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There are moments in life where something can make you feel small.


It could be a bully, a rival, a mistake of your own devising.


I’m having one of those moments, here.


Floating in my Garden, that’s floating in the air in front of a giant.


Yes, as you see, it’s the World Tree.


It’s moments like these that make me realize…


I’m still just a small.






However, I do not despair.


Moments like these are where you can also realize a basic truth in any world.


It’s something humans do at an instinctual level, every second, of every day.


Improve. Adapt. Overcome.


From second to second a person’s DNA is changing constantly to adapt to the environmental stress outside a body. Similiarly one’s DNA is adapting to the mental stress within.


I do have to admit though…


I have never had a stronger urge to burn something in my life.


I mean, the feeling is like that one from the TV show I watched all those many years ago.


What was it, Houland? Hiylander?


There can be only one.


Now, I’m sure this big fella had a loooooooooooong time to get to his current size.


So, I need to be patient.


Rome wasn’t built in a day.


And this World Tree won’t fall in one either.


Time is on my side though.


After all, isn’t it a basic truth in the world?


New replaces old.


Young replace elderly.


Red Trees replace World Trees.




Hah! Don’t pretend that’s crazy, I could see you drooling at the thought of all the power of being a World Tree Dryad from here!




Oh? It wasn’t drool? It was tears of joy you say?


I have bad news for you.






That’s right, a camera! Now your sordid past will be revealed in all its magical photographic glory!




Now, now now, there’s not need to…




We can talk this out! Violence isn’t the answer!


See? See? I deleted all the pictures.




Or did I…