V3ーChapter 82
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Hello there, my name is Irana. I am currently a second-year high school girl. ✌️. You can't see my piece sign on my diary, so I draw it instead. Anyway, Last night I woke up around 03:00 am because of a nightmare. Was it a nightmare? I don't remember it clearly, but it was a weird dream. In that dream, my beloved and reliable Onii-chan is becoming an Onee-chan. What's more, she becomes my twin sister. It is quite a sigh to see my Onii-chan, who is running our family enterprises become a beautiful woman like in my dream. Even so, Onii-chan, who becomes a girl, still has a masculine part in her. I am not sure why that's a nightmare. Now that I write it here, it feels more like a fun dream than a nightmare.

Enough about that. Let's talk about the important thing here. As I said earlier, I woke up around 03:00 am. My mouth becomes dry for some reason. So I go out to the kitchen to grab some water. Not even a single step I take out of my room, I notice something weird. The kitchen light is still on. I know Onii-chan always comes home late because he is busy. But even with how tired he is, he never forgets to turn off the light in the kitchen. It's 03:00 am, and the kitchen light is still on, was Onii-chan making something this late at night? I thought to myself. So I called Onii-chan to make sure it was him in the kitchen. But now one answer it, I suddenly became scared. Mind you! It's 03:00 am. I keep emphasizing the time here. But I basically tremble in fear. What if it was an intruder? I know it was not a ghost cause I don't believe in ghosts. But if it's an intruder, then it will be dangerous. At least ghosts will only scare me.

So, I slowly approach the kitchen. Now that my mind is clear, I realize this is a stupid decision for me. I should wake Onii-chan and inform him of a possible intruder. Well, when I was in the kitchen, I didn't see anyone there. I keep looking around to make sure. But still no one in the kitchen. Maybe I am just paranoid. Maybe Onii-chan just forgot to turn off the light. So I took a sigh of relief and then walked to the fridge to get my water. But then, I saw a girl lying on the floor. I definitely didn't shout because I was startled. It was the woman who screamed. That scream woke up Onii-chan, and he swiftly arrived in the kitchen.

Long story short, that woman turns out to be Onii-chan's Friend'. When he is out drinking with friends, this woman is drunk beyond belief that Onii-chan didn't have the heart to leave her alone. So Onii-chan brought her back to our house. I can't believe Onii-chan brought a drunk woman to our house late at night. He probably has a crooked idea. I can't help but yell at him. It is unbelievable. My kind and honest Onii-chan will do something like that. It must be that woman's influence!!

I come to a realization. Because sometimes I wrote a chapter as the character wrote it in the diary, you guys are currently reading a fictional underage girl's diary.

Welp, Thank you for reading!!