect example of a “Yamato Nadeshiko” as one might say. With her looks alone, she garnered a few admirers on the first day of school. It didn’t stop there though, she even showed her in intellectual prowess by taking the top seat on the entrance exam.

Now you’re probably asking why we know that she’s lesbian, relax, we’ll get to there now.

For obvious reasons, she became popular. Many young lads wanted to talk her up (me included), the first to actually walk up to her was a promising guy with fairly good looks, he looked quite confident. A few moments later, he came back crying.

Why? She gave him the cold shoulder and happily chatted with other cute girls, not even giving him a single glance.

Poor guy

That person’s sacrifice gave us the warning we needed. And basically, we lost all the motivation we had to talk to her.

One look was all it would take to notice how differently she treated girls and boys. She even took the time to jokingly flirt with some of the said girls.

This is how my Idea came about. I’d have to admit, my plan didn’t really sound smart.

Now then, onto the current situation, shall we?


I managed to prevent myself from tripping right after our collision and by the looks of it, she did too.

But now I was stuck in a staring contest with Fumiko-san

What do I do now? I needed to find something to talk about or else it will prolong this awkward silence.

Okay, first off, I should say sorry for bumping into her I thought as I went along with my newfound goal.


What the hell was that?! I questioned myself; I already know the answer though.

Curse my inexperience with girls!

I wanted to thrash about but seeing as that I’m in front of the person I’m infatuated with, of course I can’t.

Amidst my panicking, Fumiko-san, looked like she was sent out of her dazed state after my sorry excuse of an apology. She immediately lowered her head and said;

“Sorry! I didn’t see you while I was walking...” she stopped for a moment to raise her head and looked at me again saying; “Hey, can I ask for your name?” Might I add that she’s quite… bold? That being said, I reflexively tried to tell her my name.

“M-my name is Haru…” My words trailed off as I was about to tell her my name because of a sudden realization.

Why am I telling her my real name!? No matter how I cut it, it’s still gonna sound like it’s a male’s name!

I’ve already said a part of my name so I immediately tried adding a different character; “My name is haruka!” This is the best I could do right now, with no less than a second to think about it.

“Haruka-chan… is it?” Fumiko-san recited the name I gave her and clasped her hands together before continuing; “That’s a great name!” she said as she trotted closer to me.

"T-thanks..." I was overwhelmed as I said that and took a step back, but before I could take another step, she grabbed hold of my hand.

My cheeks were immediately tinged red.                                                              

She really likes taking the initiative...

"By the way, my name is Fumiko~!" She introduced herself while still holding my hands.

"I-i know..." I can't really lie; I think every first year knows her.

"Oh? Am I actually that popular?" She said quizzically as she lifted her index finger near hear lips.

Oh come! Of course you are! Just with the exam scores alone, you’d have tons people who could have known you! I’ve managed hold the urge to retort her quite well.

“Y-yes…” I could only reply meekly.

“Heeeeeh~, well that’s news to me.” She gave me an unsurprised look as she continued; “well, enough about that.” She urged for a change of topic, “What brings you here at the library today?”

‘To look for you,’ Obviously, I couldn’t say that so I thought of a simple excuse.

“I-I’m just here to check out some books…”

“Is that so? If you’re looking for a particular book, then I could help you find it.” She suggested her aid, but of course, I wasn’t really looking for a book, so in my panic, I pretended to look around and said;

“T-there doesn’t seem to be any book I’m interested in so I’m going to leave now!” with those last words, I hurriedly removed my hands from her grasp and made a beeline towards the door.

“Wai-! “ She couldn’t finish her words because she ran after me.

She was already closing in on me but just as I was reaching the door, maybe because I was not used to wearing a skirt and a girl’s shoes, I tripped.

I fell flat on the floor.

Before I knew it, Fumiko-san was already crouched beside me “Are you okay?!”

“Y-yes!” I said as I made a flustered attempt to get up, I tried to raise my head but I felt something fall right off my head.

I have a bad feeling about this… I thought while slowly turning my head towards Fumiko-san.

““Ah”” She and I both let out a surprised voice.

Her face showed signs of disbelief all over.

She was staring at the wig the looks just like the hair I had, well, that’s because it IS the wig I used.

What I felt right now must’ve been transmitted right at my facial expression.

I was experiencing pure embarrassment;

I’d get labeled as a cross-dressing pervert by my crush!

Next CH coming very shortly... probably