V3ーChapter 83
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Early in the morning, I force myself woke up. Time for school again. I really hope something happens that cancels school today. Ugh, I can be like this. I need to take a bath real quick and get change. Onii-chan will be mad at me if I am being lazy, even though it was his fault that I didn't get enough sleep today. I am still upset because of what happened last night. Oni-chan was the one who managed the income in this household. Even if I am upset, I remember Onii-chan is the one who gave me my pocket money.

Once I am done changing into my uniform, I head out to take breakfast in the kitchen. There, Onii-chan is wearing an apron and making today's breakfast. But today, Onii-chan is not alone in the kitchen. On his side stands a woman wearing an apron, cutting some onion. She is the woman that Onii-chan brought back last night. She is the reason why I am mad at Onii-chan. She is a bad influence on Onii-chan. I mean, look at the way she is dressing. She wore very minimalist clothing, clearly wanting to seduce Onii-chan. I can't let that happen. I need to warn Onii-chan to get that woman far away!!

"Irana, Why are you just standing there? Get the plate real quick and arrange it on the table." Said Onii-chan, who saw me standing near the kitchen.

"Okay..." I reply and comply.

I arrange the plate on the dining table.

"Great, today we got some smoked beef and fried egg." Said Onii-chan while putting the breakfast on the plate I arranged.

As he puts the food on the plate, Onii-chan realizes something.

"Why are there only two plates on the table? Did you forget about Shera?" Said Onii-chan.

"Oh right, she is also here today. I forgot, hehehe." I said, feigning ignorant.

"I see. Shera, sorry for bothering you. Even though you are a guest at our house." Said Onii-chan.

"No, It was me who is bothering both of you. I shouldn't have drunk a lot yesterday, even though I know I am weak with alcohol." Said Shera.

"Well, It's not your fault. Those guys are the one who forces you to drink more." Said Onii-chan.

Look at her, acting like a weak and frail woman in front of Onii-chan to gain his sympathy. She probably thought no one could see through her acting. But she is wrong. I saw through it. One day I am going to expose you, and you wouldn't be able to approach Onii-chan again.

"Onii-chan, I will head out to school now," I said.

"Eh... you haven't even finished your breakfast. There are still left over, don't waste food, Irana." Said Onii-chan.

"I am already full Onii-chan. I can't force myself to eat all of it."

"If that is so. Then, be safe on your way to school. Tell the driver that he will be free after he takes you to your school."

"Onii-chan did not go to work?"

"I am on holiday right now." He said with a bright smile.

"Holiday, you say..." As I said, I glared at Shera.

Then I stomp my feed and get out of the house quickly.

Look like Irana is Jelly jelly...fufufufu.