A Very Girly Sleepover to Which I Was Not Invited
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I hated when my sister had sleepovers. The house would always be absolutely filled with horrible, terrible things... cute girls and cute clothes and stuffed animals and giggling... and it all made me want to scream! I had it bad, really bad, but... I didn’t even know why it all... got to me like it did.

No, all I had was my assumption that I hated all this girly stuff so much because I was... well.... a boy. One well on his way to becoming a...... man. And I guessed that....... boys usually hated their sisters’ sleepovers, right? So, clearly, I was just like all boys, as much as that notion made me sick to my stomach. 

Speaking of which, that was also something I didn’t understand. Why did I feel sick when being considered the same as other boys? It didn’t make sense, right? I had no idea. Maybe I just really valued my individuality, or something? Or maybe it was specifically because of... uhh, girl trauma. Like, pretty often, my sister and her friends would roll their eyes at me and say “boys” as if I was part of some horrible.... boy thing. It was terrible, even more terrible than the sleepovers. Seriously, it wasn’t as if I had any control over me being... this!

But unfortunately, I was, and unfortunately, sleepovers did have an effect on me. And, long story short, my sister was having a sleepover again, leaving me to hide in my room, under all my covers, trying desperately to block out all the laughter and giggles, and also trying to hold back a scream.

There was another problem, too. Normally, I could just handle it. Normally, I could just hide until it was over. But today... today, there was a problem. See, it was about to be dinner time, and I was particularly hungry — turns out, skipping breakfast and lunch to read had backfired. And on top of that, Mum had ordered pizza. I loved pizza... 

I didn’t know if I could handle hiding in my room while there was pizza to eat, which meant that I’d have to... I’d have to face all of those girls. I gulped, even just the idea of that sending chills down my spine. 

They would... they would see me! And they would roll their eyes and say “boys!”

I was terrified. 

Maybe I should go without food today? It seemed like a good idea. It would be the hardest thing I’d ever done, but... to save myself from the eyerolls... And on top of that, I could always sneak down for a slice after they’d all gone to sleep, couldn’t I? Well, provided they didn’t stay up all night long, and also provided that they hadn’t eaten it all by that point.

“Girls! Pizza’s here!” Mum called, and the anxiety in my gut rose to new heights. Or maybe that was hunger, because at that moment my stomach also growled.

Still hiding under my covers, peeking out at the closed door, I listened as all the girls ran to the dining room, their footsteps like a stampede.

And then the coast was clear. I could actually get past my sister’s room. But... did I even want to, anymore? 

Like, if I wanted to head down for pizza, when I went into the room they’d still all see me! 

And I knew for sure, the moment they did, they’d roll their eyes and go “boys!” 

I really, really, really didn’t want that to happen...

If only I had some way to hide. Like, I could turn invisible, maybe. I could grab a piece of pizza and then they’d watch the pizza float away, and maybe they’d complain about ghosts instead of boys. 

Maybe that was unrealistic. I guess, instead of hiding, I could also just... blend in better. Like, maybe if they didn’t see me as a boy. I guess... I guess if they saw me as..... one of.......... them? That would definitely make things easier...

B-but don’t get me wrong! I wasn’t saying I wanted to be a girl, of course not! I definitely hadn’t had this train of thought before. Well, okay, maybe a few times... A few times....................... a day. 

But like, if I was a girl, I could blend in on nights like tonight! And that would be so much better.

Unfortunately, though, I was not. But then again... Maybe I could blend in anyway... Maybe I could look like..... a girl....... You know, but without being a girl.

And, like... the coast was clear. I could sneak into my sister’s room... with how many girls were staying over, I could probably find stuff to...... disguise myself. And then I could eat pizza, and no one would bat an eye. And then nobody would do the worst thing ever, either... the girls wouldn’t all immediately roll their eyes at me and go “boys.”

Then again, as much as the idea did seem rather reasonable, I didn’t actually have any idea how to..... well........... disguise myself. As a girl. And it wasn’t as if I had time to learn, either. It wasn’t like I could just put on a wig or hair extensions and a bit of makeup. I didn’t know how to put on makeup, after all. Or hair extensions. If only, though, right? Then this would be so much easier.

Finally I sighed. Even if I did try something like that, what if I was caught in the act? That would be terrible. Dressing up as a girl was embarrassing enough as it is, and it would be so much worse if I was caught trying to wear girl’s clothes and makeup by actual girls. I was pretty sure that in my shame I’d literally sink into the ground. Maybe past the ground, even, maybe in my shame I’d sink so far into the earth that I’d end up on the other side of the planet.

So... yeah. That wasn’t the best of ideas.

My stomach growled again as the smell of pizza wafted into the room, and I sighed again. I was terrified, horrified, and my stomach churned, but... I was also ridiculously hungry. 

I would have to face the girls rolling their eyes and saying “boys” after all. I guess... I could always cross my fingers. Maybe this time it would be okay.

I didn’t want to do this, but... slowly, dejectedly, I slid out of my bed and meandered my way to the dining room, only spending a few moments staring wistfully into the very pink and girly bedroom that the girls had vacated.

When I got to the dining room, I peeked around the door frame, seeing the eight or so girls crowding around the table eating pizza and drinking soda. Maybe I could hide. Maybe it would be okay. 

I took a deep breath, then stepped into the room....... Nobody had noticed me yet, and maybe they wouldn’t either. You could always hope, right.................?

But then my stomach growled. And it growled loud.

And then they all stopped and stared at me, and my sister laughed, “Was that your stomach? And have you seen your bed head?” 

No, don’t... don’t say it........

She rolled her eyes. “Boys.”

Every one of those eyes watched me as my heart shattered. Every one of those eyes watched me as, somehow, for once in my teenage life, it actually got to me. Every one of those eyes watched me as tears welled up and I turned around and tried to get away, my legs turning to jelly before I could get very far, a pitiful sob escaping from my lips as I crumpled just out of sight.

“What did you just do?” I heard one of the girls ask. 

“I... don’t know,” my sister said. “Lemme get out.”

I tried to stop my tears, I tried to stop my sobs, but now that it had started I wasn’t sure I could. Where had this come from? I hadn’t cried in so long, and...

From the dining room there was suddenly a lot of loud noises as the legs of chairs scraped against the floor and girls grunted and squeaked and squealed. “Ow! You stepped on my hair!”

And then a moment later, footsteps came close, and again I tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. It was weird, too, because I knew that boys weren’t supposed to do this kind of thing! And... well, so far, since puberty had started, at least, I hadn’t

Maybe I wasn’t a boy after all? ...No, that would be ridiculous.

“Are... are you okay?” my sister asked, putting a hand on my arm. “Why are you crying? Was it because I teased you about your tummy? And the bed head?”

“I dunno,” I mumbled, my voice sounding squeaky and hoarse. I couldn’t look at her, either, I was curled up into a ball, and my eyes were squeezed shut anyway.

“I’m... I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I didn’t realise you were going to cry...”

“I didn’t either,” I sniffled. “I... it hurts when you roll your eyes like that and........ say I’m just a boy.”

“It... hurts when I say you’re a boy?” she asked, flabbergasted. “But... aren’t y—”

“I don’t knooow!” I sobbed. “It just does!

She didn’t say anything, and for a second I wondered if she’d left me and gone back to the kitchen. Hesitantly, I opened my eyes and... she was still there! Staring right at me! I choked and closed them tight again.

“I have an idea,” she said suddenly. “Can you get up? Come with me to my room, okay?”

Reluctantly, I looked between her and the kitchen. Then my stomach grumbled in protest and for a moment I was terrified she was going to roll her eyes at me and say “boys” again, but for once she did not, instead wearing a guilty expression. “Please?” she asked.

“O-okay,” I mumbled, and she smiled and dragged me up and away.

And then I was in her room, surrounded by pink and by makeup, and by colourful clothes in a ridiculous number of styles, and by stuffed animals and all kinds of other girly things, and....... I felt so very out of place. “Why are we here?” I asked, my voice very tiny as I tried not to be ashamed while looking at everything.

“We’re going to try making it so that nobody can roll their eyes at you and say you’re a boy,” she said, opening her closet and rifling through drawers and the racks. “What’s your favourite colour?” she asked.

Wait, was she trying to... do exactly what I’d considered doing myself? Was she going to make me look like.... a girl?! But...... I was terrified of that! No, I couldn’t do it! What if the other girls gave me weird looks!

“I... hate colours,” I said.

She stopped rifling through the drawers, slowly turning towards me with a blank expression and then a long look. 

“What’s your favourite colour?” she asked again, this time in deadpan.

I looked at my feet, trying to ignore how hot my face felt. “Purple.”

“Of course it is,” she said, turning back to the drawers. “Can you come here for a moment?”

I slowly got a bit closer, and she rolled her eyes, and I tensed up, but all she did was yank me closer. “Hold this,” she pushed a purple dress into my arms. “And this. And these. And this. And this one too. Hmm... and... this.”

Then, my arms absolutely filled with clothes, mostly purples, she pulled me away and had me dump them all on her bed. “Skirt, dress, or pants?” she murmured, tracing the clothes with her hands. 

“Umm...” I started.

“Sorry, wasn’t asking you,” my sister said. “I think... you’ll do best in a skirt.”

“I... but...”

“Please?” she asked me.

I blushed and nodded again, and she reached up to pat my head. “Good girl.”

And then my heart stopped again, but this time rather than being shattered, and horribly painful, I just couldn’t breathe. She’d... but....... I........... I wasn’t................ she.........................

“Deep breaths,” she said, patting my back now. 

I choked, and then coughed, and took a shaky breath, and another.

Girl. Why had she... even if that was... I wasn’t...... I wasn’t a girl! So why did it stop my heart to hear someone say I was?

After I’d spent a moment or two taking deep breaths, she patted my back again.  And then... “Good girl,” she said again, this time with a playful smirk on her face.

That time it didn’t stop my heart, though, instead my pulse quickened and the blush on my face got much worse. I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand at all. Why was this having such an effect on me? I... I was pretty sure I liked it. 

Why did I like being called a girl?

Why did I like being called a good girl?

Chills ran all throughout my body.

“Okay, now put on this skirt, and this blouse, okay?” my sister said, shoving them at me before turning to dash back out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

I gulped, feeling the clothes in my arms. They were soft... and they were pretty... and I was sure if I was a girl I’d love to wear them, but......... I wasn’t. I wished I was, but...

Then again, this was probably the only chance I’d ever get to wear them. This kind of opportunity was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, wasn’t it? It just wasn’t normal for a........ boy to get the chance to wear...... girls’ clothes. So if I wanted a chance to experience what it would be like if I had been born a girl... this was probably my only chance.

I swallowed again, then nervously pulled off my shirt and pants, very quickly pulling on the skirt and blouse instead. And then... I was just standing there, awkwardly, in girls clothes. They fit fine, but...

My sister barged back into the room. “You did it! Good girl!”

I blushed.

“Okay, so, since you haven’t been shaving your legs and we don’t really have time to deal with that right now... lemme see if I have any clean thigh-highs. Also I can see your boxers, so we’re gonna have to deal with that too.”

I choked. “H-how?”

“Oh, I think I have some unopened panties,” my sister said, digging through her drawers again.


“P-recisely,” she finished for me, then two long, black socks and something rolled-up landed on my lap. “You know what to do; I’ll be right back again!”

And then for a second time, I was alone, but this time I’d been left with a challenge far more difficult. I was supposed to wear.................. panties?!

At this rate my level of shame was so high that I was going to sink into the ground all the way to the other side of the planet, and I didn’t even need anyone to see me!

I stared at the rolled up piece of clothing, at that small strip of tape keeping them rolled up. 

At the same time as most of my brain was panicking... a little voice in there was telling me that....... they were just underwear. There was no real difference between them and anything I normally wore... Not any difference besides the fact that if I wore them, I wouldn’t look dumb with boxer shorts sticking out of this skirt...

Hesitantly, nervously, reluctantly... I pulled them off, and unrolled the new pair of................ girls’ underwear.

This was dumb. I felt dumb. I probably looked like a gross idiot. If anybody looked in here right now they’d see some........ boy putting on....... his sister’s......... underwear and they’d either burst out laughing or be absolutely disgusted.

I was terrified, but...... I swallowed. I had to do it. Well, no, I didn’t have to, but... 


Before I could think about it any more, I pulled them on and then took a deep, calming breath.

Don’t think about what you’re doing. Don’t think about how gross this probably is. Don’t think about—

Why did this feel better than the boxers? They were soft and a bit tighter, but also more elastic and... just... they felt better. I was so confused. Why wasn’t all underwear like this?

I let myself fall onto the bed, sitting there in a white skirt and the pretty purple shirt and... I felt... strange. I hadn’t ever felt like this before. While my heart was still absolutely racing, there was also a growing sense of calm inside me that I’d never before experienced.

Another minute or so passed by, and then the door burst open for the second time. I was still in the middle of pulling on the second thigh-high sock, and my sister ran over to me, practically skipping. “Oh, that’s turning out wonderful! You are going to be so. Cute.

I felt my face heat up again. “Don’t be mean,” I whined.

She looked disappointed. “You don’t want to be cute, then?”

“Oh,” I said. “Well... I mean... wouldn’t most people? I just... I couldn’t possibly be cute, I’m....... a........ you know. I’m not really a girl.”

She shook her head. “I wasn’t joking, you really are going to be cute... But, well, we’ll save that topic for later. How do you feel about us doing something with your hair now?”

I gave her a small nod.

“Yes! Awesome, okay... So, have a seat over at the vanity, lemme grab my brush...”

I did so and then she began to brush my hair, making generous use of a spray bottle of water to neaten my bed head.

“Won’t my hair be too short?” I mumbled. Wouldn’t I need extensions or something?

“Your hair is perfect just the way it is, I can style it to look nice and girly. Well.. unless you want it longer. Do you want extensions?”

My face warmed and I looked down again.

“I will take that as a yes,” my sister laughed.


My hair... was long. Okay, well, technically it wasn’t my hair, but it felt like it was my hair, and it looked like it was my hair, and it was long. I stared at the mirror, completely transfixed. Something so simple really made such a big difference?

“See? What did I tell you. Cute!” my sister giggled. I glanced at her, then back at me, and this time I could see just how red my cheeks were.

Besides the blush, though, we didn’t really look that different... and.... I liked it. 

Why did I like that? Shouldn’t a...... boy hate looking like............. his sister?

I was so confused. 

I liked looking like a girl, and I liked wearing girls’ clothes, and I liked being called cute... it all made me... happy. I’d thought I hated girly stuff... it had always made me uncomfortable before, but... now that I was in it... 

It felt normal. It felt good.

For the very first time in a very long time, I realised that I was smiling. And my sister realised it too, and I was pretty sure she was about to have a meltdown with how excited she looked. She suddenly spun around, squealing something that I could barely make out, something about “being a sister” or something, and then dashed out of the room, leaving me alone to just blink at the empty doorway.

I turned back to the mirror and smiled again, and a tingling warmth appeared in my tummy. Was that... butterflies? Wasn’t that supposed to happen when you had a crush on someone? Did I have a crush on myself?

Okay, no, that didn’t make any sense. But still... why was I so... happy?

I waved to my reflection, and all I saw was a cute girl waving back. That was... me!

“Hi!” I said.

Ew! I sounded like... I sounded like......... a boy.

No, I didn’t want to sound that way. “Hi,” I said again, hesitantly, this time in a higher pitch. “Hi. Hi hi hi hi hi.” 

It sounded weird. I didn’t really like it. Maybe there was something that I needed to change other than the pitch? I just... I already looked a lot like my sister, and I really wanted to sound more like her too.

...How would she say hi? Maybe I could try to sound like her? 

“Hi!” I said again. Oh! Okay. That’s already way better. “Hi! Hi! Hello!” 

And then the feeling of butterflies was even stronger. I liked this. I really liked this. I was able to sound cute! “Hi!” I started, waving at the mirror again. “My name is—”

But suddenly my sister burst back into the room. “I have returned!” she shouted. “Along with the rest of the... Girl Squad!!”

I looked over, immediately shrinking back in nervousness. I... I wasn’t ready. There were eight girls all looking at me, judging me, and....... 

What if they didn’t think I looked like a girl? What if—

“You have a sister?” one of the girls abruptly asked.

“I have a sister!” my sister declared, her fist raised high. “Isn’t she adorable?”

The girls all nodded in agreement, and I shrunk down even more, hiding my face behind my hands. It was one thing to think I was maybe a little cute, it was another thing entirely to have a bunch of girls all say I’m adorable!

One girl off to the side spoke up. “Why is there a pair of boxers on the floor?”

Everyone stared at the offending underwear in shock. Including me. I...... I hadn’t had a chance to clean up! What was I supposed to do? How would I get out of this one? 

Why did my sister already bring the rest of the girls back without us having a chance to  clean up?

“Well, girls, something magical happened tonight,” my sister said, stepping over to the dreaded red boxers. She bent down, pinching the waistband between her fingers, then lifted them up and ever-so-carefully dropped them into a nearby trash can. 

I breathed out. Good, they were gone. 

“You know about my brother, yes?” my sister then continued.

The girls all nodded, and I blanched.

“Well, he is no more!” my sister shouted, raising her fist again. “Gone, I say! Vanquished!”


“Wow!” one of the girls gasped. “You killed him?!”

“Yes!” my sister grinned. “Wait, no, don’t be ridiculous. I just turned him into a girl. She’s my sister now.” And then she gestured back towards me and I felt like my whole ‘sinking the entire way through the earth’ theory might come true after all.

“Well, that’s great! Because boys are dumb and gross!” one of the other girls said.

A few others nodded in agreement. I nodded as well — What? I mean, it was true! — and then I felt a rush of warmth as I realised that they weren’t saying I was still a boy. They were..... accepting me as any other girl, even though I........ wasn’t, and my sister had just been talking nonsense............. I felt like I was going to tear up again.

“Anyway!” my sister said, revealing her other hand, which had been holding the basket of makeup supplies I’d seen before in Mum’s closet. “Does anybody know any makeup? Because I wanna make her even cuter,” she grinned. 

A few girls raised their hands.

“Perfect! And then we can do her fingernails too!”


Being a girl was probably the strangest thing I’d ever experienced. It wasn’t... hard, it was just... different. And it made me feel so much better about the sleepover. Now that I was one of them, I could just have fun and relax along with them, and that was infinitely better than having to listen or see from the outside.

And for the whole night — the whole sleepover... I was with them the whole time. I was with them as they finished giving me my makeover (duh)... I was with them as they watched a rom-com (it wasn’t very good, but it was kinda funny and made waaaay more so because I was alongside a bunch of other girls giggling about it)...

Well, okay, maybe I wasn’t there the entire time — I did have to take a break at one point to have a bit of the pizza. You know, so that I didn’t starve. I probably would have just let it happen, but my stomach had growled embarrassingly-loudly at the end of my makeover and they’d all pushed me to the kitchen, where I’d eaten a slice of pizza and Mum had stared at me, blinking in confusion.

But, yeah, point being, I was part of the whole sleepover. I was with them as they played spin the bottle, I was with them as they had a pillow fight, I was with them that evening as they all began to set up their sleeping bags and we started having a conversation about crushes...

There was just so much! And it was all fun! Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever laughed so much in my entire life. Or... no, that had probably all been giggling, not laughing. Because my laugh maybe got a bit girlier because of the whole voice thing I was doing, I guess?

And then, sometime after the movie, and while the rest of the girls prepared their sleeping bags, my sister sat down close next to me on her bed and leaned against me. It was warm... a warmth from inside me, one I’d only ever experienced today and that I still wasn’t familiar with. 

You know... I hadn’t been at all comfortable being so close to my family in a long time...... as long as I could remember.

But now... as a girl, I actually was. 

So, I leaned in close as well, resting my head on my sister’s shoulder. I swear, at that I actually did tear up again. “Thank you,” I whispered, trying not to choke.

“No problem, sis,” she said, patting my leg. “I’m happy you’re happy.”

“I’m so happy,” I murmured.

She didn’t say anything for a moment, and we watched as the girls fought each other in front of us, a desperate king-of-the-hill battle over who got the spot closest to the heat vent. (The weather was a bit chilly and that spot would be warm, obviously. It was valuable!)

“I’m sorry I never guessed that you might be a girl,” my sister finally said.

“...What? I only just became a girl tonight.”

She gave me a long look. “Umm... Okay, do you think you’ll ever want to be a boy again?”

“Ew! No! Blech!” I stuck out my tongue for effect.

“Okay... if you’d known how happy you’d be as a girl, do you think you would have wanted to be one back then?”

“Probably!” I said. “I’d never realised that the reason I hated sleepovers so much was because I couldn’t be part of them too. And... it was maybe more than just hating sleepovers, too... I maaaaybe thought I hated a whole bunch of stuff that now I think I was actually just jealous about... Honestly, if back then I’d known I could just... be a girl, and that it would make me this happy, I think I’d have really wanted to!”

“Then... sis...” she gave me an amused smile. “Weren’t you always a girl?”

“...What? I don’t understand.”

She sighed and pulled away, and I pouted at her. Her shoulder was leaving... but it was so comfy... 

And then she tapped my forehead with a finger. “You. Can be a girl. Even if your body” — she gestured to my whole body — “is not. And wasn’t that the case before now? Why else would you have been so jealous if you weren’t a girl the whole time?”

“I... I don’t know,” I admitted. “Maybe you have a point.”

“Of course I have a point! I’m a genius. You saw the way I dealt with the whole... boxers situation, right?”

“Okay... yeah, that was pretty good.”

She shot me a smug smile. “Thought so.”

We sat there for another moment, then, watching as one of the girls — the final king-of-the-hill — cackled maniacally while pointing and laughing at all the losers.

“I guess I’ve always been a girl, then,” I said. “That’s... huh.”

At that moment, someone cleared their throat at the door. “Okay, girls,” Mum said. “I know you’re all excited, but it’s getting late now. I can see that all your sleeping bags aren’t set up... And how many of you still need to brush your teeth? And put on jammies?”

All of us raised our hands.

“That’s what I figured,” Mum laughed. “Go on and brush your teeth, girls. One at a time, okay? Don’t go poking each other’s eyes out with your toothbrush or elbowing each other to get to the sink.”

And with that the stampede of girls all ran past, leaving just Mum, my sister, and I.

Mum gave us a look, then pulled the vanity stool close and took a seat. “So it looks like I have two daughters tonight, huh?” she smiled.

I looked down at my feet, feeling that blush come back. “Yeah,” I squeaked.

“You look very cute, honey,” she murmured, carefully reaching close and brushing my hair behind my ear. “Do you have something to tell me?”  she asked, giving me another gentle smile.

“I... I think I was supposed to be a girl, Mum,” I mumbled, feeling my eyes getting misty again. “I’m sorry, I...”

“Hey, shhhh,” she said, leaning close and pulling me into her arms, and then gently rubbing my back. “It’s okay, baby girl. It’s okay.”

And then the mist turned into tears, which turned into sobs that I knew were completely melting away the makeup I was wearing. 

“I hated not being part of this,” I cried into her shoulder. “I hated having to watch... I hated when I was lumped in with boys...... I hate boys...”

“You hate boys?” my sister interjected, smugness audible in her tone. “You sure seemed to blush a lot when we were talking about the cute ones earlier...”

“That’s... that’s different!” I said, sobbing paused only to glare at her, my cheeks hot. “Okay, well... fine, I hated being a boy.”

Mum ran her fingers through my hair, then. “You never were,” she said, and a fresh wave of tears began. “You never were. I’m sorry I never realised, my sweet daughter. I’m so sorry.” She hugged me tight. “Things will get better now. I’ll make sure of it.”

I wasn’t sure how long I was in her arms, my heart warm, hot tears continuing to streak down my cheeks. It lasted long enough that eventually the other girls started coming back, one at a time.

“You two should probably head off to brush your teeth as well,” Mum murmured, brushing my hair out of my face one last time and giving me a warm smile, one which quickly turned to a sigh. “Did you two get into my makeup?”

My sister blanched. “It was for a good cause!”

Mum rolled her eyes at us. “Girls.”

I couldn’t help it, I grinned, another round of butterflies fluttering around my tummy. That was a group I was okay being part of.

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